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How to Save Money to Move – 5 Simple Ways

Want to know how to save money to move? Follow these simple steps, and learn what you can do to support your funds, and keep the budget under control from the start to the end of the relocation. Here are the essential tips of professional long-distance movers to help you track costs and spend less.

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The best way to keep your costs under control is to track them. Here is how to do it

Step #1: Always Keep the Cost Scheme Close to You

Calculating all the costs implies you’ll need to include multiple details. And it will be impossible to do it right away since many details will pop up unplanned. So having an ultimate relocating expenses checklist in an online form will be of great help. Creating it through Google Sheets or using some of the specialized apps like:

  • YouNeedBudget,
  • PocketGuardBudget,
  • GoodBudget, or
  • Mint Budgeting,

It can be a good option to have all the expenses at one glance. Also, this will help you not surpass the sum you planned to spend, so in many ways, you’ll be able to make decisions faster and in your favor. Another useful tip would be to increase the total estimated costs by at least 10% because there is always some extra expense you can not count on at the very beginning.

What to Include in the Moving Budget When Calculating the Outlays?

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it would be great to include as many details as possible in your budget so the calculations can be real ones. Here are some expenses you might not be expecting to come across your path, but that will definitely take some money out of your pocket:

  • Repairs of your old house – if you’re preparing your home for sale, it means you have to leave it in perfect condition for the new tenants, so don’t forget to include those expenses in your budget. Small or major repairs like fixing the driveway, foundation, roof, painting, or landscaping the garden are some details to take care of definitely.
  • Babysitting or pet sitting services – no matter if you’re relocating with kids or pets, you’ll need to organize their time somehow. So, if you can not count on your family or friends to help you out with the kids or pets, ensure to book the babysitter or pet sitter services in time and calculate it in your relocating budget.
  • Surcharges for additional services provided by relocation companies – for example, there may be a shuttle fee or a long-carry fee for the situations when the street is so narrow that the truck simply can not pass through it. It means that the movers will unload all the boxes and start carrying them. This surcharge can be expected in case there is no elevator in the building and they have to use stairs. Also, if the pieces are too large to be taken through the door, you can expect an extra charge too.
  • Insurance policies for your valuables – if you want to avoid any stressful situation when it comes to potential damages to your belongings, then buying an insurance policy is definitely a good choice.
  • Real estate agent’s assistance – if you want to find a house or an apartment in the quickest time, then having a real estate agent by your side is definitely the best option. However, it’s not for free, so again, don’t forget about this expense too!
  • Travel costs – the relocation company will organize the transportation of your stuff, but you’ll have to decide what means of transport you’ll use for yourself and your family members. If you choose to travel by car and drive all the way, then you should definitely calculate all the outlays related to tolls, gasoline, mechanic checks, and the accommodation if the new location is so far away that you have to sleep over along the route. If you decide to book a flight, then try to do it earlier because you could get a better price at this time. And of course, if you’re relocating with a pet, include the expense of its transportation too.
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Step #2: Reduce Number of Items on the Inventory List and Let the Packing List Contain Only the Things You’ll Use

You can not impact the mileage to pass, but you can definitely control the number of items on your inventory list. Since the total cost of relocation is based on the number of things to be moved, knowing how to do a home inventory will help to decrease the costs and save funds. Here are the essential steps on how to pack all your stuff!

Declutter the Household from All Items That Won’t Have Use-Value in Your New Home and Pack Only What You’ll Need

The average US household contains more than 300,000 items. Trying to pack and take all those things is possible, but the expenses of relocation will skyrocket. Minimizing the household and getting rid of all the things you won’t be using in your new home is of essential importance when trying to cut the inventory list. So, what is the most effective way to organize decluttering? 

The best way is to start going room by room, taking all the stuff from the closets and other storage areas, deciding what to pack and what to get rid of. Make sure to have four boxes ready and labeled with “donation,” “recycle,” “throw away,” and “pack,” and this way, you’ll be able to decide what to do with the specific thing easily. Also, when starting to declutter, another good piece of advice is to begin with the areas you use rarely. Those are likely to be basements or garages since we all tend to put too many things there due to the lack of space in the houses and not being ready to say goodbye to them.

