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How to Perform Move-Out Cleaning and Leave the Place Spotless

Let’s be frank: most of us don’t enjoy cleaning. And when it comes to apartment move-out cleaning, the process is that much more dreaded since you already know you won’t be the one enjoying the final result of all that hard work. So, many people start wondering whether they have to do it, can they hire professionals, and the best way to perform the process. To get the answers to all these age-old questions and many more, just keep on reading.

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A move-out cleanse is often an obligatory one - but with our tips, you might just enjoy it too

Why Is House Move-Out Cleaning So Important?

Once you pack up all of your stuff and the cross country movers load them onto the truck, the emptiness of the space can get you thinking that you’re mostly done with the relocation. But although emptiness and cleanliness may look alike, they are not synonymous with each other.

Given that the landlords want to rent their place to new tenants as soon as the old ones move out, they expect the space not just to be emptied out but saved in a perfect condition. And you might (rightfully) ask – what does that have to do with me? Well, unfortunately, it does, and the main reason why is shaped in the exact amount of the security deposit you left your former landlord.

Do You Have to Clean a Rental When You Move Out of a Home?

In your lease agreement, it should be stated whether it is mandatory for you to leave the apartment spotless or not. Most often the terms will be stated in the form of ”leaving the place in the same condition you found it in”. This definition, however, makes it easier for landlords to take advantage of the former tenants and refuse to return them the deposit, which is why you should always take pictures as soon as you walk into a place you plan on living in. So, if you want to ensure you’ll get all (or at least most) of your security deposit back, you will probably have to go through the dreaded process known as deep cleansing of the space.

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Whether you like it or not, if you want your safety deposit back, you'll probably have to reach for the vacuumnse is often an obligatory one - but with our tips, you might just enjoy it too

Should You Pay for a Move Out House Cleaning Service, Or Clean the Place Yourself?

Hiring cross-country moving services isn’t the only professional assistance people decide to pay for prior to their move. Preparing your move actually requires making a few difficult decisions, one of them being whether it’s smart to spend money on professional help or box off every item of your checklist on your own. Both options have their pros and cons – on the one hand, you have an abundance of work, and on the other, you have spending money. Neither is ideal, but if you weigh out both sides properly, you’ll surely get to the right decision.

What Is Included in a Move Out Clean Service?

If you are considering paying professionals to help you sanitize the place, it’s only logical to wonder what exactly you’ll be taking the money out of your relocation budget for. However, we can’t give you an answer that will 100% work for each company since every firm will provide specific services. That being said, most of the time, these won’t differ much. Although you should definitely ask the company you plan on hiring what exact services they provide, you can expect the following to be among them:

  • Wiping and vacuuming of floors,
  • Wiping down of all surfaces such as tables, kitchen islands, and cabinets,
  • Deep cleanse of appliances,
  • Disinfection of the bathroom,
  • Wiping down of windows, doors, and other glass surfaces.
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How Much Does a Move Out Clean Typically Cost?

Depending on whether you live in a small apartment or a three-story home, the cost for professional service will differ. Be as it may, the average price for house cleaning after moving out amounts to about $360. An apartment cleaning will most often be less than that, amounting from $110 to $350. A house, however, will go for around $450 and up. So, ensure you deduct your relocation expenses before you actually contact a service provider and hire them to help out. Keep in mind that the company should provide you with a free quote before hiring them, so ask for one before making any final decisions.

Is Paying for a Service Actually Worth It?

So, when it all comes to a draw – is move-out cleaning worth it? Well, that, of course, depends on the case-by-case scenario. However, it is fair to say that an efficient move comes in the same package as relocation anxiety, so when your move to a different city begins, you’ll see that any help is welcome. And we know that from the perspective of a person who hasn’t yet moved, it may seem that relocation isn’t that much work, but believe us when we tell you that in a few weeks, you’ll probably be singing a different tune. So, weigh out the pros and cons, and of course, the amount of cash in your relocation expenses checklist to make your decision. But, if you can allocate the funds to pay for professional help, we recommend that you do.

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Put down on the paper all the costs

If You Decide to Take up the Work Yourself, Obtain All the Necessary Disinfecting and Cleansing Supplies on Time

If you decide to do the work yourself, make sure you don’t pack the vacuum right away since you’ll be needing it and some other supplies and equipment to get your space in order. So, leave the packing of liquids and sprays you’ll require for later, or obtain the following to perform a deep cleanse of the space:

  • A sponge and cloths,
  • A mop and a vacuum cleaner,
  • A multi-purpose spray,
  • An anti-grease spray,
  • Wet wipes for wood,
  • Rubber gloves,
  • Garbage bags.

