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Relocating Long-Distance? Here’s Who to Notify When Moving

Though we live in the modern digital age where everything is done online, there are still surprisingly large amounts of letters that we use daily. Nearly 15.1 billion letters are sent every year in the USA. A list of who to notify when moving is, as you can figure, pretty large.

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If you plan everything right, this process doesn't have to be annoying

Until you have to relocate and change your address, you are not aware of how many institutions and companies you have to inform, and usually, someone is still forgotten. To avoid all that mess, follow this guide and see who to notify of a change of address.

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Why Is It Important to Inform People When Moving?

Well, for starters, you will want to have certain services at your disposal at a new location. So you will have to inform providers about your move. Also, some government agencies need to be notified as well, especially if you are relocating out of state. For example, the DMV needs to be informed if you plan to use an auto transport service and register your car in a new state. So make sure to prepare your car for shipping and have all the paperwork. In fact, your long-distance moving company will ask you to have everything in place before they ship your car.

Once you talk with your cross-country movers and learn as many moving terms as you can, ask them to give you a car shipping guide in advance, so you have time to make all arrangements. Also, if you are relocating for a job, you will have to inform your old employer about your plan and give him notice. There is a lot of anxiety about relocating to a new state, and this fear of relocating and stress can be overwhelming and challenging. This is why it is crucial to plan everything and be organized. A considerable part of your plans should be a list of who to notify of address change because this is usually one of the things you forget to do when you move.

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If you know where your important documents are, you will inform everybody quickly

Who to Notify When Moving – Government Agencies

As we mentioned before, some government agencies need to be informed about your relocation. The good thing is that most of this information can be submitted online and doesn’t require a lot of your time. Here are some of the most important agencies that you need to inform:

  • IRS – You know that saying, “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes?” Well, this counts here, too. When changing addresses, you will want to inform the IRS about it. Taxes are going to be different in a different state, and they will modify even if you relocate from a small town to a big city. So go on the IRS website and fill out the change of address form in a couple of minutes.
  • Post Office – It would be best if you start with your local post office. You can easily update your address on their website. Once you do this, your mail will be forwarded to your new location for the next 12 months.
  • Social Security Administration – If you are receiving any form of social security benefits, inform them about your location change to be sure you get your payments and information on your new home.
  • DMV – We already talked about this. If you plan to ship your car to a different state, you will have to take different license plates.
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Your taxes will modify as well, so inform IRS

Inform Your Utility Providers About the Change of Location

You will have to add this to your checklist for relocating out of state as well. Make a list of utility providers you have, write down all information about those companies and how much, on average, you pay them monthly. Now that you are relocating, you maybe want to cancel or take different services providers. Or if you are relocating for love, maybe your significant other has the same service, and you don’t want to pay double. Some states have different service providers, and transferring the services from one state to another is not possible. Once you create your list, start calling each company to inform it about your situation or cancel its services, depending on conditions.

Cancel or Transfer Your Gas and Electricity

Contact providers for electricity and gas from your checklist, and inform them about your relocation. As you know, there are different power companies in the USA, and maybe your company doesn’t provide utilities in your state of choice. If this is the case, double-check that this utility is canceled. Also, if you are relocating to a warmer climate, maybe you won’t need gas at all. The best way to notify change of address is to do this in person, especially if you plan to cancel this. But a lot of companies offer online forms you can fill out. Just do this on time if you don’t want to relocate to a different home without electricity or gas.

Phone Cable and Internet

Same thing here as with the power company. You will want to have your cable and internet up and running once you move to your home. If your provider doesn’t operate in your state of choice, you will want to cancel them. On the other hand, if they do, you will have to tell them the exact day when you want them to disconnect and connect your cable and internet. It would be best if you call them after you set a date for your long-distance moving services.

Water and Sewer

If you plan to rent an apartment and your previous apartment wasn’t yours, you don’t have to do anything. But if you are selling and buying a home, you will have to go to your municipality and update the name on your bill or cancel this account entirely. Also, you will have to go to your city to sign up for this utility as well.

