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Unique Moving Announcements That Will Surprise Even You

Planning to move is hard enough, but where to even begin announcing it to the loved ones? This may be the most complex aspect of relocation, as we’re never entirely sure how someone will take the news. If you need some unique moving announcements, we have examples for every mood here.

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Uniquely announcing your move might soften the blow for your loved ones

How do you announce that you are moving? There’s never an easy answer. Some people experience intense anxiety about relocating and become too nervous to tell others that it’s happening. However, stress can be relieved as soon as you break the news, so before calling a long-distance moving company, think about how to break the news to friends and family.

Need Ideas for Unique Moving Announcements? There’s Some for Every Mood

So, you’ve figured out how to move, but not how to tell others that it’s happening. That’s OK because relocating is a big and tedious process. You have to organize everything at the office, take care of the children’s school situations, pack, call long-distance moving services to get your stuff and arrange car shipping, and alike.

Next to all this, who has time to announce their move? There are low-effort yet effective solutions, and those that take more time and dedication but ease the blow this news might cause to your loved ones. Whatever makes the process easier for you should work out well.

Even if you wonder how do you announce moving back home or moving back in with your parents, some planning about how to tell people should be involved. Take a day or two, even during a last-minute relocation, and send messages or cards to everyone. This will ease your and your family’s minds.

Simple Yet Creative Moving Announcements – Send Cards to Friends and Family

A simple way to announce your relocation to friends and relatives is by sending unique cards. You can buy them online in bulk and shop for the most suitable farewell card. Numerous websites such as Peartree sell them, but you can simply look up ‘relocation cards’ online and find what suits you best.

Finding and writing a card should be simple enough. If you’ve managed to research long-distance movers near me and find reliable professionals, you’ll be able to find sweet and loving goodbye postcards. For someone who wrote the ultimate relocation checklist, writing a sentimental message on the card shouldn’t be as tough.

Still, calling movers and writing lists doesn’t require much emotion. Buying and signing farewell postcards does. You should be ready for this at some point, but it’s OK if you take your time.

What Do You Write in a Moving Announcement Card?

If you’re relocating during the holidays, why not shop for a card that involves a holiday greeting? For example, you can write a message like: “Santa has a new stop this year” or “We’ll be decorating our Christmas tree at ____” and add the location.

For those relocating to a small town, you can include messages like: “We’re ready for bigger adventures in a smaller town,” or “The city gave us everything we needed – we’re gearing up for small-town experiences now.”

Of course, in the end, you can add personalized notes filled with loving words, so the recipients understand your move a bit better and know you’re making an important decision. You got this.

Make Custom Moving Announcements if You’re Relocating With Kids

Obviously, the cheapest way to move out of state is to spend no money at all. With cross-country movers’ packing services, that won’t be as simple, but you can save up on cards. If you’re relocating with kids, don’t shop – let them make paper postcards themselves.

For example, the kiddos can use their artistic skills to draw the relocation process, your family, and the new home. You can then scan that drawing and print out multiple copies, thus creating a unique and sentimental card with only paper and crayons.

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Order cards online or let your kids make special drawings that can be used to notify people of your relocation

If You Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Send Digital Cards to Everyone’s Email

If you’re a millennial or gen X, you remember letters and postcards. They need to be handwritten and sent in the mail physically and usually take days (if not longer) to be delivered to the correct address. By the time your cousins get their postcards in the post, you may be gone.

To save time, money, and paper, send out digital postcards to announce relocation. Again, whether you’re relocating to college or all grown up and relocating for a job, these are good opportunities to write a personal letter to your loved ones.

If you have photoshop skills, you can make the more simple postcards funnier by pasting your face onto a stock photo of a fancy villa or whatever seems funny enough. Have some fun with this – just because it’s sentimental, it doesn’t have to be sad.

Create a New Social Event on Facebook and Send the Invites Around

How do you announce you’re moving on social media? If you and your loved ones still use Facebook, why not have some fun and create an event? Facebook events typically include a description, time, date, and location. You can even set it to be a private event, so no one from the outside finds it.

All you have to do is create it, add a unique picture to describe the event, and send the link to everyone you wish to see involved. If you used your photoshop skills, your cover photo could be that one of you pasted next to a villa. Why not?

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Funny Ways of Announcing a Move – Make a Video About It and Organize a Screening at Home

Suppose you want to hit the nail on the head and keep spirits up at the same time. If that’s your style, go the funny route and film a short video for your loved ones. You don’t have to tell them it’s about you, but say you’re organizing movie night and want to do it with many people.

When everyone arrives and settles in, you can pretend to be playing a movie, but you’ll actually be playing your relocation announcement video. Be as creative as you like – make references to famous people and movies, show yourself buying first apartment essentials, or have a pretend conversation with a cross-country moving company.

