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How to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home After Moving In

No matter if you’re renting or just bought a property, we bet creating a cozy, inviting, and homey atmosphere in your new space will be your priority. Thanks to Pinterest and numerous interior design ideas on how to make an apartment feel like home, finding the suitable style and smart ways to equip a flat has never been easier.

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Making the place more your own will help you adjust more easily, and there are numerous simple ways to do it

Still, knowing what to look for among millions of posts on the internet (and among a bunch of saved posts on your social media profiles) is a smart idea if you want to get the most out of it. Defining the style and colors, specifying the first apartment essentials, and creating a new apartment shopping list are some of the first things to put on your moving to-do list. Also, those details should be planned in advance, meaning before the long-distance movers relocate you to the new address.

So How to Make an Apartment Feel Like a Home?

Moving to a new home means not only changing the location where you live but also a whole lifestyle. For that reason, learning how to make an apartment homey is of essential importance to help you more easily adjust to different living conditions and environments.

Although you might wish to get rid of as many things as possible in order to reduce the costs and save money to move, there are still many personal details you’ll want to keep when moving. Those details are essential because they’ll give a special, personal character to your new flat. Here are some details you shouldn’t exclude from your moving out for the first time list.

Good to know: While searching for your next place to live, follow one of the best house hunting tips – always ask the landlord if they would let you change things. If they don’t agree, think about whether you’d be able to adjust to things you don’t love or don’t suit you.

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How Do I Make My Apartment Cozy? Details Are the Secret Spice of Every Interior Design

Details are the most vital elements of any room. They represent your personal and aesthetic style, memories, what you love, and what is important to you. Details also have a great impact on creating a cozy and inviting space. Even if the flat you plan to rent is semi-furnished, you can still adjust it to your vision.

Some small changes, such as putting colorful cushions or blankets on the sofa, buying vintage, second-hand carpets with some interesting motifs, installing mirrors on walls, or placing your favorite family photos on shelves, can significantly impact the final look. A personal touch is always welcome!

If you’re still wondering how to make your apartment feel like home, incorporating some decorations like souvenirs, figurines, or paintings is the best way to attain this effect. So, when you’re preparing for a relocation, aside from exploring how to pack fragile items, don’t forget to ask your cross-country movers to provide you with packing services to be sure your favorite items will be delivered whole. Professional cross-country moving services encompass all the assistance you need with delicate items, including moving a grandfather clock, instruments, or packing paintings. Whether you want to move a sculpture, pack a guitar for shipping, or even pack china, a long-distance moving company will offer you a solution.

Repaint and Decorate the Walls to Perfectly Match Your Style and Favorite Colors

While you’re in the middle of the relocation hassle, one of the things you may forget to do when you move is to repaint the walls and adjust them to your personal style. Painting one wall an unexpected, vivid color, using colorful wallpaper, or creating a photo gallery are only a few of endless simple ways to decorate the wall.

Also, choosing the colors of the walls to match the atmosphere of the room is another essential thing. Pastel or earthy tones – beige, rose, and mint are perfect for bedrooms. Emphasizing the wall behind the bed is the best way to achieve that magazine-like effect. More vivid shades are easy to incorporate into the living room, so picking bright colors such as yellow or orange is always good to spice up the energy. Nevertheless, be cautious when choosing colors, since a lot of research shows they have an effect on the perception and levels of stress.

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Have you already envisioned your future flat?

Essential Things Every Living Room Has to Contain

The living room is the focal point of every flat, and this is why the majority of people pay special attention to decorating it. A cozy sofa, gallery wall, bookshelves, TV, and many more details will upgrade the whole experience. However, in order to use the potential of the space to the fullest, the living room can become multi-functional and organized like an open space containing the dining area, kitchen, and sometimes even a bedroom. Here is what you can do to use the square footage at your disposal to the fullest!

Pick Multifunctional Furniture to Furnish Your Flat

If you’re about to move from a house to an apartment, learning how to organize your new flat is of tremendous importance. The first thing you can do is to explore small apartment ideas that will give you inspiration on how you can use modular pieces of furniture to maximize the square footage at your disposal.

For example, if you’re about to relocate to a studio-type flat, then choosing an extensible sofa that can be used as a bed is a must-. In case you have to combine the living and dining area, placing an extensible table that can be used both as a dining and working area is the best solution. Luckily, furniture design has been improving consistently in the past decades, since homes are becoming smaller and smaller. Although they might be too small for families, if you’re moving to another state alone, they will serve their purpose.

A Room Without Books Is Like a Body Without a Soul

As ancient philosopher Cicero once said (and was completely right): “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Books and bookshelves are there to create a magical atmosphere in the room, and if you’re a bookworm, we bet you’ve already envisioned the whole experience. Even if you put up the simplest bookshelf ever, it will upgrade the final look. So when doing a home inventory, include all your favorite books in your packing list and unpack them first after the move.

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Use creativity to maximize the area at your disposal, and suddenly it'll become even bigger!

How Can I Make My Home Feel Like Home? Add Plants to Vivify Your Flat

The best way to bring life to rooms is to incorporate plants into them. Moreover, this may give you an extra opportunity to bring a piece of your old life. So, ensure to explore all the laws and options to ship live plants when moving cross-country.

The beneficial effects plants have are just amazing! Not only are they one of the most affordable ways to spice up the living area, but they are also great natural air purifiers. Furthermore, many studies suggest that plants have a great impact on reducing stress and, consequently, positively affect mental health.

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Don’t leave your leafy friends behind! Find a way to ship them to the next address

Best Affordable Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Rentals

Creating a spa-like bathroom in a flat you’re renting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Small renovations and details can spruce up the whole space and create the atmosphere you want to attain. Remodeling the whole bathroom is an expensive endeavor, so here are some simple suggestions that can work for any place and won’t cost you a fortune.

Add Daylight Bulbs and Choose Bright Colors

This advice is especially applicable for all the rooms without windows. Putting a daylight bulb will provide the room with enough light and automatically make it look cleaner. Also, choosing light colors for furniture and other details will make the room appear more spacious, so keep this in mind while shopping for new items or remodeling.

Freshen Up the Tiles Without a Complete Change

Changing the tiles is everything but a cost-effective project, especially if they are in good condition but you simply don’t like them. Luckily, there are high-quality tile paints that can create real miracles in the bathroom. Those paints are easy to use, affordable, and have great coverage, so if you’ve got the landlord’s blessing, don’t hesitate to start this project. Of course, cleaning the tiles thoroughly and removing all the mold and stains is a must beforehand, despite the fact those paints can cover literally anything.

Change Shower Curtains and Rugs and Add the Details that Will Freshen Up the Bathroom

Buying a shower curtain, rug, and towels and adding ladder-like shelves to put the toiletries on are details that will make a crucial difference to the final look of the bathroom. Another super-useful piece of advice is to place led strip lights around your mirror, and the effect you’ll get will be just amazing! It will create a modern, elegant, and sophisticated look, and the space will look even larger.

Also, adding your favorite decorations like candles, wicker baskets, or plants that enjoy humidity are other details that will help your bathroom get that magazine look. And after you finish this project, prepare a warm bath and enjoy all the benefits of moving!

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Give a few personal touches to your new place

Ready for the Next Big Project of Making an Apartment a Home You’ll Love?

Planning how your living space will look is definitely one of the most interesting tasks during the whole relocation! Your new spot must be planned in detail, and if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself, you can always ask a professional interior designer to help you out. With their experience, the whole space can be used to its maximum and without excluding the essential personal touch.

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