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How to Overcome Anxiety About Moving Out

Don’t underestimate the anxiety about moving out because it is not that uncommon thing. No matter if you’re relocating for the first time or you’ve become a pro at this, feeling sad and depressed can occur. The main thing is to know that it is completely normal – you just have to learn how to overcome it and proceed with your everyday life.

A worried woman on a box
Feeling anxious is what most people feel during the relocation process

Every relocation is challenging, and it will impact your life to a certain degree. The fear of relocation, depression, stress and all the negative relocation feelings will inevitably come over you if you decide to relocate after years of living in one place or if you never moved before. No matter if you are moving cross-country or just down the street, it is normal to feel fear of relocating. You’re probably asking yourself, is that the right choice, is this the right moment to move, especially if you’re relocating during the Coronavirus and other similar questions. We prepared some useful tips and advice to help you deal with your problems with relocating to a new environment, so keep reading.

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What Is Anxiety About Moving Out

A big move means a lot of mixed emotions, many tasks to do, and stress. On one side, there is a new chapter in your life and exciting adjusting to the new lifestyle. But, there’s also all the work that has to be done before and the feelings you’re experiencing. A natural consequence is  stress and, in some cases, depression. And you’re asking how do I cope with the anxiety of moving out.

Many causes can make you anxious during the relocation, like money, homesickness, time, and changes. Learning how to overcome and cope with them will help you reduce the blue feelings and make this whole process go more easily.

Is It Normal to Be Nervous About Moving Out?

Overthinking all the negative stuff that can happen during the relocation, since stress about leaving your house and starting a life from scratch is difficult to handle. It can cause nervousness and also fear of relocation. And having all of these feelings is natural. After all, we’re dealing with a lot of pressure, and many concerns come through our mind. For example, how will you make friends in a new city or, if you haven’t found work yet, you’re probably asking yourself how to get a job. It is a lot to deal with, and your mental state could be disturbed.

A woman sitting on the floor
Leaving home and embracing future adventures can cause nervousness

Fear of New Is Completely Normal

Relocation anxieties are more common than you think, and you’re probably asking yourself, “how do I cope with moving out for the first time.” Being scared of change and wondering what the next chapter of your life brings is completely normal. We all have fears of the unknown, especially if you’re relocating out of your house. Adjusting to a new city isn’t an easy thing to do. There will be many obstacles, and worrying about them before you even move is something we all do.

How Do I Mentally Prepare to Move Out?

Think about anything you can do to make it more comfortable, especially in the first few weeks or maybe a month. Is it your friends staying or some object that makes you feel safe? Or maybe some routines you had in your previous home or new ones you want to start? Are those some books or a blanket? It doesn’t really matter – just think it through and jot them all on one piece of paper, or you can make a table in Excel. It is crucial to have them near when you feel anxious.

Keeping a relocation to-do list will give you a task and some effort every day. It is important to be occupied and practically having very little free moments for thinking about leaving your home. So, figuring out how to donate stuff or where to dispose of unwanted appliances is a good start.

Dealing With Anxiety About Moving Out of My Parents House

If you’re in a position to do it, stay in your parents’ house whenever you need it. When you’re feeling it is all too much novelty for you, give yourself a break and don’t think about how much you’re paying for the apartment or house you recently moved in. There is no wrong and right way of doing things and how will you handle this kind of situation. The best way to cope with it is to give yourself time, deal with whatever you feel like right, and don’t pressure yourself.

And if you’re interested in someone else’s experience in this matter, check out the video below.

The Indicators You’re Having Anxiety About Moving Out for the First Time

The first thing you have to know is how to recognize you’re feeling anxious. Suppose you are changing your house for an amazing job opportunity, or you are relocating for love. Those represent a big change in your life and your feelings could mix up, especially if you are relocating during the holidays when everyone gathers together for family meals and doing all the fun things together.

Symptoms That Say You’re Having Anxiety About Moving Out of State

There are indicators that will show you’re feeling stressed and anxious. As soon as you notice some of them in your behavior, it is time to take one step back and relax. Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Sweating a lot,
  • Problems with breathing,
  • Unreasonable worries,
  • Insomnia,
  • Headache and stomachache,
  • Lack of focus and concentration.

