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Don’t Know Where to Move? Here’s How to Decide Where to Live

People move for all sorts of reasons. All their prime goals, needs, and capabilities direct them and help them determine where to relocate. If you aren’t sure how to decide where to live, use this article as your guide. We will make sure to cover all of the significant factors you will need to take into account. However, the choice will be entirely up to you. Set your priorities correctly and follow the simple rules when choosing a new location.

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Learning how to choose a place to live step-by-step is crucial

How to Choose Where to Live?

According to Statista, some of the main reasons to move across the US included family goals and the housing market. In addition, more than 18% of surveyed Americans move for a job.

Whichever your grounds and intentions are, be sure to make the right decision before turning your life around:

  • Think about your budget. Let’s say you have California on your mind, and you opt for long distance move to Oakland, which won’t have the same impact on your budget as in Iowa.
  • Consider career opportunities in the area you selected because long-distance moving to Arizona won’t bring you the same employment opportunities as cross-country moving to North Carolina.
  • Look into the crime rates and think of your safety,
  • Know that choosing whether to relocate to a cold climate or a warm region plays a major role for many. For example, those that love warm weather should plan a long-distance move to San Clemente or any other spot by the beach with eternal summer. On the other hand, if you like to experience more than one season, relocating to Salt Lake City or any other place with a continental climate is a solution.
  • Explore the size and infrastructure of your chosen location,
  • Lastly, think about the proximity to your old place and your old friends and relatives. Suppose you are relocating to Connecticut from California, that will impact seeing your friends and family.

When you gather all of the information regarding these crucial points, you will easily get rid of any fear of relocating. And finally – start to plan the process right after choosing where to live. Set the relocation date and organize your move ASAP.

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Metropolis or township - the choice is all yours

Choosing a Place to Live Involves Planning Your Budget

Every time people move, they have several costs to take into consideration. Planning your relocation budget properly is paramount. However, there is much more to consider than just knowing how much do movers cost or how much to tip the crew. The process itself often entails acquiring a car shipping service, and sometimes it involves renting a storage unit.

Besides that, you will need to know about all the other expenses, including the ones that await upon arrival. There is a matter of the housing market to look carefully into. How much money will you be able to invest in your brand-new home? And will you rent an apartment or a house? Ultimately, are you up for being a tenant at all, or do your aims involve buying a property? With more than 100,000 real estate agencies operating across the US, you can find a suitable residence that matches your intended price range.

Still, paying rent or getting a mortgage for a house isn’t the only aspect to think of. The overall cost of living and taxes should also be kept in mind at all times when discovering how to pick a place to live.

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Affordable Housing Market and Best Cost of Living for You

Finding and following some trustworthy house hunting tips always comes in handy. First of all, be clear regarding your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Analyze today’s home values and contemporary cost trends and the time needed for homes to sit on the market. Check out whether some homes get sold above or below the asking price and research presumable long-term rates.

However, it is most important to focus on the local housing prices and estimations. Use reliable websites like Zillow and Redfin to handle the regional real estate market. For example, long distance move to St Louis can be good for your budget, since the median home value there is $160,050. On the other hand, settling in Lakewood, will be a bit pricier, cause the median home price there is $571,330.

How Much Money Will You Need to Pay Taxes?

It’s unlikely to avoid taxes altogether. However, relocating to the right city can cut your overall tax responsibility. Here is a fact you should think about – five states don’t require paying sales taxes. These include Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. On the other hand, states that suspend income taxes on most sources of income are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Nevertheless, you must take property taxes, school taxes, gasoline taxes, and business taxes and invoices into account. They could affect your final decision. You can quickly check all laws and requirements in regards to this matter online. So far, Alabama has the lowest state-local tax burden. It is followed by Tennessee, Arizona, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.

Regardless of whether you are relocating to another state alone or with family, don’t forget to look up these crucial facts.

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Be careful with your finances and find a cross-country moving company accordingly

Consider New Career Opportunities and Research Prospective Employers

Finding a great career opportunity is one of the crucial points to having a successful fresh start. If you research the market before you take a leap, it will be easy to get a job in a new city.

Work opportunity continues to be a vital and oftentimes decisive factor. Still, the significance of this aspect greatly relies on the industry and niche you are specialized in. Tech specialists and other digital professionals just need a usable space, a trusty laptop, and speedy WiFi to fulfill their tasks.

Job opportunities range from state to state and municipality to municipality. That is why you must spend some time examining the job markets in several cities and regions. Begin by searching for suitable job openings within your area of expertise. Then, you can decide where most of these jobs are located.

However, if you were out of work prior to your relocation, be sure to find the cheapest way to move and save up a bit.

