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How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There

The latest research shows that around 7 million Americans move from one state to another each year. If you are one of them and planning to have a fresh start, you might want to know how to get a job in another state before moving there. We are all aware that long-distance moving is a time-consuming process, but it can bring you a lot of new opportunities.

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Do you have a dream, or are you planning a relocation to another location, but it’s contingent on finding work? Would things move easier if you just had a job lined up when you finally decided to relocate? Or you’re wondering how to get an apartment, but you need an employment offer to do so. There are many reasons for your relocation – maybe you are relocating for love, and maybe you want to move alone. In any case, we have some awesome tips on how to get a job out of state.

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How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There – Make a Plan

Relocating if you already found an occupation is the least tricky out of all possible scenarios for two major reasons:

  • You don’t have to handle the stress of finding a new workplace,
  • You don’t have to worry about obtaining money for a mortgage or having enough for housing expenses.

However, there are some questions you should ask yourself when relocating for the job.

It can be a liberating experience to just pack up your family and move without a proper plan and place, but it’s really not something everyone would do. And if you’re not one of them, you’re probably asking yourself, how do I get a job in another state before I move? The key is the search.

Start your investigation in advance and have a good plan. There are many questions to answer before obtaining a position. Are there available jobs you’re qualified for in your chosen area? Are there available jobs that interest you, and does the cost of living in your chosen location align with the salary that those jobs offer? Do you and your family have enough savings to float through three to six months without a stable income? If you can honestly and reasonably answer these questions, then you’re ready to go on this kind of adventure.

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With the best tips, this stressful process could become something you'll gladly remember.

Consider the Cost of Living and Other Factors When Checking How to Get a Job Out of State Before Moving

Getting a job out of state and the hiring process take time. So, if you got one or more job interviews, and if you know the date and time of your relocation, you should align those two dates to have all the interviews as soon as you arrive unless you can travel back and forth.

And while you’re in a career hunting mode, start your search for housing, as well. If you’re traveling for those interviews, take advantage of it: search and get to know the neighbors in the city. This is an excellent opportunity to check out the schools if you’re relocating with your kids. You should also see if there are parks nearby if you plan to relocate with your pets, as well.

Motivation and Clear Plan Will Guide You Through This Stressful Process

The essential thing when you are at the beginning of the relocation process, is to have a plan and clear reason for relocating. It is not easy to leave your previous life and decide to relocate to a new area with family. However, having a clear vision is very important, especially if a new employer asks you about it. They will want the insurance that you are permanently relocating.

Having everything planned also means you figured out the cost of living and how much you’ll need for all relocation services, like storage service. If you are thinking of relocating your car, then auto transport should be in your relocation costs checklist as well.

New employers may or may not offer relocation assistance. In the case they do, you can make a better calculation of relocation expenses. It can prove crucial, especially if you make a moving-out-for-the-first-time budget or wonder about the cheapest way to move out.

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The best way to change your address is to have a plan

Best Tips How to Look For a Job in Another State

Questions like how to find a job when moving out of state and how to apply for jobs out of state are probably the most common ones that you’ve been asking yourself during the cross-country moving process. Here are some tips on how to handle this stressful situation and cover these questions best:

  • Explore the local career market,
  • Exclude the current address,
  • Update all of your social media profiles,
  • Join the local groups and meetups,
  • Ask your friends for a recommendation,
  • Update your resume,
  • Write a cover letter.

Watch the video below for additional tips that can help you find an occupation in the new location.

How to Apply for a Job in Another State – Build Your Social Network

You need to build a network in that new location. Each person you meet can introduce you to another person and gets you one step closer to that ultimate opportunity. This could seem overwhelming among all the things you have to do before and after the move, like learning what the most common mistakes during the relocation are and knowing what are the most frequent things you forget to pack. But, once you start building your own network, searching for a professional opportunity will go much smoother.

