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Tips for Moving to Another State Alone

If you are moving to another state alone, you surely want to know what to expect. Leaving your friends and family behind can be stressful, but this is also an opportunity to build a new chapter in your life. To ensure that everything goes according to plan and as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to do a lot of research and organize thoroughly every step of your move.

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Is it a good idea to move out of state? If you've found a perfect place to settle, and if you follow our tips on how to move to another state by yourself, the idea is definitely good.

The First Step Is to Start on Time and Make a Checklist

Wondering what to do when moving to another state first? Although relocating alone is much simpler than relocating with a family, most of its challenges remain entirely the same. You’ll have to budget for the move, book the relocation date, find reliable transport for your belongings, prepare the paperwork, pack your home, and complete many other tasks. How to move to another state alone and be prepared for all those challenges? The answer is simple: pick up a relocation date as soon as possible and start organizing in advance.

Creating the checklist for moving to a new state is your most important assignment. That way, you’ll stay organized and keep track of all tasks that need to be completed. You should also see how to do a home inventory properly. A household inventory list and packing schedule for moving will be handy tools for keeping an eye on what needs to be packed and what should be donated or sold.

How Much Does It Cost to Relocate to Another State?

The answer to “how much money should I save to move out of state” depends on whether you are planning to move with long-distance movers or you’re thinking of a self-move. Your relocation costs will include boxes and packing supplies, travel expenses, and post-move expenses. To ensure that you have enough savings to cover relocation expenses and a couple of first months in your new home, you should create a moving expenses checklist.

If you are on a tight budget and are searching for the cheapest way to move out of state, you should avoid moving during the holidays and consider relocating into a smaller home. You should also search for cheap moving supplies and free cardboard boxes that could easily be found in your local liquor store, bookstore, restaurant, bar, and supermarket.

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Start saving up for your relocation expenses way in advance

Tips for Moving Out of State Alone

On top of working out a budget for your long-distance relocation, writing down a household inventory list, and picking a date in advance, you’ll have a bunch of other things to do. With so many things on your mind, you are bound to make some of the most common relocation mistakes. To help you avoid that, we have prepared a list of essential tips and reminders on everything you have to accomplish in order to have a successful relocation.

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Prepare Essential Documents

Documents and personal files are among the most commonly forgotten things to pack. To prevent getting into an unpleasant situation, you should learn how to organize important papers and gather them all together in a binder. In case you are moving with pets, remember to prepare the pet’s vaccination record and health certificate.

The Best Way to Pack Efficiently — Declutter

Find the best-sized boxes for moving and plan several packing strategies for moving. For instance:

Hire a Long-Distance Moving Company

If your budget allows it, you should consider hiring professional help. You can search for some tips on how to pack an apartment efficiently, but packing fragile items, for instance, can be really difficult. In such cases, the best option is to find trustworthy moving services. You should compare moving quotes and opt for the company that offers high-quality and affordability.

You’ll still have to learn how to ship live plants since most long-distance moving companies don’t provide this service, but their packing services will cover pretty much everything else. If you are interested in finding out how does car shipping work, know that you’ll make your life easier with auto transport services. On the other hand, maybe you won’t need this type of service if you decide to settle in some cities with the best public transportation.

Your Friends Can Help Too

Your buddies are indeed willing to help a friend move. You can save a significant amount on relocation expenses by having them around before and during the relocation date. For example, you can throw a packing party a few weeks prior to the move and invite your friends. Prepare necessary packing supplies and plan out a strategy to ensure the successful completion of the task. Don’t forget to get enough snacks and refreshments but avoid heavy foods and alcohol. After all, you’ll have a lot of things to finish.

Find a Roommate to Share Expenses

When you get your answer on what do you need to rent an apartment, you’ll maybe figure out that having a roommate will significantly help you save on rent and utilities, especially during the adjustment period. Co-living is also a perfect solution when it comes to making acquaintances in unfamiliar environments. Prepare a list of questions to ask potential roommates and find a reliable person who will share living space with you.

