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How to Pack Necklaces – the Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a long-distance relocation soon? Then you’ve probably already started your preparations. You’ve already read all about packing supplies and protecting your carpet when relocating, but do you know how to pack necklaces? If you’re not sure how to properly protect your jewelry for transport, simply follow our handy guide and we’re sure you won’t have any problems.

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How to Pack Necklaces for Moving or Travel – Preparatory Steps

Jewelry is very fragile and precious and because of that, it requires a lot of painstaking treatment and focus when traveling. During a long-distance move or travel, every expensive piece should be protected and secured, even if you keep your set in a box.

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Packing Materials You Will Need

If you are thinking about how to pack necklaces, know that this process has a few steps you cannot miss. Firstly, if you have a treasure box, it’s a great solution to place your things in it during the relocation. However, if you don’t have one, you should find an adequate and suitable replacement. With or without the box, the first step in protecting your gems during transport is to get the right packing materials. Make sure to obtain some of these items:

  • A jewelry box or a sturdy box
  • Pile of tissue paper
  • Packing paper
  • Padding 
  • Blanket or towel
  • Roll of packing tape
  • Marker

If you decide to hire a crew that provides packing services, they will bring the materials with them and carefully pack your necklace and other delicate belongings you would like to protect, so you will have one less thing to think about.

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Necessary Steps to Pack Necklaces and Jewels

With all these supplies, your only concern should be how to employ the best packing strategies for preparing your precious pieces for transport:

  • Protect the items– this is especially true when packing fragile and valuable items that you like. They should be wrapped in several layers of tissue paper.
  • Make the best of the box. Put as much paper as necessary to prevent any movement and possible scratching inside the box.
  • Proper protection for the box. If the box is small, protect it from the outside, and if it’s large, wrap it as any other bulky item.
  • Put all the boxes together in one big box and label it with “fragile”, “handle with care”, or “this side up”.

If you follow all the tips listed above, your prized possessions will be ready for transport or storage.

Packing Necklaces Without Tangling

You can never be too cautious when it comes to jewelry because it is delicate and sensitive. That is why you should think about all the ways you can prevent the necklace straw from tangling. This is especially important when you need to store a tiny and thin necklace. Many methods will help you keep your items in perfect form. Here are five useful ones!

Get a travel jewelry roll, it will play a significant role in protecting your necklaces. Roll is designed in a way that protects and prevents items from tangling. It varies in sizes and materials, and if you want to, you can even make one on your own.

Foldable organizers are a version of hanging jewelry roll, and they come in different sizes with different sizes dividers. They are made of plastic and nylon and provide your valuable necklace with water protection.

If you have larger items that you want to take to your new home, consider getting hangers. They keep big things attached to a tiny hook, and they can fit into your luggage or a plastic bag without tangling.

When you are using zip-lock bags, you should wrap your necklaces in tissues and then place them in plastic containers and zip-lock it. Each straw should also be put in a tissue. Then you can put this in a bag or another plastic box.   

Finally, if you have many jewels of different sizes and shapes, that need to be relocated, use metal rings or cuffs. Your items and every loose straw will bend around the hem, and then you can put them in a jewelry bag.

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Store Your Valuable Jewels Using Microfiber Cloth

With this simple and clean method, your delicate pieces will be well secured. You should lay your pieces on the cloth with some space in between, in a way that each roll contains a single piece. The texture of the material is suitable for preventing the slipping of chains. With it, the tiny pieces will be held firmly in place.

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Pack Your Jewelry Efficiently – Additional Tips

If you think that only treasure boxes and those sturdy ones can prevent the tangling and scratching of your items, then we might surprise you. You need to acquire these objects that can be found in any household. Just remember to remind yourself not to throw them away after they become empty:

  • Mint tin. Have you eaten tic tac candies recently? Don’t toss those small containers, use them as a secure shelter for your tiny pieces.
  • Pill containers. The ideal storage for a tiny and thin necklace. You can use your own or buy some in a local pharmacy.
  • Travel soap dish. This small vessel will protect everything and keep it in place.
  • Toilet paper roll. Your chains will be safe when locked through the tubes.

Organize Small Items Without a Box

In case you don’t want to use a box for storing your accessories, you can store them in sandwich bags of suitable sizes. Eventually, gather them all and place them in a larger sandwich bag.

Protect Your Jewelry During the Move

No matter how well protected your things are, there is always, even the smallest chance that some pieces can be broken, stolen, or lost. The exact numbers of theft during the move cannot be determined, because many incidents go unreported. To avoid the loss of your valuable belongings, one of the tips is to get insurance. It will give you peace of mind, and in case of any incident, you will get paid. 

Also, if you choose to ship your car and you are traveling to your next home with a plane, don’t forget to keep your gems in a bag to prevent alarming security screeners. When in your bag, you will be able to keep an eye on them all the way to your new home. 

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