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        Moving Services

        The most stress-free and comfortable way to relocate to another state is with the help of reliable and efficient moving services. To be sure that all of your household belongings are transported to your new home safely, timely, and at a reasonable price, you need someone to accommodate your move without any scams and cheap tricks. Look no further – Long Distance USA Movers has proved itself again and again as one of the best in the relocation business, and here’s why.

        We Offer Top-Rate Moving Services

        Unlike other moving companies on the market, we can assist you with any kind of move from one state to another, and we keep our business fully transparent, without any strings attached. Once you contact us, our team of helpful and professional sales representatives will go out of their way to inform you about how we do business and walk you through all the details. We’re here to offer you the full package so that your relocation can be completed with just one company – Long Distance USA Movers.

        Professional Moving Services

        You need to move your home, storage unit, or your office? It’s just business as usual for us. Whether you wish to relocate a conference table, file cabinets, and a bunch of computers, or king-sized beds and a wardrobe, we have the brains and muscles to make your wishes reality.

        Should you want to move your belongings straight from a storage unit or have them re-packed and reinforced, we’ll be more than happy to assist with that. Unlike other moving companies, we base our prices on the inventory list – the list of items you wish to move.

        We’ll make sure that all of your household belongings are shipped safely and on time. We use our own trucks that transport consolidated shipments coast-to-coast, but more importantly, the shipments are separated and labeled from the get-go. That prevents misplacement upon deliveries. To make sure your shipment arrives on time and as agreed, we designate our trustworthy drivers to each truck and plan out our routes in advance before dispatching, depending on our clients’ final destination. Better ETAs during transportation are also available for you over time, as we track every truck that has set a course across the country.

        It’s important to note that our offer is not brokered out, which is the case with many other companies in the industry. We cover every part of the relocation process: from packing, storing, and loading to transporting and delivering your goods, as well as re-assembly. We are the only entity involved in the move from start to finish. We have our own crews and trucks to accommodate your relocation needs.

        Since we understand that not every building has a loading dock or a parking spot for our moving truck, we will do our utmost best to find the nearest place to park. When our crew arrives at your pickup and drop-off location, carrying your items from your door to the truck for two hundred feet is free of charge, as well as one flight of stairs.

        Full Replacement Value Insurance

        As professionals, we are aware that nobody is perfect and that human error can sometimes kick in for whatever reason. We take customer care seriously, and because of that, we want to give our clients more options in case anything wrong happens that can jeopardize your belongings.

        Most companies in the moving business offer minimum liability coverage insurance, which is an obligatory amount of coverage clients get in the event of a claim. This amount totals to $0.60 per pound of damage if it comes to that.

        What we offer alongside minimum liability is lump-sum, premium insurance, which covers all items in your shipment that we pack ourselves, up to $1,000 apiece. You can add any high-value item whose value exceeds $1,000 to your list, too. Our insurance underwriters are UNIRISC, one of the best transit insurance firms in the entire country. They take great care of their clients and handle their claims hastily.

        Storage Unit Rentals

        Should you need a storage unit for some time – we got you covered there as well. If the home you’re relocating to isn’t move-in ready yet or you still haven’t found the right one, our company offers you one month free of storage that is climate controlled, secured, and has video surveillance. In case you wish to use our storage for more than one month, you can extend the use of our warehouse at an additional cost. Rather than charging you bi-weekly or monthly after the first free month, we charge in daily increments – meaning that you won’t spend for a day more than you actually used.

        Packing Services - Standard and Full Pack With Our Equipment

        Packing and protecting everything, from the tiniest and most delicate pieces of jewelry to the largest pieces of furniture, is our specialty. If you opt for our standard packing services, our team will carefully handle all of your bulkier items or any other objects that can’t fit into a box, disassemble them if possible and pack them with care and using proper packing supplies. Pianos, pictures, mirrors, TVs, and other electronics, are just some of the things we pack and move with ease. Our standard service also includes wardrobe boxes specially designed for packing clothes.

        All larger items will be unpacked (excluding boxes) and assembled at the destination and placed in the appropriate room. All of that comes free of charge.

        If you wish for us to pack the boxes as well, we offer partial or full packing services. Partial package includes only the packing of specific items, while you take care of the rest. A full pack means that we pack pretty much everything, including small personal items.

