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How to Cope with Anxiety about Moving to Another State

Relocation is already a stressful process in itself. And when it’s about changing your town and familiar environment, anxiety about moving to another state is a frequent occurrence. How to cope with the fear of relocationand how to find happiness in a remote community? We have tried our best to give answers to the most common questions and to help you deal with the change thatmoving to another state brings to your life.

How to Cope with Anxiety about Moving to Another State

Fear Before Moving – It Looks like It Will Never End

Do you feel nervous whenever relocation is mentioned? Mixed with physical symptoms, like upset stomach, sweating and fatigue, this nervousness can indicate a case of relocation anxiety. Since it can cause panic and dramatic reactions, you should know that an efficient cure is trying to stay calm and safely remove yourself from the situation. Before your relocation, make sure to determine your feelings about it and come to accept them. Try to think of the upcoming change as a major step toward improving your life, even more so if you’re relocating for a job.

Will I Be Happy?

The answer to this question depends on the circumstances of your life after the move and the way you will come to terms with them. Imagining your future job, house or school in a positive light can facilitate the moment when you have to face the reality of living in another state, especially if you’re moving from a small town to a big city. Happiness is a state of mind and if your worries color your coming days gray, you will fall into a blues mood very quickly.

Fear Before Moving - It Looks like It Will Never End

How to Deal with Relocation Anxiety

Any depression is a very persistent mental disorder and you need to be focused and patient to overcome it. Professional help and medical treatment are usually the primary solutions for this health issue, but some fear indicators can be reduced and handled with relaxation methods.

Try a Few Tips to Relax and Regain Your Calmness

Before you contact the doctor, follow several tips to help alleviate your fears:

  • Don’t avoid yourworry periods – be aware of them and face the problems
  • Ignore them as much as possible in the moments beyond the „worry period“ 
  • Practice breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Be focused on other everyday activities

Read Self-Help Manuals About Moving

Reading books is not just another excellent mental exercise for distracting your mind from worries and panic thoughts. It is an inevitable solution for building your self-confidence and self-esteem. Especially when these manuals are dealing with anxiety and depression. Knowing that you are not alone in your problem is the right path toward healing.

Separation from Family and Friends

Valid and legitimate concerns associated with separation from your loved ones can worsen your condition. But remember that the modern technological advancements allow you to stay in contact with them via:

  • video chats 
  • mobile calls 
  • social media 
  • letters

You will establish a new lifestyle and happiness far away from them, and that’s part of your personal growth.

Separation from Family and Friends

Being Scared About Losing Your Social Circle and Reputation

Leaving behind everything you know and care about can cause complete confusion in your mind. Building your social and professional circle from scratch can evoke a lot of conflicting emotions. The truth is your life will go on. Just accept the change as an opportunity to evolve as a person.

Fear of Not Having Enough Time

Not having time for anything can be the core problem of people’s lives today. Constant stress is particularly harmful to sensitive individuals. So, if you have a fear of not being ready and prepared for the big move, it’s completely understandable. But, you can avoid this additional stress by preparing a detailed relocation checklist and a packing timeline. If you follow them strictly, you’ll stay focused, organized and less scared about the coming days.

What if I Don’t Have Enough Resources for Relocation?

The relocation process is expensive and represents a rational source of concern for most people. Fortunately, there are many ways to synchronize your wishes with your financial capabilities:

Handling Anxiety After You Move

After you arrive at your new home, maybe all of your fears will come true. And perhaps they could be even worse. Different questions and doubts will go through your mind. Try not to panic, recall your ideas about your new life and look for reasonable solutions.

Will They Forget Me?

This concern is a logical consequence of relocation, and especially if your current home is far away. The truth is your life doesn’t end now. Your memories of your friends and family represent a powerful link between you.

What if I Don’t Fit In?

Adjustment to strange and unfamiliar surroundings is tricky and challenging, but necessary, too. Whether you are a teen or an adult, you should be prepared for various opportunities that the new city offers. Amazing people are everywhere and will support you, so make the extra effort and get familiar with your new neighbors first.

What About Going Out?

In your old life you had your:

  • habits 
  • places you like
  • a steady rhythm of social meetings

Now, your comfort zone doesn’t exist anymore and that won’t be changed overnight. Making friendships requires time. But don’t be discouraged. Even the most social and courageous ones had to go through this process.

What if I Don’t Fit In?

Don’t Isolate Yourself

A great way to mitigate the sadness and loneliness is to go out and meet new people and make new friends. Although this step might be hard for you, the quicker you are able to build friendships in a strange environment, the quicker you’ll be able to overcome relocation depression. Also, you can always call your family and old pals and share with them your problems.

Join Clubs, Groups and Activities

Being a part of the community with similar interests can have a significant impact on your social life. A sense of belonging is crucial for mental health and a fulfilled existence. Don’t be lazy – gather information about local groups, find those that you may like and become a member. That can be a great first step in overcoming sad feelings and despair. 

Plan Occasional Returns to Your City

You don’t have to be separated from your family and friends for too long. Planning visits for holidays and summer vacations will give you enough motivation to accept your day-to-day reality with more calmness.

Plan Occasional Returns to Your City

Your New Chapter is Ready to Begin

By organizing your schedule and taking part in social activities, depression won’t be able to take a hold on you. Be ready for a challenging and painful period, but the good news is that it is beatable. And as time goes by, you will be able to feel more relaxed and satisfied. 

Anxiety About Moving to Another State – Closure

Relocation depression is a disorder you shouldn’t ignore. It can be healed, but the key factor is time. In a strange state and unfamiliar city, give yourself enough time to cope with all the changes and adapt to the environment. Find comfort and support in people and things around you. And make your new home what you always wanted it to be.