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Most Important Relocation Questions to Ask an Employer

Are you thinking about moving to a different city for a new job? In that case, do you know what the most important relocation questions to ask an employer are? No need to worry if you don’t – we’ve got you covered. In order to make your move for a job easier, we’ve decided to put together a list of questions you should ask your prospective new boss before agreeing to move long-distance for work. But before we move on to them, let us take a look at the reasons why you should consider asking these questions.

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Why You Should Prepare Relocation Questions to Ask an Employer

Asking the right questions can really help you during your move. You will get all the information necessary to move and live in another state, and these questions will help you decide whether such a move is a good idea in the first place.

They’ll Help You Make the Right Decision

The more you know about the future position you’re being offered and the employer offering it, the better you will be able to understand what your life there would be like. This also means that it will be easier for you to determine whether the decision to move for work is the right one for you.

Comparing Jobs

Aside from getting to know your prospective future employer, these questions will also help you compare the position you are applying to with your current place of work. Does this company have something to offer that exceeds what you have already? If so, is it worth the move?

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You’ll Know What to Expect

If you decide that relocating for work is the right next step for you, asking these questions will help you know exactly what to expect once you get there. In other words, you won’t be blindly rushing into a life-changing decision.

Now that you know why you should consider these questions, let us move on to what sort of information you are exactly looking for.

Will the Company Cover My Moving Expenses?

One of the most important things you should find out is whether the company is willing to cover the expenses of moving services. In addition, if you’re relocating with your family or relocating with pets, would they be willing to cover those expenses as well? Investing in a relocation for a new job in another state can be a risky move, which is why a reliable employer will offer to cover these basic expenses, and maybe even professional packing services and auto transport.

Will I Get Any Housing Assistance?

Once you move to a different state, you will need a place to live. Will the company help you find a new apartment? Perhaps they will rent out a hotel room for you while you gather everything you need to rent a new home? Ensure that you fully understand what sort of housing assistance you would be getting if you move.

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What Is the New Job Like?

Of course, you want to make sure that the position you’re being offered is one you would want to be in in the first place. Get more information on what your responsibilities would be, what position you’d be working on, and so on.

What Are the Living Costs in the City?

Depending on whether you are relocating from a small town to a big city or vice versa, your daily expenses could go significantly up (or down). Whatever the case is, find out what the approximate living expenses in the city are to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

How Much Will I Be Making?

Knowing what your pay will be is crucial for deciding whether you should take any position, let alone one that requires moving. Once you have found out what your monthly income would be, compare it to the living costs in the city. Will you be able to maintain the same level and comfort of living that you have now?

What Is the Company Like?

Yes, finances are important, but not everything is about money. Regardless of how much you’re making, if you’re not happy with your career, it is probably not working. So, request more information about the company. What are their most important values? What kind of people work there? Is there a sense of community among the employees?

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Are There Any Additional Conditions?

Always pay attention to the fine print in contracts and agreements. However, you should also ask directly if there are any additional conditions that you haven’t discussed before. For example, some employers will expect you to pay back for the relocation package at some point down the road. See to it that you know exactly what will be expected of you once you accept the offer.

Is There Room for Career Advancement?

Will the position you’re being offered allow you advance further in your career or is it one of those dead-end positions you end up in without making any progress for years? If you’re planning an interstate move for a job, ensure that it is worth the sacrifice in the long run.

Listen to Your Gut

Sometimes, everything might seem perfect on paper, but a voice in the back of our mind keeps telling us that something’s fishy. Ask yourself why you feel this way, but don’t ignore this voice. It might save you from an experience that could seriously hinder your career. If you don’t feel right about the whole idea, or you feel afraid of moving for whatever reason, simply don’t do it. There will surely be more opportunities in the future for you to make strides in your career, so why rush it.

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