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Best Cities for Millennials in the US – Where Gen Y Seeks Its Fortunes

Long gone are the days when the best cities for millennials to live in were only metropolitan areas. Today, there are more affordable places with good housing and job opportunities. Have a look at our list of the best US cities for millennials and why people are choosing to move there.

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Looking for the perfect town to settle in isn't as easy as it seems.

We know all too well the sorrows of an average millennial. Incredibly competitive industries are those that hire the most workers. Rents are expensive and not reflective of the housing quality, but it’s easier to live near work because of increasing gas prices, and public transport takes forever. We hope the questions for our potential roommates aren’t intrusive, but we also need answers about our first apartments since we’re trying to save up.

How Do Gen Y-ers Choose a New City to Live In?

Fortunately for young (and not so young anymore) adults, things are changing. Gen Y is taking over and choosing better living conditions for themselves. So, what cities are millennials moving to? The criteria for any place are to have jobs, affordable housing, an indoor-outdoor life balance, and enough entertainment.

Gen Y-ers are still looking for the cheapest ways to move out and know that sometimes they’ll have to sacrifice a wish or two to find an optimal place for themselves. They choose security because they understand how it is to not always have it. However, as more and more Gen Y-ers take over the job market, there’s less anxiety about relocating.

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How to Move to a New City If You’re Afraid of Relocating

Some young adults still haven’t figured out where or how to move. Maybe they have a fear of relocating and leaving everything they know behind so they can dip their toes in the unknown.

Everyone who wishes to move should remember that the right moment may not ever come. It will be created the very second you decide it’s time for a change. Waiting to be ready may take forever, so if a change is important to you, throw that packing party, say goodbye to the old, and welcome the new.

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It's normal to be nervous about relocating, but sometimes that's a great choice

On the Top of the Best Cities for Millennials List – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is number one on many lists of the best places for millennials to live. The percentage of Gen Y-ers that have moved to Denver in the last couple of years has heavily outweighed the existing percent of baby boomers.

Denver seems to balance several things Gen Y-ers look for in a town. It’s an excellent place to be an entrepreneur or start a start-up, even if you don’t have the experience. The mentors and the industry seem to be very open-minded about accepting people with various skills.

What Young Adults Like About Denver

Many folks between the ages of 25 and 34 moved to Denver in the last few years and listed the ability to easily get an apartment and jobs there as reasons. Those who want to plan out a budget for relocating for the first time see Denver as the place with the greatest return on investment.

For a while, it’s been thought that the millennial generation is relocating to Denver because of legal marijuana. This isn’t completely true, though. Denver offers fun things to do on days off, like hiking in the Rocky Mountains if you’re into the green lifestyle it boasts or taking a walk through the most popular breweries, eateries, and botanical gardens in town.

Denver statistics:

  • Population: 705,576,
  • Median home prices: $390,000 (50% are owners)
  • Median rent: $1,300 (50% are renters)
  • Most popular neighborhoods: Wellshire, North Park Hill, and Congress Park.
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Where should I live as a millennial? Try relocating to Denver, Colorado, for a diverse experience and many outdoor activities.

Seattle, Washington Is a Tech Industry Mecca

Seattle, Washington, is one of the cities millennials are moving to for a job. It’s consistently been ranked as one of the top ten places to work in the US, especially if you’re interested in tech. Aside from an ever-increasing job market, Seattle is also one of the fastest-growing towns in the country.

The home of Starbucks and 250 beer breweries, Seattle is an easy place to make new friends, discover the charms of local shops, and meet neighbors. If you’re scared of relocating to a cold climate, fear not. The place is notorious for rainfall, but it actually only rains for about three months per year (not continuously, of course). Additionally, many locals love the summers in Seattle and fall in love with the place during this period.

Seattle is the perfect place to do outdoor activities. You can feel free to relocate with pets since it’s very pet-friendly and go carless since it’s also very bike-friendly. Seattle was ranked as the most incredible place for leading an outdoor lifestyle.

Seattle statistics:

  • Population: 724,305
  • Median home prices: $660,000 (46% are owners)
  • Median rent: $1,600 (54% are renters)
  • Most popular neighborhoods: South Lake Union, Lower Queen Anne, and Madrona.
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Seattle quickly replaces San Francisco as the mecca for tech entrepreneurs who like to lead an outdoorsy life.

Austin, Texas Offers a Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment

Austin, Texas, is one of the top cities for millennials because there never seems to be a dull moment. If you plan to relocate for the love of barbecue, tacos, music, and warm weather all year round, look no further than Austin.

According to Forbes magazine, the projected job growth in Austin is incomparable to any other place in the country, with some even calling it Silicone Hills as a counterpart to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. If you wish to get an apartment in Texas’s most vibrant town, you can expect a rent price as close to the national average as a city this big could have.

