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How to Tip Movers and Show Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Relocation from one home to another is a challenging and stressful process. It takes time and nerves to organize everything, and that’s why having professional help is something to consider. However, the important part of the move is also knowing how to tip movers for helping you with their reliable services (whether it is a storage facility or efficient packing) and providing you with the best experience.

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Professional assistance should be rewarded

Once you decide to move, keep in mind that figuring out how to move won’t be the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re relocating for the first time. That’s why having professional long-distance moving services is definitely something you should consider. Yes, the DIY option could be cheaper (the average cross-country move costs around $4,000) but this means you won’t have a reliable car shipping team and no assistance in the form of a packing service. Not to mention storage facilities, which won’t be available at discounted prices (or even for free!), and no moving insurance. Now, all those benefits deserve a reward, right?

Is It Necessary to Tip a Relocation Team?

Relocation belongs to the service industry because its purpose is to make your life easier. Even though there’s no mandatory gratuity per se, you should still consider it if the professionals provided you with a stress-free move to a new state. It is always a good practice to show how satisfied you are with the service in cash, right?

Now, we all know that having a drink in a cafe isn’t the same as leaving your precious belongings to a team of unknown people. It’s no wonder you’re feeling anxious about the relocation to another state or are even fearing the move. There are many things that are at stake – your family heirlooms, treasured belongings, and your wellbeing.

Are you having second thoughts about hiring someone because one of your friends has had a bad experience? There are about 7,000 relocation companies in the US, and unfortunately, not all of them have good work policies. Some companies don’t respect their job and do the work poorly. On the other hand, others do everything to make a move efficient and improve the reputation of the industry. How can you not reward that effort and dedication?

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Although it’s not mandatory, gratuity is customary in the relocation industry

What Factors to Consider When Tipping the Movers

When it comes to things we don’t have to do but should, it’s good to stick to common sense. The more effort the relocation crew puts into each service, the bigger the gratuity. For example, if you want some bulky items to be moved, like a refrigerator or a piano, that’s surely something you couldn’t do on your own.
Deciding whether tipping the crew is a good idea and if you should do it can be tough. So consider some of these things:

  • Punctuality,
  • Efficiency,
  • High-quality equipment,
  • Respectful and honest behavior,
  • Covid-19 protective equipment,
  • Overall satisfaction.
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Think About Both the Good and the Bad When Relocating to a New Home

People forget many things when relocating. And to be honest, it is quite normal since there are many things on the moving to-do list that need to be done before the big day. That’s why you should consider all sides, both good and bad, when hiring a relocation company and deciding whether you should tip a mover.

On the one hand, the relocation will probably be much more expensive, but the experienced team will make the move hassle-free. Also, there are some hacks on how to save money for the move – ensure you know how to declutter and donate the unwanted items to a charity such as Goodwill, or even sell them for some extra cash.

Also, if you don’t have the luxury of another relocation mistake, whether you’re moving at the last minute or you’re out of patience, leave the job to the professionals.

Professional Cross-Country Movers Deserve a Tip for Ensuring a Stress-Free Move

There are some things you can’t control. Other things just require more attention and care. For example, let’s say you’re relocating with elderly parents. In that case, you surely don’t want to risk their safety and health, as well. You can use all the relocation hacks you can find, but sometimes, help from a professional mover is more than required. But even if you just want a stress-free move to a new home, without panic on the moving day, consider what to tip movers.

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Express appreciation to a mover for making your move stress-free

Plan the Relocation Budget and How Much to Set Aside for the Gratuity for the Relocation Services

Planning the finances for a relocation to a new home isn’t the easiest thing to do. Think about all the services that might be necessary, like storage for some of your belongings or maybe additional help with the wrapping up process.

The best way to stay organized is to make a relocation expenses checklist and start saving some money for the relocation company and each service you need. However, give yourself time for this task and include one part of your budget for tipping movers, as well. You surely don’t want to find yourself at the end of the move with any unexpected expenses.

What to Tip Movers or How Much Money People Usually Spend on Gratuity When Moving Long-Distance?

No matter how hard and tricky this job may sound, calculating tips for relocation crew is not rocket science. The standard tipping formula is 20%, but when it comes to long-distance moves, that can mean spending a fortune just for showing appreciation. That being said, you can use a more frugal formula – $4-5 for each mover per hour of work. For example, if two movers took three hours to pack up your household, each would receive $12-15.

