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Moving to a Small Town – A Definitive Guide

People have various reasons for moving to a small town, but they usually make that change when they want to escape the city bustle and enjoy the serenity of smaller towns. They want to be closer to nature because it helps them deal with problems that today’s world brings along. Regardless of the reasons, it is never an easy step to make. Such decisions are often a cause of concern and distress.

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We need to part with the known environments, habits, friends, jobs and all the little things making our life up to that moment. On the other hand, people might not be used to having so much time, so the first steps of moving might prove to be complicated. Furthermore, there are some differences that we need to deal with along with that change. Let us browse through some of the potential issues that have to be taken into consideration to make the process of settling in a small town less stressful.

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Things to Know Before Moving to Your New Home

Do not be afraid to exchange the city noise for serenity. The fear of moving will disappear when you learn to see the stars and hear the silence. You will reconnect with nature through the multitude of trees and unexpected animals on your lawn. There could be some inconveniences regarding everyday life, like the lack of certain doctors or slower medical services. To avoid any inconveniences, try to find a new doctor as soon as possible. Still, it is worth trying to adapt to the rural lifestyle, because it may bring tranquility into your life and you may no longer need professional help. Having enough time to sit on your balcony sipping coffee or tea with your friends can prove to be healing.

Inside A Small Town

You will find that buying groceries is also a slower process compared to a big city, as there are no big markets nearby. But then again – you’ll have time to do it. Furthermore, finding parking space, that nightmare of an urban citizen who has to drive around several blocks to park a car, does not exist in smaller cities. You can find a parking spot close to your house. That is in case you need to drive out at all because the chances are you can simply walk to your destination. Smaller towns will offer you that. Whichever you decide, it’s always good to transport your car to your new home or keep it in storage, with proper insurance of course. 

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Tips for Moving to a Small Town

What you need to know is that the working hours in smaller towns are different. Stores may close earlier, and they may not be open on Sundays, public holidays or even the whole weekend. So, you will have to adjust to a new town by planning in advance to get the supplies for your home. 


The same goes for public transportation. Do not expect to have a multiple departure bus station in the vicinity, or Uber and other modern transport options. Daily buses are usually all the comfort you will have, while trains depart once a day, usually in the morning. You might not be living in a place with the best public transportation but having a car might be a solution. However, everything is rather near. You do not have to get up that early to get to work, and the traffic will not bother you anymore. 


With the lack of offered entertainment options, you will have to be creative and keep those grey cells working. If you are relocating to a warmer climate, you have the opportunity to experience a diverse outdoor life. Don’t forget to pack a fishing rod, and entertain yourself with a day in nature. Additionally, your budget will be happy with the lack of potential clubs, shows, and restaurants where you used to spend a lot of money.

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Even though people think rural environments are safer than large cities, this is not entirely true. The modern age has brought crime into smaller communities as well.

What To Expect From the Town’s Population

Rural cities are usually associated with gossip and closed local groups that are hard to get into. That does not necessarily have to be true. In fact, you might be surprised by the cultural differences and find them rather appealing. It might help you feel at home. Because, you are bound to know your doctor, dentist, grocer or teacher since there is a chance you will see them every day in various city spots.

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Best Thing About The Population

The ambitions of the population may also differ from big cities, where young people are expected to graduate high schools, go to colleges and pursue careers. Here, young people tend to stay even though it means they have to accept ordinary jobs, as their family ties are stronger. Considering strong connection to the community, maybe the small areas are the best places to raise a family

Things To Do After You’ve Moved There

Once you make that change, you need to make some compromises like with the job, as there are not many opportunities to choose from. So, forget about your professional qualifications and search for a job closer to what you know and like to do.

With a little help from the locals, you will be able to choose from a variety of sports to engage in. Or if you have an artistic side, you could join the local photography club or theater.

As for dining, the offer is limited. There may not be an abundance of ethnic restaurants, but it will give you a chance to be creative and cook at home. Invite friends and neighbors and have fun sharing the recipes.

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Once you settle in, you can focus on your hobbies. Whether it is writing, painting, gardening, or taking photographs, there is a variety to choose from. What is also important is to get to know the locals, starting from meeting your neighbors, shop assistants, school staff. That is how you will get to know your community and blend in better. Ask the people to help you discover the place in all its beauty. Try to be a good neighbor, because news spreads fast in a smaller city, and you do not want to start on bad terms. Talking to strangers in small towns is not that problematic as in big cities, and it is even necessary to make new relationships.

Put it all together, and it’s easy to see the benefits of moving to a small town. Smaller communities have many perks that can attract people to start living there. You will have the opportunity to get a bit more space for your family. And maybe you will finally have the chance to plant that garden that you dreamed of. 

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