Additionally, there are some homemade solutions you can make with readily available materials that work even better than store-bought supplies. For most of these potions, it will be enough to have some vinegar and baking soda by your side. With these ingredients, you will be able to create a solution that will make even the most stubborn stains go away.

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You would be surprised by how well homemade solutions work in comparison to store-bought ones.

It’s Always Best to Cleanse Using the Top to Bottom Approach

If you don’t want to be going back and forth, spending precious hours fixing up the same surfaces you’ve already cleaned, we propose using the top to bottom approach. Using this method is by far the most efficient way to clean any room or space. You will start with the top of the space – the ceilings, corners, and curtain rods.

After, you can continue wiping the walls and windows and then slowly work your way down to the floors. This is the surest way to not be tricked by gravity that lets the dust and dirt fall down. Once you’ve cleaned the floors, everything else will be so spotless there won’t be any need to go over it again.

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If you follow the golden rule that says to leave the floors for last, you'll be good to

Start Your Move Out House Cleaning by Disinfecting One Room at a Time

When you have to move your entire house inventory, it can become increasingly difficult to organize your move (including all of its integral parts) properly. The best way to avoid any relocation mistakes and refrain from forgetting important parts of the process is by adding logic to the way you clean out your rooms.

And that goes both for packing up your things and actually cleansing them from dirt and dust. The best relocation tip for both is to always deal with one room at a time, starting with the non-essential spaces. That means that you should start with the living space and work your way to the kitchen and bathroom as the most used rooms.

It’s Best to Start By Cleaning Your Living Room and Bedroom First

The spaces you should start with when performing a deep cleanse are the living space and your bedroom. The living space (contrary to its name) is one you can live without to a great extent. These are also the rooms that need the least amount of maintenance since you don’t eat, make food, or bathe in them.

So, as you start packing up your fragile items, books, candles, and the rest, you can also start wiping down the shelves and cabinets. As mentioned, take your homemade or store-bought solution and start with the shelves, curtain rods, windows, and then work your way down to vacuuming and wiping the floors.

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Put some music on, and turn even such a dreaded task into a fun activity

The Second Space in Line to Disinfect Should Be the Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that becomes dirty the quickest out of all the rooms. That is because every food preparation leaves residue stains, oil, and smells, even if they aren’t visible at first sight, and because of this, the kitchen will come in second. Oftentimes, cleansing strategies will follow packing strategies, and in the same way, packing dishes will be almost at the bottom of your packing checklist (because most people prepare food up to the relocation day), so will the cleaning of the room they reside in.

Don’t Forget to Sanitize Every Appliance That Isn’t Coming With You

Renting an apartment often means that a lot of appliances will stay in the home after you’ve moved out. And if you want your deposit back, it won’t be enough to just wipe down the insides of the cabinets with your solutions. You’ll have to get into the fridge and the oven too. To find out how to deal with stubborn stains and complex spaces such as these, check out the following video.

Leave the Bathroom for Last, Since You’ll Probably Be Using It ‘Till the Final Moment

Even more than any other room, you won’t be able to escape using the bathroom up to the moment you move. And given that this is the room with the most germs, it deserves a scrub or two. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should spend hours polishing every part of it, but that you should make sure that the tub, sink, and especially the toilet bowl are free from any bacteria. Don’t forget to disinfect the light switches, towel racks, and door handles since there are always some residue germs on them.

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It's really important to get rid of all bacteria in the bathroom

Hiring Long Distance Moving Services to Help Out With Relocation Will Allow You to Focus More on Tasks That’ll Get Your Deposit Back

An efficient move to a new state requires quite a bit of time and effort. And all of that hard work becomes that much easier when you decide to research and hire long-distance movers.

With a relocation service from a cross-country moving company, you’ll be able to check off multiple items of your relocation to-do checklist: such as packing and unpacking and even taking your things to a storage unit and dedicate yourself to other, easier tasks. So, prior to starting your cleansing journey, ensure you’ve prepared all the relocation fronts by hiring a long-distance moving company for any job you feel like you require assistance with.

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