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Plan the relocation budget wisely and how much you’ll leave for the relocation crew’s tips

When Should You Give Tips When Moving Across the Country

One of the questions people often don’t think about is when the right time to tip movers is. It is completely understandable since the relocation day can be quite chaotic, especially if you’re moving alone.

Should you wait until the end of the relocation or stop the crew in the middle of their job? Or split tips and give one part at the beginning and the rest when the job is over? Questions like these could go on forever, and there’s a quite simple answer – show your gratitude after the services. It is an unspoken rule, and that way, you can actually estimate how satisfied you are. However, keep in mind that when it comes to long-distance moves, there are two different teams:

  • One that packs and loads your belongings into the truck,
  • The second one that transports and unloads your stuff.

Both of them should get tips, so plan your budget wisely. Both teams should have their rewards for the job well done.

Avoid Any Inconvenience and Know Beforehand Who Should Get the Tips

People forget many things when relocating, but tipping relocation companies if you’re satisfied with each service they provide shouldn’t be omitted. So, once you know the right time to do it, you should also learn who should be tipped.

Each professional relocation company has a person in charge of the entire group and the lead mover. This eases the whole process; however, there are some other things to consider:

  • You can’t know for sure whether the leader will distribute the money to everyone fairly,
  • It will mean more if you make that extra effort and show appreciation individually,
  • Some of the group may be left without their reward.
Two hands holding a 10 dollar bill for cross-country moving company tips overlay
Avoid any inconvenience on the relocation day

When Tipping Movers, Check Diverse Payment Methods to Express Thanks

Many larger companies will offer to include the tipping part in the final bill. However, smaller ones probably won’t. So after you think about the moving expenses and set a relocation budget, you should decide how to carry out the payment. There are other methods that you could use. Especially nowadays, when you’re relocating during Coronavirus and no-contact is more than important:

  • A check – ensure one of the companies you choose has this kind of payment possibility first.
  • A credit card – paying with plastic nowadays has become the norm. And with a credit card, it is the easiest way to do it.
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Explore cashless methods of rewarding the relocation crew

Is the Money the Only Method – Explore Different Ways to Show Gratitude When Organizing a Long-Distance Moving

Once all the benefits of moving have convinced you it is the right decision, it’s time to start organizing the move. This is the part when you should think about every little detail, not just ensure all the relocation essentials and book the storage facility, but also be a great host. So when the moving team comes to your house, ensure they feel comfortable getting around your place. This means you should do some of the following things:

  • Ensure there’s enough sanitizer, soap, and clean towels,
  • Be friendly and hospitable,
  • Offer some beverages,
  • If needed, prepare some snacks or a meal,
  • Don’t offer any alcohol.

With these unnecessary – but important – steps, you’ll ensure that the whole move goes more smoothly. Also, sometimes this kind of gesture means more than a monetary reward. Even if it will just cheer somebody up, it is worth doing it, right?

Make Sure You Leave a Review for the Long-Distance Moving Company

An efficient move isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. However, as long as you check if the moving company is legitimate, everything else should go smoothly. So when everything is done, and you settle into the new house, don’t forget to leave a review on the relocation crew’s website. It will mean very much for future customers to read a former customer’s positive comment.

Skipping This Part Is Okay When Dealing With an Unprofessional Cross-Country Moving Team

Dealing with relocation scams is a challenging process. But even legitimate companies that don’t screen and train their employees can be a hassle to work with. When the relocation crew is late or careless packing your belongings, know that not giving tips is entirely OK. Luckily, there are many things you can do to prevent that. In the video below, see all the red flags that indicate relocation scammers.

Knowing How to Tip Movers is Your Ticket to a Stress-Free Move

When all is said and done, both sides should be satisfied – you as a customer and the crew as providers of services. Don’t neglect all the possibilities you’ll get when hiring professionals such as LOng Distance USA Movers- a storage facility, packing services, and many others. In a situation when you have to do everything on your own, a helping hand will be more than welcome.


Should I Tip Movers and How Much Should I Tip Them?

