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Helping a Friend Move – The Most Useful Tips

When your buddy is relocating, there are two main ways for helping a friend move. If they are hiring professional movers, you can assist in finding the most reliable one by inquiring among your acquaintances about their experiences. Also, if they are relocating on their own, you can help by carrying boxes. Besides, one of the most important contributions you can offer in this stressful period is to provide stability and emotional support.

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Give a helping hand to your buddy when relocating

Helping a Friend Move by Providing Emotional Support

Clearly, each life-changing event is stressful. But moving away to another city and leaving everything you have built and friendships you have left behind can be particularly traumatic. Firstly, because you get tangled up in a complicated moving process and secondly because you are venturing into the unknown and uncharted territory. However, you should be there as an emotional support, besides long-distance moving services.

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Supporting Your Friend Emotionally Through the Transition

Getting used to the unfamiliar environment, a different way of life and a new job requires a lot of strength, and real friends are there to give comfort and encouragement. You need to overcome the sadness of separation yourself as well, which makes the task even more challenging. Sometimes, just talking about the prospects of a new life, hopes and concerns can be of enormous help.

If you do some research about your friend’s new destination, you can provide them with the reassurance that it is a good opportunity and that your friendship will survive the long distance. Let them know that you will be visiting whenever you can. After all, you don’t want to be among those 40%  of long-distance friendships that break up, right? Anyway, keep in mind that you will be only a phone call or a message away.

Enhancing the Packing Process With Practical Support and Company

When it comes to the packing process, even if your buddy is an experienced mover and has organized the process well, they will still love having company, someone to talk to and consult when in doubt. Not only will the time go faster, but also the relocation process will be less gloomy. And if your friend is not that skilled in moving and everything seems a bit chaotic, you can provide some reason and organization. You can also suggest the right packing method, and bring food and beverages.

Another great thing you can do is to recommend professional cross-country movers. But don’t worry if you don’t have any, Long Distance USA Movers Professional Long-Distance Moving has all the needed services. We can help you with efficient packing services and make your life easier. And if your buddy wants to transport a four-wheeler, our auto transport service is the best choice.


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Suggest booking professional cross-country moving services and to have more stress-free moments during the move

Explore Other Ways of Helping Them During the Relocation Process

It’s not just carrying packages around that will be considered helpful, but also other little things that are easily neglected. For example, you can lend your pal your car to do some errands which just keep popping up constantly during the relocation process. Or you can assist them in making a list of items that need to be moved or bought.

Also, you can assist by taking your friend’s pet for a walk or even taking it to your place during the turmoil of packing and loading the packages into the truck. All those strange people coming in and out of the house carrying stuff can be stressful for the pet and your buddy will be grateful it’s taken care of. 

Boxes and other packing materials are essential assets when relocating, so you can also be helpful by bringing extra boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and whatever else you can think of and find.

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Ask clear questions to your buddy and make yourself useful as much as possible

Help Them Pack Their Items According to Categories

As mentioned above, the most important thing before packing is selecting what items to keep and what to throw away, donate, or even sell if in good condition. We are all reluctant to relinquish certain old items that lost their purpose a while ago, so a fresh pair of eyes will help to make the right decision objectively. You can suggest which items are in a good state and can be sold and maybe even organize a garage sale or online sale. Not only will it bring your buddy extra cash, but it will also reduce the relocation costs significantly.

Packing Service

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Imply the Best Labeling Method

As insignificant as it may seem, labeling can facilitate the unpacking process a lot. So, either advise your friends to buy labels and pencils or do it yourself. If you can find moving labels in various colors, even better. A specific color can be assigned to each room, which will make the unpacking stuff much easier once you know which box goes where. 

Don’t Forget to Bring Essential Wrapping Supplies

Boxes are rarely a surplus when relocating, so bring just a few along with other packing materials or better still, ask them what they need and drop by to deliver it. You can never estimate exactly how much packing paper or tape you will need and what can be more annoying than to leave everything and run around looking for it? So, this is again where your help would be much appreciated


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Equip your buddy with enough of wrapping supplies

Keep Your Friend Fed and Hydrated

Packing demands huge physical effort and it’s tedious, so your pal might easily forget that he/she needs a lunch break. Provide him/her with some food and beverages and have lunch together. You should make the meal simple, something that does not require heating or washing dishes, but will provide your companion with just enough energy to finish the packing. Also, some cookies or fruit for a better mood. If you cannot come, have some food delivered to their home, but let him/her know in advance to avoid misunderstanding.

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Food and refreshing beverages are always a must when relocating

Offer Help on Moving Day

Moving day is the most challenging day in the relocation process, so try to be as helpful and efficient as you can. If it’s a weekend day, get there early to wrap up the packing and let the professional cross-country movers do the loading in the truck. Also, bring some coffee and doughnuts for a cheerful beginning of a difficult job. There are a number of options you can be helpful with, such as watching the kids or pets, cleaning the house, running out for additional supplies, but most of all keeping a positive atmosphere.

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From simple bringing coffee to cleaning the place - be there for your buddy

Let Yourselves Enjoy This Together When Having Professionals by Your Side

Everything is easier with a friend. Packing in an empty house can be really sad. Besides, this can be your special time together, as you can chat about everything that comes to your mind, making the time pass quickly. Also, it may be inspirational for you to see your buddy turning a new leaf and this is a good opportunity to discuss the options of your future. Make frequent breaks for coffee or cookies and talk about the past and the future in a positive manner to ease the stress. 

If you’re looking for professional help to ensure the relocation process is smooth and efficient, consider Long Distance USA Movers. Our experienced team can handle the logistics and heavy lifting, allowing you and your friend to focus on what truly matters – supporting each other. Check out their services and see how they can help make this big move a great experience. Contact Long Distance USA Movers today to learn more and get started!

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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