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You will have to have power on once you arrive

Your Bank Should Be Informed About Your New House Address Too

Give your bank a call and check if you can update information online. If you have some other credit cards or loyalty accounts, do an update there as well. If you wonder about a change of address and who to notify, and should you inform all your loan providers, the answer is yes. This way, you will be informed if there are any changes to your credit or your bills.

Inform Insurance Companies as Well

When it comes to updating info at your car insurance company, most companies will give you a 30 day period to do so. But updating this information is not important only because of the bills and their delivery. If you’re relocating to another state, you might get a different insurance plan. Those who don’t inform their companies hoping to get a better deal should know that this will be considered insurance fraud.

Also, you will have to inform your health insurance because updating this info on time will prevent any future denial or rejections. Also, if you’re relocating out of state, you will probably have to get different health insurance. And if you have life insurance, inform them as well.

And if you’re relocating your job, inform your retail business insurance company if you have one, about your plan to relocate. Once you are in another state, you will probably get a new retail business plan.

And if you wish to switch your car insurance check out this video for more info.

Talk to Your Doctor and Vet

This step is important, especially if you’re relocating with kids. You will have to contact your doctor to ask him to transfer all your and your kids’ medical records to a doctor in your city of choice. The same thing goes when we talk about relocating with pets. Tell your vet about your plans and ask him to give you all the records about your pet shots. You can pick up these records in person, or he can send this to a vet in your future city. Be aware that some states require special permission for pets. So if you’re relocating with a dog, they might ask about its rabies shots. Make sure you have the documentation on you when traveling.

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Your medical records should be sent by your doctor

Cancel or Transfer All Memberships

You probably have many membership fees you are paying, like in a gym or some club. Check if there is a possibility to transfer your membership to your state of choice. If there isn’t, cancel it on time. People usually forget to cancel their membership at the gym, but subscriptions are still on, and so are payments.

Don’t Forget to Tell Your Friends and Family

When you move, who should you notify? Well, your friends and family should be at the very top of that list. People used to send a card to every contact they have, but you can just email this information to everyone you wish in this modern day. And when we talk about who to notify when you move and what is the best way to notify change of address, email and social media will be great choices. But with your close friends and family, you will want to have a more personal approach.

Make Moving Away or Packing Party for Your Family and Friends

Once you have to tell your friends and family about your relocation, it is time for them to do their part of the job in helping a friend to move. If you don’t wish to hire long-distance movers for packing service, you can throw a packing party with your friends. Not only will your relocation expenses be lower, but you will get to have fun and socialize with your friends one more time before you relocate.

This party will be a great opportunity for you to do a home inventory of things you plan to pack, and you can donate unwanted items to your friends as well. And if you wonder, what is the best way to notify of an address change, the answer will be at the party. Everybody has thrown this moving away party at least once in their life, so why not you. After you relocate, throw a party not only for your old friend but for new ones too – parties are the best way of making friends in a new city, and you will be more comfortable with your old friends present.

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A party is an excellent way to say goodbye to all your friends

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

Now that you know where to update your address when you move and who should you notify when you move, the only thing left unsaid is when. This depends on the circumstances of your relocation. For example, if you are relocating at the last minute, you will not have much time to arrange everything. Even if you find long-distance movers near me and hire them to do all the work, you still might end up with some loose ends at your new location. But if you planned everything on time, you will get it over with easily, and the best thing is if you can start your calls and emails two weeks before your big day.

The Post office can be informed weeks before the set date. But, with electricity and water, you will have to be more precise and to give your companies exact dates of switching off and on. So it would be best if you can turn everything off one day after your cross-country moving company comes and turn it on the day you arrive at your new place. You will need water and electricity the moment you get there. You will have to clean the apartment before you move in, for example. If you plan everything right, this whole long-distance moving process will go much easier and stress-free.

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