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Moving to a colder climate – Long Distance USA Movers

Moving to a colder climate

Moving to a colder climate

You have spent your whole life in warm weather. The winters you have experienced usually required a light jacket and long jeans. You have never experienced the feeling of snowflakes on your skin or waking up to a snow covered yard. However you find yourself moving to a place that has a cold climate. This will be a big change for you and it will take a long time to adjust to the cold winds and weather in general. Yes, you won’t have the option of wearing T-shirts and shorts all year round and you can say goodbye to sunny days through the majority of the year because you are moving to a colder climate. But winter is not that bad. There are lots of people who actually prefer winter over summer and would always choose having fun in the snow over getting a tan on the beach.


Long Distance USA Movers have come up with some tips that will actually help you accommodate to a colder weather after your long distance relocation.

What to consider

Whether you are moving from LA to Alaska or moving to a colder climate wherever, you shouldn’t be sad about the relocation. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the cold weather especially if you have never experienced it. You just have to be prepared. Now that you are moving to a colder cold climate, you have to think about all the details you never thought of living in a warmer climate country. Everything from your closet to your new home, and even your car are the things you need to adjust when it comes to moving from warm climate to cold one.

1: Staying warm

Since your long distance relocation requires that you are moving from warm climate, you don’t have any heavy weighing clothes in your closet which is understandable since you have never needed them. But now that you are moving to a country where temperature is not that high even during the day, you have to prepare yourself for long distance relocation and to spend some money on warm clothes. This means that wearing your sneakers will be possible only a couple times a year. Now that you are moving to a colder climate you have to look for winter jackets, boots and tons of sweaters. The more layers you put on yourself, the better. Especially when it comes to going outside, you can’t risk getting a cold. Another great tip for moving to a colder climate is always wearing a warm blanket with you if you are going to spend majority of the day outside.

2: Making sure your home is winter-proof

You are moving to a colder climate and you have to say goodbye to open doors and windows! In the places where degrees go below zero or generally are cold, you can’t leave windows and doors open in your home. That is why you have to make sure before your long distance relocation that you have found a home with good wall installation, windows that will close all the way and good heating. You can say goodbye to light sheets that you cover yourself with at night. Cover yourself with as much layers as you need to keep yourself warm. This means even multiple layers of blankets. If you have a car, it is also very important to prepare it for the winter as well. This means buying winter tires, antifreeze, shovel in case you get stuck in the snow and check the air conditioning in your car.

3: Acclimation

Each human body is particular for itself which you have to have in mind when moving to a colder climate from somewhere warm. For someone that has lived in the place with warm weather, heat is not something that presents a problem. This is because they are used to it. Same goes for people who live in the cold weather places. This means that your body will need adjusting to the new climate after the moving. That is why it would be a good thing to spend as much time as you possibly can outside. Yes, it sounds crazy, but your body will acclimate easier if you put it directly in the midst of cold climate, than if you sit in warm bed all day. Your body needs to get used to the cold air and develop resistance to the winter. You can always go for outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, skiing or even taking long walks.

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