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Ideas for a Long-Distance Valentine’s Day to Celebrate Your Relationship

Relationships can be hard, but when you’re with the right person, nothing seems impossible. This applies to long-distance Valentine’s Day, too. Sure, you might not be in the same place to celebrate it, but you can do everything virtually nowadays. So instead of feeling down about being away from each other, check out some of our suggestions for that special occasion.

Valentine’s Day cards and envelopes after long-distance moving overlay
Celebrate this special holiday virtually with your significant other

As the special holiday slowly approaches, the question of how to spend that special occasion will likely be on your mind. Don’t worry; there’s still time to do so many things to surprise your partner. Even a small gift will do just fine, but if you’re more for something romantic and unique, check out some of the best Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Long-Distance Is Hard, But Manageable

We all know how heartbreaking separation from our significant other can be, but people move for many reasons. And in situations like these, you’ll see how strong your relationship is. Planning the move can seem like an easy thing to do, but remember that you still need to adjust to the new town and home. And at some point, it can be overwhelming because you just figured out how to move and probably need some rest. No one said it would be easy, but with some simple yet effective ideas, both of you will enjoy the celebration of love.

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How Do You Do a Virtual Valentine’s Day – Plan Everything in Advance and Have a Perfect Celebration of Love

If neither you nor your partner is thinking about moving for love, then a virtual date is the best option for now. Don’t waste time – plan everything in advance. You surely want everything to be perfect. So get a pen and paper and create a Valentine’s to-do list.

On this list, you can put all the crafts that are required for the surprise. For example, if you plan to have a virtual dinner date, have a checklist of the food and beverages you’ll need. The important thing in this whole preparation process is to avoid any stress. Remember, even if something goes wrong, it will still be perfect because you’re doing it with your significant other.

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Plan the whole surprise with a checklist of things you need to do

Organize a Video Dinner Date

Many couples don’t want to make a big deal out of this holiday – rather than expensive gifts, they prefer a dinner date night. So if you’re wondering What do I get my long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, you can still take them out for dinner, but in a virtual way. Choose your preferred app – Facetime, Zoom, Viber, or Whatsapp – and set a time when preparations will start.

Even though you can’t be together in person, you can spend some time on a video call, prepare your favorite meals, and enjoy a dinner night. Considering this, packing all those pots and pans and delicate items, such as glasses and mugs, wasn’t a mistake.

Spice the Date Night Up and Cook Their Favorite Dish

An even better idea for couples who are spending this special holiday apart, on a video call, is to make each other’s favorite dishes. That way, you’ll spice up the whole night, and it will be even more special. Ensure both of you have all the ingredients needed and plan when the video starts. Also, don’t forget a bottle of wine or another beverage you both enjoy.

A girl making dinner after a cross-country moving company successfully moved her to a new home overlay
Prepare their favorite meal for the dinner night

Send Your Loved One Surprises All Day Long

Knowing exactly what to get your significant other for this special occasion isn’t the easiest thing. So, if you’re wondering What can I do for Valentine’s Day long-distance, be open-minded and think of different ways to express your love. One of the options is to keep sending smaller gifts in the days leading up to Valentine’s (or on that specific date only).

Make This Holiday Special and Send Gifts Your Partner Likes

Some people want surprises during this festive period, and others don’t. So if you’re leaning more towards being a gift-giving couple, then you can use some of the following things as a gift for your loved one:

Pink envelope with chocolates and a pen overlay
Keep it simple if that is your tradition as a couple

Enroll in Craft Classes and Make Something Together

You always wanted to do something creative together, but never got a chance because of the distance? Well, one of the best long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day ideas for couples is precisely that –  do something creative together. In this case, it has to be virtually, but don’t think it’s impossible. Nowadays, there are so many online courses you can take.

For example, you can learn how to repurpose old furniture and, as a result, make an apartment feel like home instantly. Explore your options because it can be tough to decide whether you want to learn some creative storage ideas or how to improve your home.

Being Creative is One of the Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

Of course, there are other courses you can take and spend this holiday with a partner in a creative manner. You could sign in for some practical courses such as cooking. Many couples do it, and not just for the holiday. Decide what would suit you both most:

  • Cooking class – this could be a great thing to do so the next occasion you see each other, you can prepare some of the meals you’ve learned about.
  • Embroidery course – a great way to relax and create something on your own for each other. The final product could even be one of the gifts you send them.
  • Painting class – painting something and sending it to each other (assuming you learn how to pack paintings first) is another great gift.
  • Clay sculpting – not only is it fun, but at the end, you’ll get an interesting figurine or a bowl you can actually use. Check how to make homemade clay in the video below.

Surprise Your Partner With a Playlist of Favorite Songs

We all are excited when someone sends us a gift. When it comes to relationships between people who live apart, it can be confusing sometimes. Even if you realize that one of the greatest benefits of moving would be the chance to finally be physically together, the stars are simply not aligned that way right now. Or maybe it’s a fear of moving or even anxiety about moving that’s holding you back.

Either way, we’re sure you miss your significant other a lot, and when it gets tough, there’s no better cure than music. Every relationship has that one favorite song or album. So why not send it as a gift for this special occasion and help your loved one get through these challenging times. You can also send a video of a concert that they like or make a custom playlist of songs you think they would enjoy.

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If you can’t listen to favorite songs together in person, then do it online

Plan Your Next Long-Distance Valentine’s Day and Future Life Together

There’s nothing better for healthy relationships than talking about the future together. However, moving during Coronavirus might seem as an irrational thing to do. But no one says you have to do it right now. You can first think of a place where you’ll celebrate love next year. If questions such as moving in together feel too serious for the occasion, exploring the world could be this year’s topic – plan a trip together.

Explore Destinations That Will Be Interesting for Both of You

This is one of those topics that will have people talking for hours without getting bored. You have the whole world to explore, and what better way to spend time talking about which places you both want to visit? Check what you’ll need if visiting a warmer climate and, on the other hand, a cold climate. Once you decide on a destination, buy that ticket, book accommodation, pack your clothes, and enjoy spending a couple of weeks in each other’s arms.

There’s Nothing More Romantic Than Falling Asleep Together and Ending the Perfect Day

After hours of preparing and getting everything ready for this virtual special occasion, there’s nothing better than falling asleep together. It’s a romantic way to end this lovely holiday on a video call even though you couldn’t manage to see each other in person. Making this kind of effort and surprising the one you cherish will mean the world to both of you.

A woman in bed with a smartphone before long-distance movers near her move her belongings to another location overlay
Sleep together while on an online call

Spend This Special Holiday Together – Go to the Place Where Your Partner Is or Meet Halfway

Keeping a long-distance relationship alive is tough. And traveling isn’t the cheapest hobby. However, what would be better than spending this special holiday together? The first option is to go visit your significant other (it could even be a surprise visit). But, if you just don’t have enough money for that kind of trip, consider meeting halfway. It would be an excellent gift for both to see each other and spend some time side by side.

Spend those moments thinking and discussing your future together. Create a plan on how to save money to move and adequately prepare for movers. With reliable cross-country moving services, an efficient move and your dream coming true will be easily achievable. Especially if there are trustworthy services, like packing services and secure storage facilities that will ensure an effortless move. Also, with moving insurance and safe auto transport, the only thing left is to take a leap and start a new chapter in your life together.

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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