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Creative Storage Ideas for People Who Frequently Move

Doesn’t it feel like you never have enough space for your items? Luckily there are a lot of creative storage ideas that can help you organize your items, especially if you are constantly moving. Select the belongings you haven’t used in a while, like an old birthday gift, and think about whether you’ll need or want to keep them. Chances are you will not use them again or want to keep them in your new home.

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Deal with your available storing options as you like and think about alternative ones you can install. If all else fails, you can always hire a company that offers storage services or get packing supplies.

Creative Storage Ideas to Try Out and Get Extra Space in Your Home

If you look around and use your imagination, you will notice a number of options on how to turn pieces of furniture into places for storing your stuff. For example, wooden planks or palettes that movers have can serve as garden benches or tables, but also as bookshelves if you put them upright and paint in suitable colors. Beams can be intercrossed at several levels to create a stand for a coffee table. You just need to add a glass or wooden cover and paint it as you want.

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DIY Storage Places in Your Home

If you have children, you know toys are everywhere around, waiting for you to step on them, especially the small parts such as Lego dice and cars. It is a real challenge keeping them in place. But, you can easily keep them if you have some old drawers. Attach four small wheels on the bottoms, fill them with small toys, and roll them under the bed or table. Once you get long-distance moving services, you can just pack the shelves with the items inside.

Pipes can be useful for a variety of things, like holding pencils, cosmetic products, or some toiletry items. And you can cut them to the size you need and even fasten them to a piece of wood for multi-storing and organization purposes.

You can also create a nightstand in your bedroom by simply placing a few old suitcases you have previously decorated or painted or just left in their natural antique glam on top of each other. Keep the things you need less in the bottom one (seasonal stuff, like blankets) and the things you use frequently in the top one. This is also useful for your new suitcases if you do not have adequate storing for them.

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Install Shelves on Your Wall to Store Items

Uniform shelves can take up a lot of room in your small apartment. So, make one that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top to have more room in your home, both visually and physically.

You can opt for a headboard shelf in your bedroom, as the place above the bed is usually empty. You can also gain huge storing possibilities by installing simple wooden shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls, including space above the door.

A simple and almost invisible bookshelf is also a good option for better organization. It is made from two thin metal plates or shelf brackets attached to the wall where the first book is serving as a shelf bottom. The levitating appearance of the books adds a certain charm to your home.

Scale Down Shelves

In small apartments, you have to use all the space available to store things, so sized-down shelves can offer you just enough room to put towels in the bathroom or some dishes in your kitchen.

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Hang a Rack for Clothes

Using a clothes rack is very useful in small apartments, as you can place them in an empty corner or under the shelf to create the illusion of a unique set. And you can design them the way you want. 

Build a Staircase/Bookcase

You can buy custom-built bookshelf stairs as there is a variety in the market. But if your budget is limited and you are handy enough, you can make it yourself. Just extract the lowest three shelves to make a staircase you can step on to reach the highest ones and fasten the construction properly and enjoy your “stairway to heaven.”

Easy DIY Ideas for Bookcases

One of the easiest solutions for bookcases is hanging old dresser drawers on the wall, either in the correct order to create a framework or simply scattered around the wall for a more casual impression. If you do not have old drawers, you can get them at garage sales almost for free.

Get a Bed Frame With Drawers for Your Room

Beds with drawers are very good solutions for small apartments. Not only you can stash bed linen and seasonal blankets there, but you can put other things as well, such as seasonal wardrobe, bulky jackets, or even your CD collection.

Let’s start with space under the sink, usually not used at all, except for the lowest part of the cabinet. However, try to attach a rod above and place two baskets at the sides of the drainage tube. Just tie them to the rod with some twist ties and you’ll get two storage units and more space to keep various cleaning products, such as sponges and dishwasher detergent.

Another interesting idea for extra storage is to mount a chalkboard in the pantry door and create a measuring cabinet by hanging measuring cups and spoons and writing the amounts each of them holds. Additionally, one of the drawers in your kitchen can be divided diagonally for longer cutlery items.

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Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen

The number of belongings we put in our kitchen is just enormous. Thinking about all the pots and pans, bottles, kitchen tools, food just makes your head spin. But there are ways to organize your kitchenware in a budget-friendly manner. With just some simple rearrangement you can get more space in your kitchen and make the best use of the space.

You can maximize your cabinet space and overall kitchen organization with some creative dishware rearranging. The best suggestion is to store each item you frequently use on the top shelf and everything else on the bottom shelves. As for glass, you can store stemware glasses by placing other glasses upside down.

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DIY Bathroom Storage

Space that is rarely used for storing in the bathroom is right above the door, so this might be a good place for a shelf to keep each item either in plain sight or inside DIY decorative containers.

Spice rack shelves can be used to store toiletries and make-up. A DIY way to handle towel bars is to mount them to the upper and lower part of the bathroom door. That way you’ll always have them at your disposal and they won’t be in your way while you are in the bathroom.

PVC pipes have a variety of DIY options to make your bathroom more organized. For example, you can mount two-inch pipes to the back of the cabinet door to store curling irons or hair dryers and gain better organization. Wire baskets are great for storing toilet paper or towels, so hang a few on the wall.

Laundry Organizing Tips

Laundry hampers do take up some room, so if you have a small bathroom you can opt for a hanging hamper that you can hang anywhere you want, even on the back of the bathroom cabinet door or closet door.

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Hide Your Trash Bin

Just like laundry hampers, trash bins will take up a lot of space. But, you can hide them inside a tilting cabinet, which can serve as a nightstand or a filing area. 

Keep Clothes on Shower Curtain Rings

One hanger can save a lot of room if you attach shower rings to it and hang tank tops on the rings. For additional space, hang the DIY hanger with tank tops on top of the bedroom doorframe or on the back of the closet door.

Keep Your Bed Sheets Under Your Mattress

The best way to store extra sheets is to keep them under the mattress. You need to fold them properly and put them at the foot of the bed.

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Organize Your Drawers

Whether it’s a kitchen or bedroom drawer, it is best organized with modular desk organizers. Place it in your drawer and put your hairpins and ties, brushes, combs, and other small items.  Whichever idea you use, you’ll surely have a better organization of your home.

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