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Ultimate Guide to Living in San Diego – Pros and Cons of America’s Finest City

If you’re thinking about living in San Diego, you must already know how amazing this place is. But what is it like living in San Diego from the point of view of a local? You will find out very soon. Like every place in the world, America’s Finest City has its good and not so good sides, so here are the most important living in San Diego pros and cons.

Serene view of the bay in San Diego, a tranquil backdrop for those moving and living by the water. The calm waters and picturesque coastline symbolize the peaceful allure of the bay, offering a scenic and inviting environment for a fresh start and coastal living in San Diego overlay
SD is a great place to call home

You might have talked to a few people who used cross country moving services to come here, and you think you know what you can expect. The truth is that everyone has their point of view after moving to San Diego and that they might have forgotten to tell you something that you’ll greatly appreciate. Let’s start with cons – we’re sure you’ll want to get the bad stuff out of the way first.

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Con: The Cost of Living Is High

Is it affordable to live in San Diego? The answer might disappoint you, but it really depends. The cost of living in San Diego is rated as the twenty-fourth most expensive in the US, so it is pricey. On the other hand, moving to Los Angeles or moving to San Francisco and making them your home is much more expensive, and you’ll be fairly close.

The Best Apartments With Ocean View Are Too Expensive

The highest cost will be the rent – it varies depending on the location. Everything near the beaches is considered one of the best places to live in San Diego, and it will cost you double the price you would pay for a bit more distant neighborhood. However, there are some of the best neighborhoods in San Diego that aren’t expensive, such as La Mesa and Chula Vista.

You can expect to pay $2,200 for a one-bedroom apartment in the center, while the same sized place can cost around $1,700 if you get long-distance moving services and move further from downtown. The rent for a three-bedroom home in the center is $3,600, while the same sized place can cost even $600 less if you move anywhere further.

What Salary Do You Need to Live in San Diego?

Currently, the average salary after the taxes is $5,000, which is more than enough. A family of four will need $3,650 per month without the rent, and if you’re coming alone and wondering how to adjust to a new town, you will first need to get around $1,000 for monthly costs, also without the rent.

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Con: There’s Only One Season

Believe it or not, there are cons to moving to a warmer climate. Some people like distinct seasons and love having snowy days. If you’re one of them, you will find this metropolis’ climate very boring. Also, almost 300 days of sunshine means that you’ll have to prepare big hats, lots of sunscreen, and quality sunglasses.

Some Months During the Year Are Foggy

If there are 300 days of sunshine and 20 days of rain during the year, what happens during the last 45 days? You’ve guessed it – fog and clouds. The ocean highly impacts the weather here, so the summer months are mostly foggy, while the locals love springs and autumns here. What’s better than a sunny day for trick or treat?

A surfer on the beach in sunset overlay
You shouldn't expect just sunny weather all year round

Con: Traffic Is Not the Best

Because the city is so spread out, you’ll definitely need a car, and the majority of 1.5 million residents here drive every day. The average commute time is around 30 minutes, which is the lowest of the twenty chosen US cities. This does sound like good news, but don’t forget that the gas here is one of the most expensive in the nation because of California’s high taxes.

The situation is much better than in LA, but it’s still not as good as it should be. You will need to know how to prepare your car for shipping and get auto transport services, but you can also drive only when you have to. Public transit here is decent and connects SD areas very well, so you won’t have to spend hours in traffic every day.

You’ll Get Used to Congested Freeways Whenever There’s Even a Drizzle

What’s snow for living in New York or living in Chicago, that’s even the smallest amount of rain here. Since it happens so rarely, San Diegans aren’t used to it, and they tend to start driving even slower – even accidents happen. If you see on the weather forecast that it’s going to rain, consider using public transportation.

public transport, people in the bus overlay
Public transit is reliable in SD

Pro: The Climate Is Warm All Year Round

One of the things that can lower your anxiety about moving to another state is knowing that you’re coming to a place where the weather is pleasant 99% of the time and perfect for the beach. It’s one of the unbeatable pros about living in San Diego, and not many cities can compete with that. Whether you’re planning on moving in winter or moving during the fall, you’ll come to perfect weather conditions. In the end, you are coming to one of the best beach towns to live in.

This Also Means That the Outdoor Activities Are Plentiful

There are so many things to do in San Diego, one of the best outdoor towns since it’s warm and nice almost always. Residents of one of the best hiking towns spend most of their time outside walking, hiking, or riding bikes. You can play tennis, golf, football, basketball, or whatever you like, while water sports are among the favorite of all residents.

