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Questions to ask your new neighbors before and after your move

Questions to ask your new neighbors before and after your move

uestions to ask your new neighbors before and after your moveWhen moving to a new house, you have the unique chance to design the home you have always wanted, find the perfect place to live, set it up in a way that matches your needs and aesthetic preferences, decorate it to reflect your personal style, and turn it into a happy place. Before you can make your new house feel like a home, you have to find the ideal place where you will be able to live happily and comfortably. And that is not a simple task, not only do you need to get the right type and size of house for you and your family, but you also need to find the right neighborhood. So, even when you do find an affordable home that appears to suit your specifications, you still have to learn a bit more about your potential new surroundings. The best way to do so is to walk through your potential new neighborhood, meet the current occupants, and ask them all kinds of questions to help you get a complete picture of the area you are planning to settle in. And even after you have already moved in, it is still your new neighbors that you should turn to to get dependable inside information about your new neighborhood and the characteristics of your new surroundings. This is why we have provided these questions to ask your new neighbors before and after your move that endeavor to help you find the perfect home for you.


Questions to ask neighbors before buying a house

Whether you are looking for living accommodations in a specific area or have found a residence you like in a community you know nothing about, you need to learn as much about the house as you can before deciding to live there. And what better way to find out all about the neighborhood than to talk to the people who are already living in it?

Here are a few good questions to ask about the neighborhood when exploring the community and meeting with the locals:

  1. Is it a thriving neighborhood?

Are there good local amenities and services? Can you find everything you will need in your daily life in the vicinity? Are there any successful businesses nearby? Are there new development projects? Are the streets well lit and clean? Are the houses well-kept? Is it a pleasant neighborhood?

You can spot most of the signs of a flourishing neighborhood while walking around, but things aren’t always what they appear, the residents will know better.

  1. How safe is it?

You can find information about the crime rate and the number of traffic accidents in the neighborhood quite easily. Check the internet or call the local police department. However, it’s the locals who will help you understand what is going on in the area. Ask them if they feel it is safe to go out late at night or to let their kids play outside without constant supervision. If they have security systems or if they heavy locks on their windows and doors. Do they hear gunshots every so often or if there are frequent fights? Are there any “suspicious people” around such as gangsters, beggars, etc.

Find out how active the security services are and if there is a neighborhood watch. Are there stray dogs running around and any other small details that can make a big difference when living in the area.

  1. What is the traffic like?

Even if most of the places you are going to visit on a daily basis are located either in or close to the neighborhood, you need to know what your transportation options are and get familiar with the traffic.

Ask what the traffic is like at rush hour and if there are enough parking spaces. What condition the roads are in; and which traffic problems occur most often. Is there dependable public transportation and anything else that will help you to determine how much time you will be on the road and how quickly you will be able to get around.

  1. Is the neighborhood child-friendly?

If you plan to or have children, you have to make sure that your new neighborhood will provide them a safe environment and lots of opportunities like good schools, reliable healthcare, ample green spaces, a variety of recreational activities, a friendly and helpful community, etc. To find out if your neighborhood meets all of these requirements, you have to talk to your neighbors.

Ask about the local schools if there are any after-school programs and what they are like. If there are any nearby day-care centers, parks, and playgrounds, popular activities among local children, etc.;

Find out if the children in the neighborhood get along if they complain about bullying or threats of violence. Ask if they are happy in their surroundings or wish to leave the area as soon as they can.

  1. What is the community like?

To find out more about the kind of community in the neighborhood and get an idea of life in the community, you should ask your potential neighbors. Whether you can expect regular events like neighborhood barbecues, festivals block parties during the weekends on a regular basis. Ask if people socialize a lot or prefer strict privacy and if there are a lot of young people, families with kids, or seniors in the community. See how many residents have pets and how many of them regularly attend religious services.

Find out if it’s peaceful and quiet at night or if there are loud parties and lots of noise as well as what the major concerns in the neighborhood are.

  1. What do they know about the house you are thinking about buying?

No one knows what is going on in the place next door better than the neighbors. All you have to do is ask, and you will learn every detail that there is to know about the place that you consider buying. What kind of people lived there before, how well they kept the property if there have been any recent accidents and so on. Besides, the neighbors can also tell you about any worrying issues that all the homeowners in the neighborhood share, such as a high water table, root problems, or other hazards.

The answers you get to these questions to ask your new neighbors before and after your move will help you decide whether the neighborhood is going to fit your lifestyle and if you will be able to feel at home in your new neighborhood.

Once you make your decision and buy a property, however, you will be faced with another challenge, adjusting to your new environment as soon as possible after the relocation. Your new neighbors can be of great help with this as they can not only provide you with plenty of information and good advice but might also become good friends of yours and help you adapt to your new community and fight off loneliness.


Questions to ask your new neighbors after the relocation

Make sure that you introduce yourself to the people next door soon after you move in and start up a friendly conversation about life in the community and the peculiarities of the neighborhood. Here are some suggestions on what to ask:

1) What is there to do in the area? – Ask your neighbors about local activities and events, hobby and recreation centers, neighborhood events and anything else that you might be interested in. Get involved in the community not only to learn more about your new area but also to connect and get a sense of belonging.

2) What are the best places in the area to have fun and relax? It is always good to know where you can get high-quality goods and services, where you can find some peace and quiet and what businesses and areas to stay away from, etc.

3) What are the most popular spots in the neighborhood? Find out where the locals like to hang out such as favorite restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment locales, shopping centers, parks, and other lively parts of the neighborhood where you can meet new people or have some good time

4) What shouldn’t you do in your new neighborhood? You need to know what is frowned upon in your new community to avoid any unnecessary trouble, at least in the beginning.

5) Is there anything that you can help with? You can get to know your new surroundings well and find your place in it quite quickly and easily as long as you know what questions to ask neighbors when moving to your new house.

Now that you have read these questions to ask your new neighbors before and after your move you will be able to decide on where you want to move more easily. If you have any more questions, then visit our website. If you need help with your relocation, then know that our professional moving teams at Long Distance Movers are just the moving company to help you out. Contact us, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you have a stress free relocation.