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How to Plan a Move to Another City Without Losing Your Mind

Many things in life cause stress, and relocations are at the very top of most stressful events we go through. But can we avoid that stress? It’s doable, but only if you know how to plan a move to another city.

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2019 is the year that has seen 31 million Americans on the move

When it comes to relocations, Americans are among the most versed on the subject. We sure love to move around for various reasons. We may move for a job, and we’ll undoubtedly move for love at one point in our life. On average, we do it up to almost 12 times in our lifetime. It’s no wonder that we know how to move and that we can spare a piece of advice or two for newbies. Grab whatever relocating tips come your way, and follow our guide so you can move like a pro.

A Word or Two About Changing Your Surroundings

It’s not easy to pack up and leave, though. It’s hard to organize your move in the literal sense because you have many tasks to take care of, but it can also cause anxiety about moving out and other psychological effects. But when we move, especially from a small town to a big metropolis, we have a whole new world ahead of us, and with a good plan, it can be done effortlessly and stress-free. So, where to start, and what are the steps to moving to a new city? It usually begins with us wondering, “how much money should I save to move out of state?” and with an ultimate checklist for relocating to another state, in which we’ll write down a general timeline of all our tasks.

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Recent statistics show that around 20% of Millennials are on the move

Research the Potential New Location

Whether you want to move on a whim (well, not exactly a whim, but you do want to leave and start over somewhere else) or you have other reasons to move, it’s crucial to know a thing or two about your future home. Sometimes we decide where to live, and sometimes life just takes us in a certain direction, but we should know where we are going to land. So start by creating a relocating binder for your next move, where you’ll place the following information:

  • The cost of living is a vital piece of information for any place we want to live in. Before you pack up your boxes and bags, you should find out the expected expenses, such as utilities, groceries, and public transportation. Also, get informed on just how much you are expected to pay for monthly rent and how much you should have for the deposit.
  • It’s also important to check whether your desired destination has a strong industry in which you want to work in, does it have plenty of work opportunities, and how likely it is to get a job there. Also, you can find out how high a salary you can expect to have.
  • When you want to fit in with your lifestyle, it isn’t only important to check out how you vibe with the city’s atmosphere, but also will you have substantial finances to live the way you are used to. See how far your budget will stretch, and should you give up on some things just to make it there.

You can easily find this information on Numbeo, which you can also use to compare several cities and their costs, salaries, and other things that may be of interest to you.

Finding the Right Neighborhood Is Essential

If you’ve made up your mind about where you want to move to while you’re figuring out what you need to rent an apartment, scout the internet for the perfect district of your dreams. Big cities have distinctive neighborhoods, and you can manage to find the one that fits both your personality and your needs. Find a balance between your wants and wishes, and you’ll manage to pick the right one.

Planning a Move to a New City Includes Landing a Job

We admit it’s not easy to get a job in another city. But, we can help you with a few tips, and here’s how to get a job in another state before relocating there. First of all, spruce up your resume as much as you can, and remember to update it with all your previous experiences. Don’t lie about your current whereabouts; instead, write a cover letter, too, where you’ll state your intentions of relocating to the company’s location. LinkedIn can be of great help, but keep in mind that you should adjust your search for the area you plan to be living in, to use this network the best possible way.

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LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with other professionals in your industry

Think About the Budget and Try to Stick To It

Whether you’re leaving your parents’ house for independence so you’re planning to create a moving out for the first time budget or you’ve done it before, the financial talk is the essential part of each relocation. Your relocating budget should consist of the relocation expenses checklist. These include long-distance moving services and any additional solutions by a long-distance moving company you may invest in. Create some room in your finances for additional and unexpected expenses, and set aside some money for the rent, deposit, and monthly costs.

Declutter Before You Go-Go

There’s one thing that you can do before you go that will relieve you of stress a bit and help you save some money simultaneously, and it’s decluttering. We’re sure that most of us have many unusable items in our home and unwanted appliances as well. But how can I plan a move to another city and cut on costs, and what does it have to do with decluttering? It’s fairly easy to explain.

If you invest in cross-country moving services, the more stuff you need to transport, the more it will cost. And that’s why by deciding what to get rid of when relocating, you’ll manage to cut down on expenses. Additionally, if you have enough time, you can have a successful garage sale and add all the money you earn to the budget. In the end, you can donate old appliances and any other object that is still usable to a local charity. If there are any items left that you’re not sure what to do with, you can always pay for the storage service for a while.