Another way to use networking is to join local groups or meetups. Find others in that area that have similar interests as you and search the local occupation boards on Facebook, too. So, start networking. The faster you build your support network, the more you and your family will feel at home when you move. Knowing some quotes to help you deal with the relocation can also come in handy. The greatest side of social media is that you’ll never know who you will meet or what employment opportunity will be referred to you.

How Early Should I Apply for a Job Before Moving?

When you put every task on your relocation checklist, and you’re done with your household inventory list,  you’ll see that finding a trustworthy company with long-distance moving services isn’t the hardest thing in this process. But there is still one task that awairs you – finding a work in the city you’re relocating to. To avoid all the stress that comes along the relocation process, you should begin as soon as you decide to move. Start around five weeks before the relocation day comes. That way you’ll have enough time to do thorough research online for your future career.

Update Your Social Profiles

Nowadays, almost every company is using social media to perform research on prospective employees. So check your profiles on social platforms, and remove your current city. Some companies won’t hire prospective employees if they are not local for many reasons. For example, the company might think you would like to work remotely or relocate only if you get the position first. It is important to make it clear that you are relocating, no matter if you get or not the wanted position.

If you have specific companies in mind, start following them on LinkedIn, or you could follow them on Facebook, too. Maybe you can connect with different employees from different departments you would like to work on.

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Today, the best way of getting your work opportunities is to send your resume on social media platforms

Have a Good Resume

The first thing is to have a good resume. Don’t be overseller and too detailed. Be clear and concise. And more importantly, be honest about your work history and write a great cover letter. Underline that you’re changing the address, and especially if you have a date and time settled, write it down too. That way, companies that read your resume will know you’re relocating to that city for sure.

A Great Cover Letter Is Work Half Done

When applying for a desired position, you should also have the cover letter. If you write in the right way, it can help you in many aspects of your career. That’s why you should take some time to write it. Here are some steps that should guide you during the writing process:

  • First, introduce yourself,
  • Mention the position you’re applying for,
  • Write clear what are your skills and how can they contribute to the company,
  • Finish the letter with a direct call to cating, for example, you can ask for a meeting or an interview.

Hire a Recruiter

Another piece of advice is to find a reliable agency and hire a recruiter. Some professional recruiters will do all the work for you. There are also those specializing in each industry, like the healthcare industry, financial industry, and many more. Seek them out.

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Getting help is the most reasonable step in the whole process of relocation and seeking a career opportunity

Prepare Yourself for the Interviews

You should prepare well for the interviews because your whole career could depend on them. So, learning and practicing how to present yourself is a crucial step when finding a job. Here’s what you should do:

  • Start with the detailed research of the company you want to work for, and it could come in handy to know something about people that will interview you.
  • Anticipate the questions they might ask you. Since you already wrote your cover letter, you’ll know exactly what to say about yourself and why you are applying for that particular position.
  • Dress professionally, all thought you’ll probably have interviews online, via Zoom and Skype.
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Interviews are very important because company can get the whole picture of you

How Do I Move Out of State With No Job?

This can be a tough situation, but it can happen. The first thing that comes to your mind is “how much money should I save before the relocation.” You can easily get some part-time or freelance positions, but it could save you in the first month or two until you find the company that suits you.

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If you are relocating to a new location without work, savings could help you at the beginning.

Should You Find a Job Before Moving?

Is it better to find work before relocation? Of course it is. It can make things way easier. Getting a mortgage or lease, whether permanent or temporary, while looking for a home with a real estate agent is easier when you’re already employed. And this will reduce the relocation anxiety a lot because this is a big life change for the entire family. This will make adjusting to a transition much easier.

The crucial thing in this whole process is not to forget to ask for help. Knowing how to move is a hard task, even if you moved before. Finding professional long-distance movers near you is the best solution because they will bring their boxes and packing supplies, and with the packing services they offer, your stuff will be ready as quickly as possible. That way, you don’t have to worry about how to move an old clock because the moving services will cover it and make sure every item arrives safely with the relocation insurance. This will leave you a lot of free space for searching the jobs that require relocation.

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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