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Ultimate Checklist for Moving to a New State

Are you planning to relocate cross country soon? Then this ultimate checklist for moving to a new state is just what you need. Moving to a different part of the country is never an easy task. There is so much to think about, like looking for a house or apartment, finding a job, making friends, shipping your car, and the moving process itself. We hope that these tips and tricks will make the whole thing at least a little easier for you.

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Research the New State

You should make sure you know as much as possible about your future home. We’re not talking about history and culture – although those might be interesting as well. We are talking about the things that will have a direct impact on your life. Here are some tips on what to consider. Is the climate much different from where you live? Are there any laws that differ greatly from those in your old state? Do you know what is the job market like? And what about the cost of living? Ask around for tips, do your research, and make a good plan accordingly.

Tips to Pack Wisely

Packing for long-distance moving is quite a challenge. You need to do it right in order to avoid any hiccups along the way. From deciding what to pack to researching how to handle certain items, there is quite a bit going on there. Here are some tips that might come in hand.

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Plan for the New Home

This is especially true for furniture, which is why you need to make a home inventory. When deciding what you would like to take with you to your new address, always check the layout of your new house or apartment. You should know if that huge sofa fits into your living room? Where will you put your desk? Always have your future house in mind when packing. It might also be a good idea, if possible, to take measurements of all the rooms in your future house and compare them to the dimensions of the furniture you are bringing with you on your checklist.

Have a Checklist – This is a Very Important Step

Create a packing checklist with all the things you need to do and the dates you want them done by. Stick to the checklist no matter what and you won’t end up running late. This checklist could be organized in pretty much any way you see fit.  After all, the purpose of this checklist is to make things easier for you, to guide you through the whole process without a hitch. For example, you can tackle one room at a time, or you can first go through everything you own to sort things out. Don’t forget to create a new apartment shopping list, it will help you with getting everything you need for your new home.

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Sell What You Aren’t Moving, Don’t Drag The Excess to Another State

If there are items you don’t want to take with you, consider selling them. This way, you will even earn some extra money that could go towards furnishing and decorating your future home. If there is anything you don’t manage to sell, take time to give it away to one of your friends or donate it to charity. A good way to go about this is to plan out and organize a garage sale or post listings online.

A Bag of Essentials

Pack a bag of things you will need on your first day after moving to your new house address. This includes things such as toiletries, bed sheets, basic kitchen utensils, and so on. This way you can avoid having to unpack right away after a long trip to a different part of the country. Keep this bag with you during the relocation instead of shipping it with the rest of your belongings.

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Consult Your Movers for Tips and Tricks

If you have any doubts or questions about packing and unpacking your belongings in your house, don’t hesitate to consult your relocation company. Moving companies will know how to help you with all the common issues that might arise during this period. Feel free to rely on them for any tips and tricks. They are experts in this field for a reason.

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Driver’s License and Other Documents

Don’t forget to update your driver’s license and other documents on time. You will want to do this right away, as any postponing may result in you simply forgetting about it. You should also notify any delivery companies you are subscribed to, such as magazines, of your change of address. Don’t forget to also contact your bank and utilities. Make a checklist of these important steps and check the things off as you go.

Use Navigation

You are going somewhere unknown. It is expected that you won’t know all the routes to the grocery store or your work right away. We suggest that you check navigation, such as Google Maps, for the first couple of weeks to guide you. On a related note: decide whether you want to take your car with you. Depending on where you are relocating, it might be a better idea to go vehicle-free and use public transport. For example, it is practically impossible to park in some larger metropolises, so why bother? Look for tips on making this decision from people who have lived or currently live there.

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Making Friends

As an adult, you might find it a little harder to form friendships than when you were a kid. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can make friends in the new area. Consider taking up a hobby, joining a club, or even using social media and meeting apps. Of course, you should always be careful when interacting with strangers. Meet up in public places and listen to your gut.

Think About Your Old Friends

Just because you’re about to make new friends, doesn’t mean you should forget about your old ones. Make plans on how to keep the friendship alive once you move. For example, you could meet up halfway and explore an unknown place together. They could come to visit you sometime, and you can do the same. Of course, frequent calls and video-chats can’t hurt either. However, be ready for some friendships to fade away. Not all +are strong enough to survive the distance. You should also consider throwing a packing party. This way you will have enough time to properly say goodbye to everyone.

Have a Job Lined Up

Even if you are moving to a state that is generally cheaper than your old one, it would be wise to have a job waiting for you. Sure, having considerable savings to fall back on is a smart plan, but you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket. If you still don’t have a job lined up for you, start looking right away. In fact, if you’ve been thinking about a career change, this could be your chance. Look into the best cities for finding a new job before you actually relocate. 

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Prepare Emotionally

While it might not seem so now, moving to another state can take quite an emotional toll.  Don’t ignore the fear of moving. Instead, make sure you are mentally prepared for what is ahead of you. Relocating is said to be the third most stressful event in a person’s life – so don’t be ashamed to seek help if you need it.  Coping with anxiety is something many go through. You will take time to start feeling at home, and that’s okay. Let your hopes for a better future guide you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Enjoy the Experience

It might be stressful, but relocating to a different state is also an enriching experience. It opens up a whole horizon of opportunities, both on a personal and professional level. Don’t let that go to waste. Seize every opportunity you come across and don’t be afraid to explore your new surroundings. This is your chance to start over with a clean slate. 

Hire A Moving Company

Is this your first time relocating to another state? Then you should consider hiring professional movers to help you out. The task ahead of you is much more difficult than it may seem now, and having expert companies to rely on can’t hurt. There will simply be too much going on, and it will be all too easy to get lost and want to give up. Don’t let that discourage you. Simply hire a reliable, experienced relocation company to help you out and you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

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