Know Your Salary Expectations

Salary ranges for nearly all jobs can differ a lot from one state to another. The trends indicate that employees often earn more in places where the cost of living is high while the talent pool is tight and the market is competitive.

For instance, if you were relocating to San Diego, you should know that a marketing manager can earn 30% more there than, for example, in Salt Lake City. On another note, housing and gas in California can skyrocket, whereas Utah is substantially less pricey. Take notes on these matters and see how they match your needs and demands before typing “long-distance movers near me” into your search engine.

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If you wonder, "Where should I move to start over," don’t forget to double-check the employers in your shortlisted regions

Check Out How Safe Your Chosen Area Is Before Making a Decision

Checking out crime rates and statistics is always a good way to find the right city and district. However, it becomes even more critical to check the stats and figures regarding safety when relocating with children. You certainly don’t want to live in a high-crime neighborhood.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t suggest all of us can live in a perfect society where crime never occurs. You should use local or statewide sources to study crime rates in any city, town, or community you’re thinking of. Still, just because some cities are safe today doesn’t promise they stay safe in the future and the other way around. That is why you should think about the development strategy and forecasts for a precise location as you narrow down your options.

This is the correct way to remove any doubt and answer the question – How do I decide what city to move to?

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Safety and low crime rates always matter a lot

Deciding Where to Move Based on The Size of the City

Cross-country moving from a small town to an urban metropolis is often challenging. Adjusting to a new town might take longer than expected. That is why you must prioritize, truly grasp your needs, and align your priorities prior to choosing the fitting place to call home. Some strive to live in huge urban centers where there is always a lot to see and do. On the other hand, others prefer establishing a household and raising a family in a more peaceful and more connected community.

Both options offer numerous perks. The true question is – what’s your priority? Know your actual needs and preferences, and then look up some fitting locations online. Start by checking the population, and move on to other significant factors. For example, relocating to Inglewood or even moving to Hayward, Ca ( both with a population of around 110,000) won’t be the same as relocating to NYC.  Culture, environment, and lifestyle will also play an important role here. Think of these facts before asking yourself – how do I decide where to live?


Explore the City’s Infrastructure to Learn How to Pick Where to Live

Schools, hospitals, and public transportation are also crucial. Look into these aspects thoroughly before making the final call. Do you like to take public transportation to work? Maybe you want a short commute or look to avoid traffic. Find a town that has a public transit system that matches your needs and likings. Good healthcare should also be among your priorities when deciding where to relocate. You have to think about all the infrastructure needs of the whole family before you pick a region.

How to Decide Where to Move With Children

Besides safety and overall infrastructure matters, you will have to take educational opportunities and outdoor activities into account. If you want to raise kids in your brand-new environment, then you’re bound to consider schools in the neighborhood and their rank carefully. While you are at it, be aware of the fact that communities with higher-ranking schools are often more expensive.

In addition, it is best to encounter a location that offers plenty of recreational choices and entertainment for everyone, regardless of their age.

If you’re cross-country moving with toddlers, here’s a video that will give you a few simple and cheap ideas to keep the kids occupied during the trip.

Bonus Tip: Find the Best Long Distance Moving Company

The first step to relocate efficiently and smoothly is to carefully consider whether you’d like to move by yourself or acquire professional long-distance moving services. If you go for obtaining expert help with relocating, you must learn how to spot the right crew and avoid relocation scams.

Recognize the red flags:

  • Frequent name changes and suspiciously often rebranding,
  • The lack of basic information on the website,
  • Negative reviews and testimonials (or not having any review whatsoever),
  • Unrealistically low fees,
  • Requiring down payments,
  • Only taking cash payments,
  • Conducting estimations by phone only.

There are other suspicious aspects to keep an eye on, but these are the most frequent ones. Learning to spot scammers and choose reputable cross-country movers will reduce your moving costs and help you cope with anxiety about relocating to another state, city, or town more easily. Do your homework on time and avoid common moving mistakes effortlessly.

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Find a trustworthy team to help you relocate

Learn How to Decide Where to Live and Commence House Hunting

Before you start to pack your bags and pursue the good things you aspire to, don’t skip the essential steps to verify whether your choice is absolutely right. You should trust your gut, but relying on the facts, figures, and statistics will ensure the best possible outcome.

Lastly, once you spot your dream home in a location that matches all of your likings and necessities, don’t forget to explore your relocation options. Contacting reputable long-distance movers and finding affordable and efficient relocation, storage, car shipping, and packing services will ease the whole deal.

Find a suitable residence, be sure that the neighborhood surrounding it is safe and prosperous, and learn your relocation terms before contacting cross-country movers and acquiring expert help.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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