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How to Pack Glasses for Moving in Quick and Safe Manner

When preparing for your big move day, there’s a lot of packaging going on. And some items require special attention and care, like artwork and glass. If you want to know how to pack glasses for moving, read our all-encompassing guide.

Delicates overlay
Glassware is gentle and delicate, and needs special attention to package

Whether you’re one of those people that love buying shoes or you’re a passionate collector of kitchen dishes and other delicate items, we all have glassware in our possession. When it comes to relocating preparations, how to pack glassware for moving is one of the burning questions that pops into your mind. Packing glasses may not seem to be an easy task, but the trick to packing glassware and transporting it safely to your new home is to be generous on cushioning and overall packaging supplies.

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The Trickiest Household Items to Pack

Many of us probably own at least one set of valuable delicates. They may mean a lot to us for their sentimental value, like that dish set you’ve inherited from your grandmother, or a delicate serving bowl that is made out of crystal that has been in the family for generations. Perhaps you own a set of champagne flutes that were a wedding present and you hold them very dearly. And maybe even some expensive china? Even if you only have plain fragile items like every day glasses and plates, it’s important to know how to package kitchen items that are breakable, when you’re planning to relocate.

No matter if it’s you relocating with kids or you’re helping a friend move, you need some useful advice on how to package breakables correctly, without the fear of relocating such delicate items. After all, any damaged items will have to be replaced, and those belongings you hold dear can never be replaced. If you want to avoid adding any glassware to your new apartment shopping list and want to relocate everything fragile from your old home to the new one without any damage, it’s essential to do the packing properly. Add a pinch of goodwill and two pinches of cautiousness, and you may start preparations on how to move your breakables.

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Most of us probably own those delicate wedding gifts

How to Pack Glasses for Moving – Wrap and Box to the Rescue

When preparing all the fragile and delicate items from your home, for example packing your china and other stuff, you want to be generous on any material needed for cushioning. Two important things about the type of supplies needed to secure all those pieces are choosing the best-sized moving boxes for glasses and the tape. You will need medium-sized cartons and packaging tape, instead of plain duct tape. Carton is better than plastic, and it’s the best way to package your delicates, and packaging tape is a must because of its thickness. Also, it would be great if you could get your hands on carton boxes with cells for breakables, such as wine glasses. So, the list of needed materials goes like this:

  • Medium-sized cartons, preferably tall,
  • Packaging paper, newspaper (if you’re using newspaper, remember to wash each item when unpacked, to remove any ink),
  • Packaging tape, sturdier than good old duct tape,
  • Tape dispenser or a tape gun,
  • Newsprint, old towels or bubble wrap, and packing peanuts,
  • Cell boxes, and dish barrels, if you can get your hands on those,
  • A marker.

If you want to save up a bit and you’re looking for cheap moving supplies, check out Craigslist where you can find your needed supplies for free. After your move, you can do the same with those supplies (offer them to someone else who’s relocating.) Or, if you are planning to move again in the near future, fold them properly and store them somewhere dry for later use. There are also several other places where you can find free supplies, like liquor stores, or bookstores. Local liquor stores are probably your best choice because there’s a high probability that you can find those specialized cell boxes there. Wondering how to choose your preferred supplies if the choice is between bubble wrap and packaging paper? Yes, you can use bubble wrap, but remember that it’s not cheap and it’s hard to recycle.

Secure a Box Before You Fill It

The first step to take is to secure the box from the bottom side. Using a dispenser or a tape gun should be fairly easy, after a little bit of practice. So, grab your tape gun and tape the middle seam of the box flaps and up the sides about one-third of the way. Freely repeat this step a few times, just to be sure. Then, draw the tape the other way, and make a cross sign. You wouldn’t want any nasty surprises happening when you pick up the carton full of stuff that can break.

Don’t Leave Free Space in the Moving Box

Padding the bottom of the carton is the next important step. Storing anything fragile and delicate in a carton without proper cushioning is one of those relocating mistakes you should try to avoid. Since your chosen long distance movers will stack boxes in the back of a truck or a van, it’s essential that you make the cushioning thick, for maximum shock-absorption. Add several layers of crumpled paper, to create a soft bed of at least four inches. If you want, you can use packing peanuts for this step. The padding of the bottoms should be done with all the cartons you’re going to use for packaging. You may even place an old towel instead at the bottom, to add some bonus security to your fragile package.

