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Things to Know When Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

Moving is never an easy task. However, moving from a small town to a big city is especially challenging. If you’ve spent most of your life in a quiet little town and are planning on living in a larger city, there are things you should know to make sure you are prepared for this step.

Don’t Take Your Car With You

Shipping a car from your hometown to your new place seems like a reasonable idea. However, driving in large cities can be challenging, and what’s worse, time-consuming. Most metropolises around the country have a well-developed public transit system – don’t hesitate to use it.

Save up in Advance

You already know that your rent is going to be higher once you move. What we tend to forget is that almost everything is cheaper in small towns. This includes groceries, restaurants, bills, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Make sure you arrive at your new place with a significant savings cushion.

Making Friends in a City

You might be used to your neighbors barging in for coffee and a gossip session, but this is something that rarely happens in big cities. When you are thinking about how to adjust to a new town, remember city people value their privacy greatly. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it makes it harder to connect with people and make new friends.

Finding Popular Spots

Speaking of friends – what better way to meet people than to visit all the hotspots. From clubs to libraries, there are many great places where you could meet new faces with similar interests. 

Relative Unsafety

Living in large cities comes with a higher risk to your safety than residing in a small place. Don’t worry – living in a big city can be perfectly safe if you take the necessary precautions. Make sure to lock your doors at night and when you leave the house, don’t let just anyone into your home, and be wary of overly friendly strangers. 


One of the favorite hobbies of any city dweller is people-watching. Take some time to sit down on a bench in the park and take in the scene around you. We’re sure you’ll quickly grow to love your new hobby.

Personal Space

A major drawback of living in larger residential areas is that they tend to get overpopulated. This means that personal space in public is practically non-existent. Get used to shoulder bumping, elbowing, and strangers standing just a little too close for comfort on public transport. 

Things to Do

There is always something to do in large cities. Maybe you decided to live in one of the most vegan-friendly cities, or you are more for packing a fishing rod and going to Florida? Whatever your hobbies or interests are, you’ll surely find a way to spend your free time.

Unwritten Rules

Cities have a set of unwritten rules that newcomers don’t always understand. Always stand on one side of the escalator, don’t awkwardly stare at others in elevators, and know that revolving doors are made for one person at a time. 

More Opportunities The biggest advantage of big cities is a simple fact that it offers more career opportunities for everyone, regardless of the field you’re in.  Are you moving away from your small home town to a big city? Then give Long Distance USA Movers a call and let us help you with your relocation. Our moving experts are looking forward to hearing from you!

Tara Gregory

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