So, what can you do with all the unwanted appliances and other stuff? The best solution is to donate unwanted items that still can be used and help someone, as well as helping yourself to decrease the costs. Explore local charities that accept the donations of old appliances, clothes, furniture, or any other things that cross your mind, and ask them if they would accept it. Another good way to support your relocation budget is to have a successful garage sale and sell some stuff to your local community. So, don’t forget to explore all the ways to inform more people about your sale and make some dollars!

Ask What Items Cross-Country Movers Won’t Accept on the Truck.

One of the simplest ways to quickly decide what to exclude from the packing list is learning what items are not allowed on the truck due to law restrictions. All the hazardous, flammable, and similar things, bottles under pressure, pets, plants, even nail polish, and acetone can not be transported on the truck, meaning you better decide what you will be doing with it.

Since there are different options for shipping live plants, like using FedEx or USPS services, you won’t be forced to give up on your lovely greenish friends and leave them to your family or friends.

When relocating with pets, it is crucial to find an airline that’s also a reliable pet-friendly carrier and book all needed services in time.

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Minimizing the household and sorting out the stuff is the best way to decrease the expenses

Step #3: Explore Other Affordable Moving Options to Ship Your Belongings

When searching for the cheapest way to move out of state, you should consider all the options for more affordable ways of shipping your stuff. The things that will definitely prolong the packaging list are books. If you have a lot of them, you’ll definitely want to know what is the most affordable way to ship them to your new home address. Believe it or not, you can easily do it using the USPS media mail service. You’ll need only $11.55 to ship a 20-pound box full of books! Plus, all the books will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Shipping some stuff with the USPS can be more affordable than relocating them using truck

Step #4: Acquire Free Packing Materials and Boxes

The average amount spent for buying brand new boxes is around $427 for the median household. Paying that much is not necessary if you consider using already used boxes and other cheap relocating supplies you can find for free in the local stores. You can even find free bubble wrap and packing paper for boxing up your breakables or pack dishes and other decorations, so consider what you can do about it.

And if you need a couple of more helpful tips and ideas on how to find alternative packaging materials and best-sized boxes for relocating, make sure to take a look deep dive into our website and find out some really amazing tips related to packing strategies for relocating.

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How to Save Money on Moving When Using the Services of a Cross-Country Moving Company

Long-distance moving is expensive to organize. Still, finding a reliable long-distance moving company to provide you with all types of long-distance moving services can tip the total cost of relocation in your favor since many companies give additional discounts when using combined services.

For example, if you use auto-transport services combined with other cross-country moving services, the shipping of your car can cost less. Plus, professional cross-country movers usually provide one-month free storage services for all their customers, meaning you won’t be required to pay more. Also, when booking the relocation, try to schedule only the packing services you need. Boxing up the household by yourself can tremendously decrease the expenses of relocating, so one of the best tips would be to try to pack as much as you can on your own.

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Using professional cross-country moving services can reduce the outlays of your relocation since there are many services you'll get for free

In the End – How Much Money Should You Save Up Before Moving?

Since every household is unique and has a different number of items, there is no universal answer to the question of how much money should I save to move out of state.  Another factor that affects the final outlay scheme is, of course, the distance, so all this combined can not provide us with exact information. Still, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of relocation is around $4,300. So, let’s say this would be a starting point of calculating all the costs if you move long-distance, and if you’re about to take a local move, then the outlays will be significantly lower.

But, instead of wondering how much money it would cost, try to find trustworthy movers located close to your address. Start your search on the internet by typing in “long-distance movers near me” and ask them for a home estimation and quote. This is the safest way to get some insight into how much you should save to organize your move perfectly.

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The amount of money to prepare before relocation depends on the household size and mileage to pass

Don’t Spend More Than Necessary – Saving Money to Move Is Possible With All These Tips and Tricks

Now you know all the tricks on what is the least expensive way to move, we are sure you won’t have many problems organizing cross-country moving in financial terms and move efficiently. Just keep all the records of every expense, set the budget limit, and don’t overcome the numbers you already know you can not spend, and everything will pass smoothly!

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