        We understand that having to pack and label every single item can be a very tedious and time-consuming process, so if you wish to kick back, relax, and save your energy while our crew takes care of the grunt work, we will be more than glad to accommodate you.

        Auto Transport - Enclosed and Open Trailer

        Your vehicle is also safe with us – you don’t have to hire another business if you wish to relocate your car cross country. We also provide auto transport services and offer bundle deals if you choose to transport both your household goods and vehicle with us. Our auto shipping quotes also include insurance for your four-wheeler during transit, regardless of which type of trailer you want. For open trailers, we include up to $100,000 of coverage, and for enclosed, as much as $500,000. To make things even easier for you, we also allow up to 100lbs of cargo inside your trunk, which comes free of charge.

        What Makes Us Stand out From the Crowd

        We do business in a way that puts our clients’ needs first, leaving little room for any potential problems. Being in a customer-oriented industry primarily means that any kind of inconvenience must be avoided, so we insist on excellent service and building trust between you as a client and us.

        We Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

        Don’t worry about getting scammed – Long Distance USA Movers is a registered, bonded, licensed, and insured firm. When relocating with us, you are doing business with a reliable, trustworthy, and professional company. Because of the way we do business, it will never be a problem for us to perform moves from or to a high-rise building since that always means requiring a COI (Certificate of Insurance).

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        Long Distance USA Movers

        We Are a Company Near You, but We Cover All of the US Mainland

        If you’re looking for a mover with a presence in your area, but which can relocate your household across the country – we are the company for you. We perform deliveries in almost the whole of US (excluding North & South Dakota, Hawaii, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana), and also have facilities in numerous states all around of the nation, such as Washington, California, Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, DC, Massachusetts, New York, Florida & Georgia. Even if we don’t have a facility located in the state where you’re relocating from, we service other states near the ones mentioned above.

        You Can Get a Free Quote For Your Move

        We’ll provide you with any information you wish to know about your move, make an inventory list for you, and even a video survey. You can also submit a request for a quote via our website, by filling out the information we need. Or you can get a quote via email or phone call – whichever you prefer. If you’re not quite sure what you will be relocating, or you just don’t like doing anything over the phone or email, we can send our specialized surveyors to your residence. They will make an inventory list on the spot and answer all of your questions. All of these quote acquiring methods will be available to you, and no matter which one you choose – it will be free of charge!

        Our team of sales representatives will provide you with a guaranteed, binding quote based on the list of items you wish to move. You have absolute control over the price since we don’t charge by the weight or the volume of your belongings. One more thing – if you made an inventory list and you wish to change it, you’ll be able to do so anytime until one day before the pickup.

        A cross-country moving company
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        We Listen to Our Clients

        Any kind of special requests or conditions that our customers have is our priority. Every move is different, and we love taking an extra step to help you relocate something that other companies might have refused to. We’ll help you prepare, contact you frequently, and make sure we’re as thorough and detailed as possible. We strive to constantly improve the level of our service – and we manage to do so by taking our clients’ feedback seriously.

        Our Movers Are Trained Professionals

        All of our crew members are well prepared for any kind of move, be it a studio-sized apartment or a huge mansion. They excel in wrapping, packing, and handling any pieces that require basic disassembly and re-assembly. More importantly, our employees work as a team and will consult with you at any given moment should you have any specific requests, questions, or needs.

        The Number of Satisfied Customers Proves Our Credibility

        We are proud to say that in more than five years in the relocating business, we managed to accommodate a vast number of cross country moves successfully. So far, we have more than three thousand satisfied customers that gladly recommend us to anyone who wishes to have a safe and simple relocation. The exceptional experience of our clients leads to many five-star reviews on Yelp and Facebook.

        Choose Our Company and Enjoy Your Relocation

        We know and understand how tiring and stressful relocation can be, and for a good reason. Leaving your long-time home can be challenging, especially when you’re doing it for a completely new chapter in an unexplored environment. The last thing we want for our clients is to feel worried about the safety of their belongings while relocating their entire life across the country.

        We'll Help You Feel Relaxed During Your Long-Distance Move

        You needn’t worry about your shipment, as we take every possible precaution to ensure everything is well packed and transported to your new home. To make things even easier – our office team is attentive and at your disposal should you have any questions – we’re here for you every step of the way.

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