Here’s our suggestion – try telling a story of your upbringing. How you were in one house as a child and what nice things happened in it. Build up the story until you come to your current relocation. It’ll be an element of surprise and a cute announcement.

Call Your Loved Ones to Your House and Hand Out Boxes

Of course, you’ll call cross-country moving services to help you pack, but you don’t have to tell your loved ones that right away. Pranks aren’t everyone’s favorite type of fun, but if this is your style and you’re a known jokester in your circles, you’ll have an easier time pulling this off.

Call your loved ones to your house, and when they arrive and settle in, hand them boxes and ask them to start packing. Tell them this is the first day of your move and that they have to hurry and get everything before movers come.

You can also meet friends and relatives and hand out your new apartment shopping list with assigned names next to each item – as if you want them to buy it for you. There are numerous ways to prank people and show them your funny side and ease the tension of an inevitable event such as relocating.

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Elaborate Announcements – Create a PowerPoint Presentation That Explains the Details Of Your Move

An elaborate announcement can be equally funny and sentimental. You can put more than one element in there, but it will be layered and descriptive. If you’re looking for something like this, we got some ideas.

Here’s a thought – why not make a PowerPoint presentation? It can include whatever information you want, like pictures of your new residence and its surroundings, how you plan to move with your pets, your future location and its distance from the old place, and so on. It can be whatever you want.

A funny PowerPoint might come up if you’re relocating to a warmer climate. You can include a photo or two of the sunny beaches nearby and list all the reasons why life will be better in a warm place compared to here. Just don’t go too far because someone might get offended.

You know your audience and what could work for them. Give your presentation some corny transitions and music for a comedic effect and serious statements that show your determination.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt or Game With Clues to Your Relocation

Scavenger hunts are the coolest, aren’t they? Still, they’re not always easy to plan. You need to create clues and include various locations for it to be fun. Limit it to your house or street, so it doesn’t go too far.

Leave clues like “find out where to donate old appliances” or “fill out the blanks on this relocation expenses checklist.” The final clue should lead to you and a space where you’ll explain that every step of the scavenger hunt was just an elaborate relocation announcement.

While it’ll be sad, you will have spent a fun and eventful day with the people you love. Dealing with separation is hard, so you must do it your way.

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You can create a PowerPoint presentation to explain where and why you're relocating

If You Need a Sentimental Announcement, Spend a Few Days at the Old House With Your Loved Ones

One of the most traditional ways to announce your move is to throw a packing party. Here’s a step by step on how to do this:

  • Firstly, announce the move to your loved ones via a group video call or in a group chat,
  • Prepare supplies for relocating, such as boxes, tape, packing paper, and pens,
  • Make or buy snacks and drinks – it’s a party, after all,
  • Put on some music that everybody likes,
  • Don’t expect your friends to pack boxes fully for you – cut them some slack and make the party a lot more symbolic. Whatever gets adequately packed can be sealed off, but the memories are more important here,
  • Thank them for their assistance and for showing up,
  • If you can, give them all a souvenir from your home, such as things you originally planned to throw away that are still in good condition.

Those closest to you will enjoy helping a friend move, but don’t make it too complicated, and don’t expect the process to be flawless. Have fun and share good times with your loved ones. If needed, the movers will pack the rest and take the packed boxes into storage facilities.

Invite People for Sleepovers and Go Over Memories Together

You can also have multiple relocation parties. Maybe it can last over a few days when you’ll say goodbye to smaller groups of people individually. Not all of your friends will enjoy the idea of a packing party or a presentation – some will wish for something more intimate and endearing.

If you’re leaving your parents’ house for the first time to relocate from a small town to a big city, ask them to help you with more than just packing. Over this period, they can advise you on how to live on your own, help you choose what to pack, and just enjoy a few days together without interruptions. You can go over photo albums and pack some for yourself as memorabilia.

Here’s a nice video about how to move out without upsetting your parents. It may help you feel seen and heard in this situation and inspire you to find ways of telling them about relocation.

View the Announcement as a Bonding Experience and Make It True to You

It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating for love, a job, or a much-needed change of scenery, telling those you love that you’ve made such a decision will undoubtedly bring tears, laughter, anger, and insecurities. However, there are ways to ease the pressure, but none will be like you showing the determination that this decision is good and exactly what you want.

Bring things that remind you of your childhood home, and know that they’ll always be there for you when you wish to come back. Seeing and doing all this can significantly ease any potential fear of relocating, but also, don’t let it change your mind. New horizons await for you to conquer them and live a fulfilling life.

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

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