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How and Where to Donate Old Appliances

Moving is the right time for decluttering and getting rid of items you don’t need or don’t use anymore. A generous and noble way of doing that is to donate old appliances. Before making a donation, contact a charity and check what kind of objects they accept. If you are too busy with the move itself, try to make an appointment so that charities can arrange a pickup service for the things you want to give away.

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What to Do with Appliances Before Donation?

Are you are getting ready and figuring out how to move, and you wish to declutter your current home before the packing begins? It is entirely understandable that there will be many objects you don’t use anymore. You have a few options to ensure your relocation process goes smoothly. You can either sell, throw or give them away.

But first, make a home inventory since it will help you spot double objects or the ones you really don’t need. Having a checklist will be beneficial not only when you are decluttering, but when packing up your rooms as well. 

Next, separate those things that can be donated and give them away. Keep in mind that you are not just getting rid of the surplus stuff, you are also saving some money by lowering the final quote of your moving services.

If you decide to donate your items, there are some things you can do before giving them away. Check if the gadgets are working. Unless it is stated differently, they should all be in a working condition.

Many organizations work on volunteer-based system, so their funds are limited, and you should not waste their time with broken objects. Before you give your belongings away, do a thorough check-up:

  • Clean the devices – this will save time and make objects usable immediately
  • Check plugs and all essential parts
  • If you have it, include manual and spare parts
  • Write down if there are any small repairs needed.
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Donate Old Appliances to the Salvation Army

When you think about charities, the Salvation Army is probably the first to pop into your mind. It is an organization dedicated to meeting human needs, and it operates in 130 countries around the world.

Many regional offices have thrift stores where people can buy essential household elements at reduced prices.

If you want to give away your belongings, you should check the Salvation Army’s website, since not all of their stores accept the same pieces. 

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If you're looking for the cheapest way to move, then donating old appliances is a good way to reduce your expenses.

Give Away Your Items to Habitat for Humanity

This is a non-profit organization that accepts any donations of unwanted appliances. To give your belongings to an organization, you need to find a Habitat ReStore location.

The donations they accept should be new or slightly used objects. Pieces like electronics, furniture, and building materials are much appreciated.

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There are different ways you can donate your things.

Charities That Do a Pickup of Appliance Donations

Giving away objects is beneficial for you and for the charity organizations since many of them sponsor and support people in need. 

But when you are in the middle of moving, you just don’t have the time to drive and drop off things you don’t need. That is why some charities have pickup services for your donations.

With this option, you will have more time to focus on finding the best moving company to help you move, all while being charitable. Many organizations have an option that allows you to make a take-up appointment.

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There are several charities that will pickup your items.

Does Habitat for Humanity ReStore Pick Up Appliances You Donate? 

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is operated by the organization of the same name and is focused on household elements. But they will accept the various home appliances, materials, and furniture.

They are here to help less fortunate Americans by providing them with affordable housing. Be the one that will help, contact your nearest store and schedule a take-up of the belongings you wish to give away. 

Salvation Army and AMVETS National Service Foundation

The Salvation Army has been operating for over 150 years and can be found in more than seven thousand US towns.

When you want to schedule a take-up, you just have to go on a website and enter your zip code. 

After that, you can list things you want to give away and pick the time that suits you the best. If you are too busy, all you have to do is leave your boxes outside and mark them with “SA,” and the Salvation Army will take care of the rest. 

AMVETS National Service Foundation operates in 22 US states. Your donation will be used to help and support many outreach programs. They accept furniture, appliance, toys, and many other house elements. Visit the AMVETS National Service Foundation site and make a pickup appointment. 

Schedule an Appliance Pickup from Goodwill Industries and the Arc 

Goodwill has more than 2,800 stores all over the US and Canada, and they also offer to pick up your belongings from your house. Objects that you gave away will be sold at a discount to those in need, and the money raised goes to many initiatives.

They accept many electronics, books, toys, furniture, and other lightly used objects.

If you want to help, choose belongings you want to give away, and make an appointment with a local pick up service. You can find the number on the Goodwill site. 

The Arc supports individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. They accept books, toys, electronics, and many other household elements.

Schedule a take up on Just follow the link and make an appointment. You can also call The Arc at 1-800-283-2721. 

Declutter and Move With Your Essential Belongings

You gave away all the items you don’t need, and the rest of your things should go with you. If you want to avoid moving stress and anxiety and long planning, pick the best moving company to assist you. The one that offers a variety of services, like packing, moving, auto transportation, and storage if you have things you want to keep but don’t want to move with you. 

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