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    A moving estimate, or sometimes referred to as a moving quote, is designed to give clients an accurate way to determine the cost of their relocation. They are the ideal tool to help those about to move work out their budget and make a plan for their upcoming relocation. Long Distance USA Movers wants to make the process of getting an estimate as easy as possible to our clientele. We know that customers want to weigh out their options before committing to a company, and aim to receive an accurate and free assessment. Due to the importance of this step, we want you to consider all the factors. This allows you to weigh your options and make an informed decision sooner rather than later.

    Easy Ways to Calculate the Costs of Moving

    Use the Price Calculator

    How do you work out how much a move can cost you? Long Distance USA Movers offers a free estimate form. It is designed to take the basic information about your relocation and calculate an estimate. You will need to provide your name and surname in the appropriate fields. After that, you can put in your contact info, including an email and phone number. Once that is done type in the ZIP codes of your starting point and final destination. You can also specify the city you are relocating to. This will give our team insight into the distance that has to be covered. Type in the date of the desired move and select the size of your home from the dropdown menu. Once all that is done, you just need to press the “Get Quote” button and an estimate will be made and sent to you.

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    Call for a Cost Estimate

    The online option is a great way to save customers’ time and spare them the effort of making a call. However, for those that do not mind picking up the phone, another great way is to contact us and ask for an estimate. A customer care agent will ask you all the essential questions about your relocation and work with you to determine the price of your move for free.


    What is the Average Cost of a Move?

    Talking about relocation is a very broad topic. A move can mean a local move to the other side of the city or a long-distance one to the other side of the country. When talking about the average costs, it is crucial to know what kind of relocation is being carried out. Apart from the distance of the move, it is also essential to know the size of the residence. However, without going into details (which are covered below) studies show that an average local move is around 600-1500 dollars. Meanwhile, cross-country moves tend to range anywhere from 2000-4000 dollars. Knowing the average cost of these services will help you plan out and prepare a budget.

    The Difference Between Local and Cross-Country Moves

    As we mentioned, local and cross country movers price their services differently. A local mover tends to charge by the hour. They typically charge $30-$50 per hour, and it is vital to get their price early on in the call. On the other hand, a long-distance mover has a different pricing system. They take into account factors such as the area that has to be covered, weight, and additional services. Contact your company to find out what their pricing system is based on.

    How the Number of Bedrooms Affects Moving Costs

    Companies tend to measure the size of a home by the number of bedrooms. The smallest home is considered a studio apartment, while bigger homes can go up to six or more bedrooms. The more bedrooms are in a home, the more time and effort it will take when it comes to packing and relocating. More complex moves will also require more workforce, which can also affect the price.

    4 Steps to Make Sure You are Working with a Reputable Moving Company

    No matter how good a quote seems, it is important not to commit just because the service appears affordable. Before hiring a specific mover, you need to do some research to make sure they are a legitimate business. These tips might seem like an additional effort, but they can spare you the trouble of going through a bad relocation.

    • Make sure that the company you are communicating with has federal authorization. This is an official authorization handed out by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) that grants a business the right to move items over state lines.
    • Make sure you contrast and compare prices and packages of various companies. It will help you determine how much different firms charge for the same services and allow you to make a more accurate decision.
    • Are they experienced? Nobody wants to hand over their precious belongings to someone wanting to make a quick buck. Make sure that the people handling your relocation are experienced and qualified for the job.
    • Ask for a point of contact. You will need someone you can reach and ask for additional information during this time. Dealing with one person will make the entire process less complicated and easier to understand.
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    Packing and Other Factors That Can Affect the Price

    It is a well-known fact that selecting full packing or partial packing services from your movers will affect the price of your move. It is a difficult task that many choose to avoid, and professionals are proficient in it. However, many are unsure what other factors can affect the price of a move. Here are some tips to understand the most widely-used variables.


    The date on which you schedule a relocation plays a significant factor when it comes to pricing. Different times of the year affect the overall cost. If you are calling to schedule a move in the distant future, make sure to ask the company what dates are most favorable when it comes to pricing. Various times of the year can impact the cost of your move.

    The seasons

    Warmer months are usually the busiest months for transport companies. Everyone wants to take full advantage of the favorable weather, and prices are generally higher due to increased demand. If you are looking to pay less for a service, consider relocating in months that are not as busy.

    How far are you relocating

    Distance is usually a factor when pricing moves. The travel time affects fuel consumption, which means it will be more expensive. Expect a costlier move if you are going to a city that is farther away.

    Size of the residence

    As we mentioned before, the size of a home plays a major part in determining the final cost. The bigger the house, the more work is required to relocate it.


    Some companies charge by the weight. The heavier the load in the truck, the more you can expect to pay. Some even have a minimum requirement for their services. This is a factor that many customers overlook when considering their budget. If you want a cheaper move, pack lighter.

    Additional services

    We already mentioned that packing comes with a special price. However, other services such as storage, extra packing materials, and auto shipping can increase the price of your move. If the mover has to work more to give you a better experience, expect to pay accordingly.


    Storage space is essential for big moves. Without the proper storage facilities, items will not have a secure location to be kept in.

    What Kind of Moving Estimate Are You Getting?

    It is crucial to keep in mind that the industry has its own jargon and that not all estimates are equal. The two must-know estimates are the ballpark estimate and the detailed estimate.

    Ballpark estimates are made with limited information about the move and are considered preliminary. They are best used when contacting multiple companies for price comparison.

    Detailed estimates take into account a lot more information and work out a more accurate estimate. Many customers stick to a ballpark quote and are unsatisfied when their service ends up costing more than expected. Make sure the assessment you are working with is accurate and has taken into account all the factors of your relocation.


    Long Distance USA Movers is dedicated to providing an accurate moving estimate. To make the process as fast and efficient as possible, we have specific procedures that we use. We will get your contact details as soon as possible, to have a direct and secure method of reaching you. Once we have established contact, you will have a customer agent assigned to your move.

    There is also an online option for those that prefer filling out forms. If you are considering relocating and are interested in finding out the price of your specific move, contact us. Our customer care team is always available to help by providing a free quote or tips. Start early and get your moving budget ready as soon as possible. Regardless of what city you are moving to, our crew can handle the job.

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