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How to Overcome the Fear of Moving

It’s quite reasonable to have a fear of moving since sometimes, it means changing your whole way of living. Relocation is an unpleasant trigger that forces you to step out of your comfort zone and deal with the unknown and all its uncertainties. This fear of the unfamiliar originates primarily from not knowing what to think about strange surroundings. Fortunately, this negative feeling can be defeated. We offer some useful advice on how to make a fresh start and how to fit in a strange environment without too many tough periods.

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Fear of Moving is Being Scared of the Unknown and the Inevitable Change

The greatest fear of moving to a strange place comes from the unpredictability of your coming days. You don’t know what your surroundings are going to be like, what kind of people you’re going to encounter, or whether you’re going to fit in at your new job. Also, you are not sure what struggles and obstacles you may confront during the relocation process, if your choices will prove to be right, if you’ll be able to handle it all, etc. But thankfully, there is a  good way to cope with your relocation depression and anxiety. Here are some useful tips

  • Stay positive and be focused on reasons for your move and the change it will bring
  • Pay attention to the opportunities that are waiting for you
  • Be concentrated on many lucky chances your new home has to offer – career options, educational programs, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Try unusual things, expand your knowledge, gain various experiences and have a completely unique perspective on your current life

As time passes, you’ll adapt to the change and become more self-confident.

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Overcome Tropophobia – Leave Your Fear in the Past

When it’s about new things, we should mention tropophobia – the fear of relocation and change. People struggle with fear when they change an established way of life and leave their friends and family behind. But if you’re experiencing this feeling on a much higher level, with symptoms that interfere with your everyday life, then you should ask for professional help.

There are many ways to mitigate this burden you should know about:

  • Use prescribed medicines. They can cause side effects making only temporarily suppress the symptoms.
  • Counseling
  • Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic programming. With this treatment, your thoughts and mental associations will be remodeled in order to fix your prejudiced notions,making it easier to adjust day by day.

Mental Health Exercises

Besides professional help, you can always rely on traditional and successful methods to reduce anxiety and cope with your fears. It is well-known that physical activity can lead to positive changes in social life and mental health. There are probably some beautiful green spaces and parks for walking, cycling, and resting in your new environment. Besides, if you are a fan of swimming, yoga or dance classes, you can become a member of local groups or clubs. Here are some of the most important facts about the positive influence of exercise on your health:

  • It releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. The most important are endorphin and serotonin.
  • It helps you sleep well, restore energy and rest 
  • It is making you satisfied and fulfilled and helps in achieving your top form
  • Exercising is usually more exciting and efficient if it’s shared with others, so it gives you chances for better social life
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The Anxiety of Moving to a New City, It Takes Time to Adjust

Being a scared and unknown person in a strange environment is a daunting experience, indeed. But by thinking about the opportunities you’ll have in an unfamiliar community, you will be able to focus on the beneficial side of the whole process. That will give you enough energy and motivation for your coming days. To adjust to another town, you should:

A New House – How to Get Used to It

Changing your sweet home and old habits can seriously shake your sense of security and make you more vulnerable. Now, when it’s time to move into a new apartment, you can feel sad and empty. It could seem strange and odd to you. To overcome such fears, you need to organize your place as it suits you. You may want to start by placing the items that will make you comfy and secure just as you were in your old home. This is where the items that have sentimental value play a very important role, they will be the piece of your old life that you brought to your new home. While you shouldn’t be attached to the material, you may use it to your advantage in some cases, and this is one of them.

Your Living Space is the Core of a Relaxed Lifestyle

Arranging your living space as the home of your dreams will give you motivation to finally do something interesting and amusing in strange surroundings. Here are some useful tips:

  • First, you should find the right space for your needs. Consider size, features, location, layout, and costs.
  • Arrange your place to your affinity and make it cozy and warm
  • Take time to make your apartment a real home. Decorate your nooks with little things like photos, pictures, small pillows, lamps, and other favorite belongings. Surrounding yourself with cherished items will give you an additional feel of security and safeness, making the unfamiliar location into your home.
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Are You Scared of Leaving Your Family and Friends?

How to overcome separation from friends and family? That is probably the hardest thing when it comes to relocation. Leaving them can be compared to giving up the best part of your inner being. That can be a dreadful situation. In spite of unbearable feelings it can cause, your future life may bring you a plethora of beautiful and unimaginable events. During this time, your sadness and loneliness will be reduced as you meet more people and forge new friendships.

Stay Related to Your Loved Ones

Have in mind that your loved ones will not disappear and that you will maintain a strong bond with them no matter how distanced you are. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay in touch with your parents and buddies:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Video chats
  • Email and letters
  • Social media
  • Visits

You should remember, no matter if you are a teen or an adult, leaving your parents’ home or your place is a chance to become a self-confident, strong person and to achieve your dreams. After a few months, you will overcome your fears and homesickness and will be able to stand on your own feet and live a fulfilled life. The internet makes it possible these days to be even closer to the ones you left behind, nothing like a good old video call to feel just as if they are sitting right across from you.

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Having a Fear of Damaging and Losing Your Belongings

Relocation implies taking all your valuable belongings to your new place. Whether you choose to DIY move or to hire professional movers, the risk of damage during transport is always present. Your worries are numerous and related to:

  • Breaking during loading, unloading, and transportation
  • Unprofessional behavior of movers
  • High costs of moving services

Moving Can Be a Hassle-Free Process

Are you wondering how to make the relocation process stress-free? Follow our tips and your change of address will go smoothly:

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