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7 ways you can tell you’re behind on packing schedule


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There is no doubt that following a good packing checklist will help you to stay perfectly organized. However, falling behind schedule can easily hurt your chances of having a smooth relocation. We at Long Distance Movers want to present you with our 7 ways you can tell you are behind on your packing schedule so that you know you are going to need to do something about it to get back on schedule.

Whether you realize it or not, the task of packing for your move just happens to be one of the most time-consuming tasks when you are preparing to move. And depending on a couple of pre-move circumstances, packing might turn out to be one of the most difficult moving tasks for you as well. It is no secret that the easiest way to pack for the relocation is to draw up an effective checklist do everything you can to stick to it. What’s easy about it is that you will not waste any valuable time wondering what you should do next simply because you will have all of your packing tasks arranged in a logical sequence.


You haven’t checked off many items on your packing list

The general idea of following a packing schedule is to keep things organized by completing one packing task and then switching your attention to the next one ranging from most important to least in order. The tasks that you have already tackled should be marked as done so that you can monitor your progress while packing and make some quick adjustments if you find it to be going too slowly.

So, if you have already been packing for days or weeks, and your packing checklist has no more than two tasks checked off as done, then it may either mean that your packing schedule is not as detailed as it should be or it might mean that you have not done enough packing to finish it all on time.

You have not gotten to your storage rooms after two weeks of packing

If you have been packing for the last fourteen days or so and you still have not even bothered to sort and pack all the items in the storage rooms like your garage, attic, walk-in closet, or basement then logic says that you might be in a bit of trouble.

It is well-known that the storage rooms in any house are the most difficult rooms to pack because of the number of small bits and pieces that are usually found there. As a result, these storage rooms should be the first rooms that you should pack.

Remember that the sorting process alone can take many hours to complete. So, while your moving day is approaching fast, but the storage rooms in your home are still full of miscellaneous items, then that is a sure sign that you have fallen behind schedule as far as your packing is concerned.

You don’t have enough moving supplies

It is impossible to pack for the move efficiently and finish the packing task on time when you do not have enough moving boxes. The thing is, there is no way to know exactly how many moving boxes you will require to pack up your things.

Nevertheless, you are advised to get an average of around ten small boxes, eight medium boxes and five large boxes to pack a single room. Of course, this number of moving boxes is only a rough estimate, and you might need more or less moving boxes depending on the number of things in each room.

Having to interrupt the packing process to find more packing supplies will further slow down the packing and moving progress. So, your safest option is to get more moving boxes than you think you may need. Most moving companies including Long Distance Movers can provide you with all the moving supplies you will need.

You have got all your clothes in the dresser a few days before the move

Another sign that you might have fallen behind on your packing schedule is to have your clothes still in the closet just a couple of days before it is time to move. The truth is that packing clothes when moving is never as straightforward as you may think and the whole task of packing clothes can take plenty of time to finish.

  1. Sorting out your clothes and deciding which ones to take with you can take more than a day.
  2. Group your garments into four main categories: to pack, to sell, to donate, and to throw out.
  3. Consider packing your seasonal garments as early as you can to save time later.
  4. Keep in mind that the best way to pack your clothes when moving is to place your more expensive clothes into special Wardrobe Boxes.

So, whatever you do, just do not postpone packing your clothes for the relocation until the very end.

You still have your books on the shelf the day before the move

Another sign that your packing task isn’t going according to plan is to see that all of your books are still on the bookshelves with just a day to spare.

And even though you might feel optimistic about your ability to pack quickly for the move, especially non-breakable things such as books, there are a few things you might not have taken into account before you finally get down to packing your books for moving.

  • Packing books when moving isn’t that difficult to do but sorting out your paper copies is because it can take hours that you don’t really have.
  • Books are cumbersome and paying big money to transport any books you do not care about anymore and will only strain your relocation budget unnecessarily.
  • So, save some money by packing and moving only the books that you do care about.

You asked your friends to help you to pack a couple of days before the move

It is okay to ask your friends for help when packing for the move, after all, they should know how hard it is to organize your move and should be willing to give you a hand during the hard transitional period.

However, asking your friends to help you to pack just days before you have to move is a clear sign that you are seriously behind on your packing timeline. And now, having to call your friends for backup so late in your preparations. Reach out to your friends as soon as possible to give them enough time to include you in their schedules. Be considerate toward your friends and remember that they too might be busy solving their own problems.

You have decided to stay up late to finish packing

Finally, one big sign that you are way behind on your packing schedule is to stay up late or not sleep at all to catch up with the packing. This is a bad decision no matter how you look at it, so just don’t do it. Sleep is essential, especially during an energy-intensive period like your relocation. How early should you pack for the move? Begin packing for the move as soon as your move has become a certainty. Do not lose any precious time, draw up a good packing checklist and get started on it.


Yet, despite your genuine packing efforts, if you sense that you will not be able to finish packing on time, then do not hesitate to resort to the fastest way to pack for any move, hiring a professional moving company like Long Distance Movers to do it all for you. Now that you have read these 7 ways you can tell you are behind on your packing schedule we hope that you do not notice these while you are packing, or if you do that you can hurry up and complete your packing in time for your move.