Tipping movers is a common practice and can be a way to show appreciation for their hard work and professionalism. While there is no hard and fast rule for how much to tip movers, a common guideline is to provide around $20 per person for a half-day job or up to $40 per person for a full day. For larger moves or long-distance moves, some people may choose to tip more. Ultimately, the decision to tip and how much to tip should reflect your satisfaction with the level of cross-country moving service provided.

What Are Some Factors That Affect How Much to Tip Movers?

Several factors can affect how much to tip movers, including the difficulty of the move, the level of care taken with your belongings, and the professionalism and friendliness of the crew. If the move involves stairs or elevators, for example, it may be appropriate to tip more for the additional effort required. Additionally, if the movers go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of your belongings, providing a higher tip amount can be a way to show your appreciation. Other factors to consider may include the size of the crew, the distance of the move, and the overall cost of the move.

How Do I Calculate the Tip for Movers Based on the Size of the Move?

When calculating the tip for movers based on the size of the move, it’s helpful to consider the number of crew members involved and the duration of the move. For a small move with two or three crew members that take a few hours, a tip of around $20 per person may be appropriate. For a larger move with four or more crew members or a move that takes several days, some people opt to tip between $40 and $60 per mover. However, it’s important to remember that tipping is optional, and should never be expected or required.

How Do I Determine the Quality of Service Provided by Movers Before Tipping Them?

First, consider the level of care taken with your belongings, including the packing and handling of fragile items. Did the crew take the time to wrap and protect your belongings adequately? Were they careful not to damage walls, floors, or doorways during the move? Second, consider the level of professionalism and communication from the crew. Were they friendly and responsive to your questions and concerns? Did they arrive on time and complete the move within the estimated timeframe? Finally, consider the overall level of effort and energy put forth by the crew. Were they efficient and focused throughout the move, or did they seem to drag their feet or take frequent breaks?

What Are Some Alternative Ways to Show Appreciation for Movers Besides Cash Tips?

While cash tips are a common way to show appreciation for movers, there are alternative ways to express your gratitude for a job well done. Providing snacks or beverages throughout the day can be a thoughtful way to keep the crew energized and hydrated during the move. Writing a positive review or referral for the company can also be helpful. Additionally, expressing your thanks with a verbal acknowledgment or handwritten note can go a long way in making the crew feel appreciated.

When Is the Best Time to Tip Movers During the Move?

The best time to tip movers during the move is at the end of the job. This allows you to evaluate the overall level of service provided by the crew, and to determine an appropriate tip amount based on your satisfaction with the job.  However, if you know you’ll be working with two different teams, ensure that each of them gets their tips once their part of the job is finished.

Should I Tip Each Mover Individually or Give a Lump Sum to the Team Leader?

It’s generally best to give cash to the team leader or a representative from the company and ask them to distribute it evenly among the team, but only if that person is a reliable one. By providing the whole sum to the team leader, you can ensure that the tip is distributed fairly and evenly among all long-distance movers. Still, if you were particularly impressed with the work of an individual mover, consider providing positive feedback or a separate note of appreciation in addition to the tip.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tipping Movers?

One mistake is assuming a bonus is included in the cost of the move – it’s most likely not the case. Also, don’t make a mistake by assuming tipping is mandatory. It’s important to remember that a tip should reflect your satisfaction with the service provided, and should not be given out of guilt. Finally, if working with more than one team implies providing separate tips, so don’t make the mistake of tipping only one team.

How Do I Communicate With the Movers About the Tip?

At the end of the move, approach the crew leader or a representative from the company and express your satisfaction with the level of service provided. If you plan to provide a cash tip, make sure to have the appropriate amount ready in an envelope or other designated container. You can then hand the envelope to the crew leader or representative and ask them to distribute it evenly among the team or decide to tip each mover individually. If you have any questions or concerns about the tipping process, don’t hesitate to ask the crew leader for clarification.

What Are the Best Ways to Prepare for Tipping Movers?

Before the move, budget an amount for the tip based on the size of the crew, the difficulty of the move, and your overall satisfaction with the service provided. Make sure to have bonuses ready on the day of the move and have an envelope or other designated container to hold the tip, along with a note expressing your appreciation for the crew’s hard work.

Should I Tip More if the Movers Have to Navigate Stairs or Elevators During the Move?