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We spend about one year in our life looking for items we've lost, and it's easier to lose something if we live in overcluttered spaces

Who to Contact Before Cross Country Moving? Search for “Long-Distance Movers Near Me”

Now you’re about ready to choose a relocation company, but finding reliable and hassle-free movers isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Don’t settle for the first pick that pops in your search; instead, dig deeper. But how to check if a moving company is legitimate? See their reviews and check if there were any name changes, as it could be a sign of fraudulent cross-country movers.

You should also look for a USDOT number they are required to have by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Once you narrow your search to several companies, contact them and find out how much movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment, then compare quotes, and take your pick. Avoid settling for the lowest bid because you could have some hidden expenses along the way. Remember to contact the long-distance movers as soon as possible, to agree on the date and additional services, such as the auto transport service.

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Next Stop on Your List of Contacts – Utility Companies and Other Service Providers

Did you know that you should transfer utilities before you leave your current abode? Many people postpone this and end up in a bit of trouble. Suppose you forget to turn off the heat in the place you’ve left. The next residents will have a nasty surprise in the form of a large, unpaid bill. Another inconvenience that may happen is that you arrive at your future place, and there’s no electricity, water, gas, or internet, and it could all have been avoided if you’ve contacted the utility companies on time. Call them at least several weeks ahead of your move, and agree on the disconnection date. Do the same for your future home; call service providers and utility companies and set a date for service connection.

Contact Other Institutions and Notify Them of Your Move

Most people forget that they should make a list of who to notify when relocating or think it isn’t that important to do before they move out. But it’s quite vital to do so, as many things can get unexpectedly complicated. If you don’t change your address with the USPS, the future owners of the home may be forced to look for ways to stop getting mail for previous residents. The other important institutions that should be notified of your future whereabouts are the financial ones, such as banks and credit card companies, insurance providers, and all your subscriptions, too.

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US alone has over 142 million mailboxes to which the USPS workers deliver mail, so make sure your mail is addressed correctly

Pack Your Life Away, and Make the Move Swift With Simple Steps

You’re probably thinking – “Ugh, I hate packing!” But although it’s backbreaking work, it’s not the end of the world. There are some awesome packing strategies that will help you set a packing schedule and do it with no sweat. How does “helping a friend move” sound? If you think that placing everything you own into boxes and crates is hard and lonesome work, you can call your friends and family and throw a packing party. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend some more time with them and say goodbye properly while they help you get ready for the next chapter of your life.

Make a Bag of Essentials

One of the most commonly forgotten things to pack are probably chargers and keys. To avoid forgetting such crucial items, especially chargers, prepare a bag or two of relocating essentials. It should contain basic toiletries, some kitchen utensils, and dried and canned foods. Remember to pack a change of clothes for each family member, some bedding and a few books. These are the basics that will help you survive the first few days when you move.

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Some items we find essential may vary, but we usually can't go through the day without toilet paper or food

Enjoy the New Surroundings

Up to this point, you’ve probably moved and settled a bit. Or at least unpacked some boxes. What we suggest you do next is to get acquainted with the metropolis you’ve picked first hand. Walk around a bit, meet your neighbors and check how far you are from retails and other shopping opportunities, so you won’t have any issues when you run out of groceries.

Meet New People and Join Different Social Groups

The best way to adjust to another town and unknown surroundings is to reach out to people around you and make friends in another place. Although it may seem hard, especially if you are an introvert, you can start off by calling your colleagues out to grab a drink and socialize outside of the workplace. Meeting people is one of the most important benefits of relocating. You can also join some social groups that share similar interests with you.

Are You Considering Getting a Roommate? Here Are the Benefits of a Shared Roof

If you still believe you won’t be able to cover the costs, you can consider interviewing potential roommates. You can create a list of questions to ask potential roommates, such as whether they smoke or are they allergic to cats because you are determined to get one. If you pick carefully, it may be the start of a brand new friendship.

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Having a roomie can be a way to fight loneliness

Now That You Know How to Plan a Move to Another City, Take a Leap of Faith

Although there are still many useful tips that could help you, you may consider this an ultimate relocating guide that completely covers every step of your preparation. So don’t fret; you can pull this off like a pro and be on top of the relocation game. The packing service and other relocation options from a reliable company can help you take a lot off your plate. Your tasks will be taken care of while you loosen up a bit and focus on your big adventure in another metropolis.

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A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

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