A cat in a box full of packaging peanuts overlay
The packaging peanuts may find some other uses, too

Layer Upon a Layer Is the Key

The best way to pack glasses is to use plenty of packaging paper. Prepare a flat surface by laying old towels or clothes, for secure cushioning. Place the paper in as many layers as you need on top, and then wrap each piece individually by placing it on the first layer of paper, tucking one end inside of the piece, and rolling it around, covering the whole item. Leave no surface uncovered. Repeat the process, at least once more, and if the piece is extremely delicate, like crystal mugs and other types of breakables, just add more layers. Don’t be shy on that packaging paper. After wrapping your little packages, try to feel the edge. If you can feel it under your fingers, do another layer.

Wine Glasses Need Special Attention

Learning how to pack wine glasses for moving is a bit trickier. One of the tips is that you should cover them with multiple layers of packaging paper, but also pay special attention to the foot, and especially the stem. The foot and the stem should be thoroughly covered with crumpled paper. The same process applies to champagne flutes. If you are packaging mugs, do the same as with a stem on a wine glass – protect the handle with several layers of crumpled paper around it. You may even use some bubble wrap for those handles. Remember to rotate mugs for even better protection, so the handles face the same way when you’re storing them into a carton.

How to Place Everything

We’ve come to the part where we will explain to you how to pack glasses for shipping. Keep in mind that you should put heavier pieces like glass mugs in the package first, and lighter items on top of them. If you’ve managed to find cell boxes, use one layer of those cardboard inserts, put them into the carton over that bottom padding, and place each item inside a cell.

If you’re storing your belongings inside a carton without inserts, try to place them all vertically, because that way they are more secure. After the first layer is securely set in the carton, the next step is to put another layer of cushioning over it. Then continue with another layer of breakables. Put more padding on the top of the carton, before closing it, in the same amount as you’ve placed at the bottom, about four inches. Then, try to close the carton and shake it a bit.

If you hear or feel any movement inside, open it up again, and just add more cushioning between the items. You can also fill up any gaps with a rolled-up newspaper or with bubble wrap, and that’s one of the best packing strategies for relocating if you want your delicates to arrive damage-free to their destination.

Delicate items and bubble wrap overlay
Stems are especially delicate

How to Pack Glassware on a Budget

If you really want to save up on money, as well as on space, pack everything with items you already possess at home. Use soft items, like kitchen towels, old clothes, and even your socks. Just use all of these items you would pack anyway, and cushion everything fragile properly. Putting glasses in socks is one of those relocating hacks that can save you both time and money. This will also help you save up on expenses and it’s perfect for relocating out for the first time budget.  If your choice in packaging supplies is to use household soft items, here’s a video to show you how to do this process swiftly and make the most of it.

The Important Step is to Label those Boxes Like a Pro

One of the most important things to remember and to do after you’ve stored the breakables securely into a carton and taped it closed, is to create labels for the packages, so the cross country movers can take extra care of them. It’s one of the common, but usually forgotten tips. Also, add “This way up” on the side of the package. A good piece of advice is to add the name of the room that the package goes into, so the professional movers will know where to unload your breakables.

A girl labeling a carton with a marker overlay
Don’t forget to label your boxes with fragile items

Packing DIY or Hiring Professionals?

If you’ve gone through packaging dishes, glassware, and other delicates correctly, there’s no need to have your first drink in your new home out of a plastic cup. After the movers have provided long-distance moving services, unloaded everything, and left, grab those valuable champagne flutes and give yourself a moment to celebrate a task well done. You’ve earned it.

If you’re still not feeling confident about doing this whole process by yourself or your family members, you can always ask your professional long-distance moving company for any packing services they may have to offer. Just remember to add this to your relocation expenses checklist. It may cost a bit more, but it will relieve you of any anxiety about moving to another state that you may feel. After all, hiring professionals can cost more, but it will definitely save you time and energy to concentrate on everything else that needs to be done.

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