Besides a growing job market, one of the largest festivals that celebrates media, music, and film called South by Southwest (SXSW) is held annually in Austin. The list of artists discovered at SXSW is long, but some of the most famous ones are The White Stripes, Kid Cudi, Katy Perry, and Bon Iver. If you’re a striving artist wishing to make it big, Austin could be a good springboard for a music or film career.

Austin statistics:

  • Population: 950,807
  • Median home prices: $337,000 (45% are owners)
  • Median rent: $1,280 (55% are renters)
  • Most popular neighborhoods: Downtown, Old West Austin, and Hyde Park.

The video below shows two young adults touring Austin, trying its most famous foods and drinks, and discussing SXSW.

Austin Texas overlay
Austin is a great place to call home

You Can Get the Metropolitan Feel Without the Steep Rents in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, could be the answer to the question of what city has the most millennials. It has the highest population of all the places on this list, and it’s considered a metropolitan city. However, even by those standards, Chicago stands as one of the most affordable metropolises in the US.

You may notice that every place Gen Y-ers love has a mix of outdoor areas and craft bars and restaurants. This generation of people doesn’t want just to work; they like to play, too. So, where better to play and enjoy restaurants, parks, and clubs than the biggest place in Illinois.

The one thing we mentioned about Chicago that may be the most appealing is that you can get a lot out of relocating from a small town to a big city like this one. Of course, your wallet and bank account will feel the renting and entertainment prices. Still, if you’re relocating from another metropolitan area, you’ll be having a delightful time. Chicago can give you metropolitan vibes without ripping you off.

Chicago statistics:

  • Population: 2,709,534
  • Median house prices: $258,000 (45% are owners)
  • Median rents: $1,112 (55% are renters)
  • Most popular neighborhoods: West Loop, Printers Row, and River North.
A view of buildings in Chicago, Illinois, after moving there with the help of long-distance moving services overlay
Where is the best place to live in your 20s? Chicago is a metropolis that offers lower prices than other similar cities.

Cape Coral, Florida, Is the Tax-Free Haven for Gen Y

Cape Coral, Florida, may be a surprising point on the list of places where Gen Y-ers are relocating to. While many of the smaller towns in Florida seem more suitable for retirement, someone that’s generation Y can still see lots of benefits from relocating to a small town.

What’s wrong with slowing down a bit in life? Maybe taking up some golf or getting a house with cheap rent on one strip of Cape Coral’s 400 miles of canals? It’s very easy to work there remotely and even start your own business. The real estate investment industry is quite strong since opportunities keep growing.

It’ll Be Easy to Look for Jobs In This Unexpected Location

Of course, the most significant benefit of relocating to Cape Coral is the fact you’re relocating to a warmer state, but did you know that this place doesn’t have an income tax? This is excellent news for anyone looking to be a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner. This could be one of the best places for millennials to work and give you a fighting chance to save money to move out.

Cape Coral statistics:

  • Population: 200,972
  • Median house prices: $229,000 (75% are owners)
  • Median rents: $1,244 (25% are renters).
A view of Cape Coral after relocating there with the help of long-distance movers near me overlay
Cape Coral will give you a feeling of always being on vacation despite being a resident

Raleigh, North Carolina – an Unlikely Spot for a Millennial to Put Down Roots

Raleigh, North Carolina, is among the most affordable cities for millennials, which may or may not come as a surprise. Overall, Raleigh has registered the fastest population growth of people aged 25 to 39. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to reduce their commute and costs of living without losing the feeling of being in a capital.

Gen Y-ers could put down roots in Raleigh since it’s very family-friendly. Many who moved here cited the possibility of having more space to grow as business owners and families. If you’re from a small place, adjusting to a town like Raleigh won’t be too difficult. However, even relocating here from a heavily populated area won’t make you feel nostalgic, as there are many parts of town where you can fine dine and get all kinds of entertainment.

Raleigh statistics:

  • Population: 474,069
  • Median house prices: $248,000 (52% are owners)
  • Median rents: $1,121 (48% are renters)
  • Most popular neighborhoods: Oakwood, Cameron Village, Downtown.
A view of Raleigh, NC, after relocating there with the help of cross-country movers overlay
Raleigh is the most family-friendly town on the list for all those who wish to expand and grow.

When You Pick the City of Your Dreams, Move There With a Long-Distance Moving Company

Wherever you decide to move, it’d be wise to create an ultimate checklist for relocating out of state. A cross-country moving company could help you achieve your goals and start again somewhere completely different. Adjusting to another town will be easier with cross-country moving services because you’ll have enough time to think about ways to fit in and start exploring.

Movers can provide professional packing services and insurance for your valuables. If you feel like it’ll be challenging to go carless until you get used to living in a different place, then let the movers ship your car across the country, too. Every problem has a solution, but for now, what matters most is to prepare for living in a different place—a place where you’ll finally feel more comfortable with your money, time, and lifestyle.

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