One of them may even become your favorite activity: boating, kayaking, surfing, swimming, or whatever comes to your mind is available at the beautiful beaches of SD. From the moment you hire state to state movers and come here, your quality of life and health will be grateful.

people on the beach overlay
It's hard to beat SD's beautiful weather conditions and beaches

Pro: Plenty of Job Opportunities in Great Companies

Are you wondering how to get a job in a new city? Prepare the most important relocation questions to ask an employer because America’s Finest City has your back. There are so many companies with more than ten thousand employees in all sorts of industries. Numerous enterprises are not just located, but headquartered in SD, but the healthcare industry and IT industry are especially in demand of new employees. According to Glassdoor rating, some of the top companies here are:

  • Sony Electronics,
  • Apple,
  • San Diego State University,
  • US Navy,
  • Qualcomm,
  • Cubic Corporation,
  • Pulse Electronics.
White-desk-with-a-laptop-on-it overlay
Tech companies are thriving in this area

Pro: Living in San Diego Is Perfect for Families – You Will Enjoy the Trips to the Museums

If you are looking to move to one of the best cities in America to raise a family, call long distance movers now – you’ve found it. SD is one of the most family-friendly places in the whole nation, and your kids will love growing up here. There are so many playgrounds and activities for all ages. For example, you will have numerous museums to visit whenever you go out:

  • Museum of Art,
  • Natural History Museum,
  • Museum of Us (Anthropology Museum,)
  • Air and Space Museum,
  • USS Midway Museum,
  • Model Railroad Museum,
  • Museum of Photographic Arts,
  • Automotive Museum,
  • The New Children’s Museum.

That’s not all – there are even more museums and science centers, while some of them even have free entrances on certain days or some sorts of discounts for their visitors. Most of the museums are located near Balboa Park, so you can complete the day with a walk in this beautiful park.

Living in San Diego Also Offers the Safari Park, San Diego Zoo, and Much More

We’re far from over with attractions kids like that are located here. Here’s what else you can do with your children if you choose SD as your future destination for living:

  • Safari Park,
  • San Diego Zoo,
  • Legoland,
  • Sea World,
  • La Jolla Cove,
  • The beaches.
An orca doing a flip in a pool overlay
If your kids enjoy seeing beautiful wild animals, they will love living in San Diego

Pro: Public Schools Are Very Highly-Rated

Another thing that will help you decide where to live in California if you have kids is how good the public schools are. There are also private schools that are highly-rated, but because of the taxes San Diegans pay, public ones are among the top ones in California. Also, if you didn’t know, the schools here are outdoor type – kids will spend most of the time outside, so make sure you put some sunscreen on their skin. Take a look at the video below to learn more about the top school districts in SD.

Pro: San Diego Has Great Food and Drinks Options

Another fact that makes SD so perfect is that it’s also one of the best places to live in California for young adults. Because it’s so culturally diverse, the offer of food and drinks is simply amazing. Mexico is also very close, so many of the best restaurants in San Diego serve a lot of Mexican food. You will also find plenty of American dishes as well as Italian and Asian. A large number of breweries here will never leave you hanging if you are thirsty for a cold one. Here are more than 150 breweries that make fantastic craft beers. It might take you a while to visit all of them, but once you’re done with cross country moving, you can become a full-time sommelier for beers.

Pro: People Are Very Laid-Back

If you dislike the fast pace of life you usually see in New York or other metropolitan areas, you will fall in love with living in San Diego. Residents here are relaxed, and there’s no hurry or tension over anything. They are also very friendly and willing to help out, so once you learn how to meet your neighbors, there’s no doubt that you’ll also be making friends in a new city at the same time.

Three girls laughing overlay
Enjoy the relaxed life in SD

So, Is San Diego a Good Place to Live?

If you ask this question to a local, chances are that they will say: Don’t you mean Why I love living in San Diego? Even with these small cons, moving state to state and making SD your new home is a perfect plan. The quality of life, number of activities, job opportunities, and the place’s general vibe are too tempting not to call a long-distance moving company and move right away.

Are You Ready for Moving Cross Country?

Long-distance moving isn’t cheap nor simple, so make sure you prepare well before calling a cross country moving company. Create a moving expenses checklist and figure out how to do a home inventory. You can also donate old appliances before moving across the country and have less things to worry about while packing. Keep in mind that all of your expensive items probably require insurance and that you can rent storage in case you didn’t find the perfect apartment yet. Decide whether you want to get the boxes and moving supplies from the cross country movers, or you would rather opt for the cheap moving supplies. Whatever you decide, SD is waiting for you to become one of many residents who fell in love with it.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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