Find a Home in a Timely Manner and Research New City

Another thing on your list should include searching for a suitable city. Think about the essential features you want your future neighborhood to have, such as the location, crime rates, and overall living standards. To check neighborhood information, you should research reliable websites such as,, and If you are wondering how to get an apartment out of state and what prices to consider, remember that rent or mortgage should not surpass 25% of your disposable income. When talking about expenses, you should also have a new apartment shopping list and get first apartment essentials on time.

Another thing you should also consider when researching your potential location is the job market. If you’re moving for a job, you just have to prepare a list of relocation questions to ask an employer. If not, figure out how to get a job in a new city. Search through some online applications and set up more than one job interview.

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Set up a couple of job interviews and see if your future city can offer something that will suit you

What to Do When You Finally Settle to a New City

Apart from knowing how to move out of the state alone, you should prepare a list of what to do once you relocate to your new place. Let’s get onto some tips on how to adjust to a new town quickly and easily.

Make Your House Feel Like Home

When you figure out how to unpack after a move in the easiest way possible, you should take some of your time to make your place feel comfortable and cozy. Make your living space both homely and functional, arrange every room to your liking, and display items that bring you joy and remind you of cherished memories. If you want to discover some tips on designing your home or get creative storage ideas, you’ll be able to find many great designs online.

Talk to Your Neighbors

It’s essential to get to know your surroundings, including individuals who reside there. As soon as you settle, you should go out and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. The question on how to meet your neighbors shouldn’t bother you. Just tell them how happy you are for settling in the area and how much you would appreciate any advice they might have. If you are moving to a small town by any chance, know that you’ll be living in a tight community, and any advice you’ll get will be invaluable for more effortless adjustment.

Explore Your Neighborhood (and the City)

Getting to know your neighborhood and the city will make you feel more relaxed and confident in your brand-new surroundings. If you are moving from a small town to a big city, the whole experience can even be a bit overwhelming in a positive way. You must not lose time. As soon as you unpack, you should start exploring entertainment venues and local businesses. Discover key spots, popular shopping malls, and stunning green spaces. If you’re moving with dogs, you’ll want to search for dog-friendly amenities and parks where your furry friend can walk off-leash.

Meet Like-Minded People

Moving to a new state alone can leave you with a feeling of loneliness and depression. The best way to beat that is by making friends in a new city who like the same things as you do. And meeting people in a new place is not that challenging as you might think. You just have to practice your hobbies, visit exciting events, and join causes you support. You’ll meet a bunch of individuals who share and support your points of view.

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Find people with whom you'll share your thoughts, ideas, and adventures

How Do I Cope With Moving to Another State Alone?

Even though moving to a new state alone is fulfilling, it can also be challenging when it comes to mental health. Anxiety about moving to another state is something that many people have to go through. Thus, you are not lonely if this is your case. Thankfully, there are some coping strategies you can practice. For starters, be honest about how you feel. It’s not easy telling people the truth but pretending that everything is excellent will only bring you a disservice.

Don’t feel pressured to do everything that others might expect you to do. Doing something that you are not into simply because you think you should is not the way forward. And the last piece of advice is to exercise. Going to a gym might be the last thing you want to do when you feel down. However, exercise will affect endorphins and trigger positive feelings within the brain.

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Moving-related stress and anxiety can really hit you hard

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Enjoy Everything That Life Brings

And that’s all there is on moving to another state alone. We hope that our list of tips will come in handy when you begin preparing your long-distance move. Just remember to start in advance, have a list of moving hacks, and stick to your relocation checklist. Fear of moving and adjusting to an environment you just moved into is reasonable. Just remember why you’re relocating, embrace everything that life has to offer, and take risks by stepping out of your comfort zone. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to appreciate the process of taking risks and grow even more.

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