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Packing Delicate and Fragile Items: A Complete Guide

The first step to any successful move is packing. This task in itself is quite demanding, but packing fragile items can be especially tedious. Luckily, there are tips and tricks for packing delicate items that can help you do this right.

Having the Right Items

Obtaining the right moving supplies, such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape or paper, should be the first thing on your to-do list. Write down on a piece of paper an inventory list of items you want to transport, a list of moving supplies you will need to pack those objects properly, and a new apartment shopping list of things you need to get before you move in. Here are some things we believe you might need.

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Cardboard Boxes

Of course, boxes are a must for packing, regardless of what you’re putting in them. Don’t forget to get them in various shapes and sizes, as this will make transporting particular objects much easier. You might also need to find specialized boxes for things such as fine china, plates, glasses, or mirrors.

Bubble Wrap

Simply putting an item in a box is not enough to keep it protected. You will most likely need additional protective materials such as bubble wrap. Pack each item individually in bubble wrap before putting it into a box. If you can’t choose when to use which material, there are tips to help you decide between packing paper and bubble wrap or any other supply.

Moving Dolly

If any of your delicate belongings are large and bulky, you will need a dolly to move them around. This item is especially handy for things such as grandfather clocks or larger art pieces.

Packing Peanuts

Peanuts are used to fill in all the empty areas in a moving box after you loaded it with your belongings. You could use newspapers or styrofoam as an alternative to peanuts. 

Duct Tape

This one should go without saying – having quality duct tape is crucial for protecting your things. Always check that everything is sealed properly before loading things into a shipping truck.

Pick Special Moving Boxes

Certain fragile objects cannot be placed inside a regular box. For example, wine glasses will require one divided into compartments that fit the glasses perfectly. Likewise, a large box should be reserved for lighter things, while smaller ones can hold heavier belongings.

Wrap Your Fragile Items Before Shipping Them

Now that every package has its designated contents and vice versa, it is time to get down to business. Carefully pack each item in bubble wrap or paper before placing them inside. You can also use kitchen towels or old clothes for this purpose. The important thing is to make sure the objects are completely protected from all sides. After you’ve done this, fill in the rest of the empty space with peanuts and seal them. Gently shake each package to make sure the items inside aren’t flying around.

Label the Contents and Write Down Related Information

The next step is to label your things. First of all, make sure you write “fragile” on all sides so that movers know that they should handle these objects with extra care. Secondly, write down the content of each package in detail, as well as any additional information you might find useful, such as the room the contents should go to. Another alternative to writing down the contents and rooms is color-coding. Simply designate a color for each room in your new home, and use stickers of that color to mark the packages that are supposed to go there. You can also use colored tape or markers.

Request a Packing Service From Your Moving Company

If all these instructions seem a little overwhelming to you, don’t worry. There is a way to make it all much simpler and easier. All you have to do is find a reliable relocation company and request professional packers along with your relocation service, and you’ll be able to save money while you relocate. Professional packers will know the right way to protect and pack all your delicate and fragile items. They will also provide all the necessary supplies such as bubble wrap, paper, duct tape, and so on.

Are you still looking for the right relocation company to help you pack and move? Then you’ve come to the right place! We at Long Distance USA Movers are at your disposal. Feel free to give us a call and request a moving price estimate. The estimate is completely free and non-obliging. One of our customer service representatives will also happily answer any questions you might have. We are looking forward to helping you move.

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