If the movers have to navigate stairs or elevators during the move, it’s a good idea to consider tipping more. Relocating heavy or bulky items up and down stairs or through elevators can be physically demanding and time-consuming, so providing a little extra compensation can show your appreciation for their hard work.

How Can I Show My Appreciation for Movers Who Go Above and Beyond During the Move?

If your movers go above and beyond during the move, there are several ways to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. One way is to provide a larger cash tip to reflect their exceptional effort and attention to detail. Another way is to write a positive review or referral for the long-distance moving services provided, highlighting the outstanding performance of the crew. Providing snacks or beverages throughout the day can also be a thoughtful way to show the team you appreciate their effort.

Is It Appropriate to Tip Movers With Food or Beverages Instead of Cash?

While it’s always appreciated to provide food or beverages to the movers during the move, it’s not typically seen as a replacement for a cash tip. Most movers expect to receive a cash tip as a customary practice. However, providing snacks or drinks can be a thoughtful gesture if you don’t have enough funds to provide bonuses.

Should I Tip Differently for Local and Long-Distance Moves?

When it comes to tipping movers for local and long-distance moves, there is no hard and fast rule on whether the tip amount should differ. However, some people may choose to provide a higher tip amount for a long-distance move, as it typically involves more time and effort for the team. Additionally, if the move involves a cross-country, it may be appropriate to provide a higher tip amount to reflect the additional challenges involved.

What Are Some Cultural Norms Around Tipping Movers in Different Regions?

Tipping customs can vary by region and culture, so it’s helpful to research local norms before tipping movers. In the United States, for example, it’s common to provide a cash tip of around $20, $40, or even $60 per person. However, some people may choose to provide a percentage of the total cost of the move, such as 5-10%. In other countries, such as Japan or South Korea, tipping is not typically expected or required, as it may be seen as insulting or unnecessary. It’s important to research the cultural norms in your specific region and to follow the customs accordingly.

How Can I Avoid Feeling Pressured to Tip More Than I Can Afford?

It’s important to remember that tipping is always optional, and should reflect your satisfaction with cross-country moving services. If you’re feeling pressured to tip more than you can afford, there are several strategies you can use to alleviate this stress. First, set a budget for the tip amount before the move and stick to this budget, even if you feel pressured to provide a higher tip amount. Second, communicate your financial constraints to the crew leader and let them know that you’re unable to provide a larger tip. Finally, if you’re unable to provide a cash tip, consider other forms of appreciation, such as snacks, beverages, or a positive review expressing your gratitude.

What Should I Do if I’m Not Satisfied With the Service Provided by the Movers?

If you’re not satisfied with the service provided by the movers, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. Start by communicating your concerns to the crew leader and explain specifically what issues you experienced during the move. If possible, provide evidence, such as photos or documentation, to support your claims. The company may offer to provide a refund or discount to address your concerns, or they may work with you to find a resolution that meets your needs. If you’re unable to come to a satisfactory agreement with the long-distance movers, you may need to escalate the issue to a higher authority or seek legal advice.

How Do I Avoid Feeling Guilty About Not Tipping the Movers?

If you’re unable to provide a cash tip or choose not to do so for personal or financial reasons, it’s important to avoid feeling guilty about this decision. Instead, focus on showing your appreciation in other ways, such as providing snacks or beverages during the move, writing a positive review or referral for the company, or expressing your thanks with verbal acknowledgment. Remember that a tip is just one way to show your appreciation.

What Are the Benefits of Tipping Movers and Showing Appreciation for Their Hard Work?

First, it can help to build a positive and respectful relationship with the crew, making the process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Second, it can improve the quality of service provided by the crew, as they are more likely to go above and beyond for clients who show their appreciation. Finally, it can help to create a positive and memorable relocation experience, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the crew.


How Can I Choose a Reputable Moving Company With Trustworthy and Skilled Movers Who Deserve a Good Tip?

Start by researching companies in your area, and read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of their reputation and level of service. Look for companies that are licensed and insured, and that have experience with the specific type of move you require. Additionally, ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have recently moved, or from trusted professionals such as real estate agents. Finally, when speaking with the company, ask about their hiring and training process for movers, and inquire about any certifications or awards they may have received for their quality of service.

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