Effective Methods for Relaxing

So, if you notice some of the symptoms from a paragraph above while you’re figuring out a budget for the move and what is the cheapest way to move, you have to stop with all the tasks and try to take a deep breath and relax. Here are some tips on how to do it on your own:

  • Healthy lifestyle,
  • Keep your daily routine,
  • Read self-help books and manuals.
A pile of books
You can find much helpful advice in the books and manuals

How to Overcome Anxiety About Moving Out From Your Home

If you are relocating alone, try staying in the AirBnB, especially if you tend to be anxious. It could be some kind of test of how you feel about sleeping alone, making dinner, and all the stuff you would normally do with your family and loved ones. To someone, those things would seem quite normal and easy, but for those with anxiety, it could be harder than you think. You can’t get the full picture, but this test with living on your own can help you realize whether relocation is something you actually should do. It could give you confidence that you can do it by yourself and look after yourself. You don’t have to do it for weeks, just a couple of days and nights to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

The crucial thing is that there is no moment when you should move out. No matter if you’re 18 or 40, if you feel like it is right to take another step and move out, then you should. Otherwise, you’ll make things worse. It is a really big step, and you shouldn’t rush into it because someone else thinks you should do it.

Another essential thing is not to forget yourself. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Take as much time as you need, and if you can, you should take a couple of days off work and take it slow.

A girl looking in her smartphone
Move when you feel it's the right moment for you

What Can You Do to Avoid Severe Anxiety About Moving Out

If you’re asking how much money you need for the move, the answer is to start saving in advance, having some extra money for emergencies, and saving as much as you possibly can. Build up an emergency fund because not having that extra money can only support building nervousness and tension. That way, you won’t have to worry about incomes during your adjustment to a new home. For example, what if your job isn’t working out? It is whole other stress to deal with, stacking up with the one you’re having about relocation. So, it won’t ease the worries at all.

As soon as possible, arrange for your accommodations and travel. Just get it out of the way, as you don’t want to stress about that while you’re in the middle of the relocation process. All those tasks you have to do will happen, you can’t avoid them. So, get them done in proper order, and you’ll feel a lot better and relieved when you see those tasks checked on your relocation list.

Leave Everything You’re Doing and Take a Deep Breath

Another very important thing to know is that unexpected things are going to happen. You need to be prepared for them and deal with them. For example, you don’t know how to pack a vacuum cleaner, or you may not have enough free moments to carefully pack your fragile items. These are scenarios where you need to ask for assist. Call your family or friends to give you a helping hand. Maybe someone moved recently and knows all the relocation hacks you’ve been missing. Remember that even the small tasks count, like taking out the trash before the move. This is one of the tasks you’ll probably put on your to-do list.

A man and woman sitting on the floor
People often tend to forget to rest and take one step back when everything becomes overwhelming

Don’t Hesitate to Ask For Help

Any depression can be a persistent disorder, and you have to be strong and focused in order to overcome it. Having professional help could be the first step in handling your health issue, but sometimes you can beat fear and sad feelings with your loved ones.

Many people tend to keep everything inside and bottled up, all these blue and negative feelings. However, it is essential to talk to somebody, be it family, friends, or a professional. They can reassure you that you made a good choice leaving your home, and you will be encouraged to proceed with your plan. If you’re not sure how to approach your loved ones, you can throw a packing party. Whether you’re planning to use packing services with all the boxes and packing supplies when hiring professional cross-country movers, your friends and family can help you with the most commonly forgotten items to pack. This would be an amazing day for you, and you won’t feel blue.

Girls and boys are smiling
A party could be an awesome way to overcome your fears

With Trustworthy Cross Country Moving Services, Transition Will Be Much Easier

It all begins with hiring a trustworthy long distance moving company that will take care of all the long-distance moving services, including basic moving insurance of your belongings and also a storage unit, where you can keep some of your stuff in the first few weeks after the move. And if you opt to transport your car as well, having professional long-distance movers is essential. This way, you’ll feel more relieved and many tasks on your checklist will be done without much stress or any at all.

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