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Tips That’ll Make Last-Minute Moving a Breeze

When we do anything in a hurry, we tend to make mistakes, but sometimes there is no other option but to get it done. Relocation is tedious even when you have all the time in the world. Can you imagine what it’s like when last-minute moving? Well, even if it seems like an impossible thing to do without mistakes, it can not be further from the truth. With a good plan and last-minute moving tips, you’ll make it without stress.

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Lots of mistakes are made when doing things in a rush

So how to move in a hurry without mistakes and any additional stress? The steps will be the same as in regular relocation, but you will have to be creative and innovative. And once you learn all the tips, you will be able to relocate to any state with ease, even if you are relocating with kids. All you need is a good plan and strategy but bear in mind that relocating on short notice will be pretty stressful and nearly impossible if you don’t hire long-distance movers for help.

When Last Minute Moving You Need to Start With Logistic Right Away

Regardless of your reasons for relocating, whether you are relocating for a job or some other reason, you will have to have good logistics and plan. If you have a good plan, you will not need any relocation hacks. First, start with finding a long-distance moving company. The next step is to make travel arrangements and, after that, living arrangements.

And believe it or not, finding long-distance movers near me will be the easiest step in the last-minute move. Finding a place to live on such short notice will be way harder. But before you start with all arrangements, you will have to create a relocation expenses checklist and define a relocation budget. That will be the foundation of your relocation, so give it a good thought or three. Here are the things you must include in your plan:

  • Hiring movers,
  • Travel arrangements,
  • Packing materials,
  • Real estate agent.
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Don't forget about other arrangements you have

The First Item on Your Last-Minute Moving Checklist – How to Find Corss-Country Movers on Short Notice?

Relocating to a new state will be impossible without professional help, especially if this is a short notice relocation. But how to find a good company and avoid relocation scams, bad service, and high prices if you are looking for movers to move you tomorrow or in a couple of days?

For starters, find a local cross-country moving company that offers free online quotes. All reliable movers will have this option on their website. Almost every company has introduced the virtual in-home estimation of a move, too, so you will not lose any additional time setting up a meeting. One tip to make things go even faster – you can make an inventory list of all the things you plan to bring with you and give it to them on your in-home estimation, to get the most accurate quote.

Contact your movers and ask them about relocation terms and what is included in the price of long-distance moving services. Will they use bubble wrap or paper for your fragile items? Or will they ship live plants? Do they have storage units? And last but not least, your movers of choice must provide relocation insurance as well. Also, check if the business has a proper registration or US DOT number.

Is the Cost of Long-Distance Moving Services Higher if It Is on a Short Notice?

The short answer is no, at least in most cases. But let’s elaborate on this a bit and explain how movers make their price. It all depends on the number of things you are relocating and the distance. So if you are relocating a two-bedroom apartment, it will be cheaper than relocating a house. And short notice shouldn’t be part of this bargain. The only problem with short note is that your choices will be limited, and you will have to book cross-country moving services available at that point.

Find All in One Long-Distance Moving Company to Ease Your Last-Minute Move

Another important factor in your search for cross-country movers is finding professionals that can provide you with all the necessary services you need when relocating. So you don’t have to worry about searching for different local providers for car shipping or storage facilities. If you find an all-in-one long-distance moving company which can provide you with auto transport, among other things, you will relocate much faster and without much fuss. And don’t worry, prices will be the same as if you hire an auto shipping service that only does that.

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Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need Before Long-Distance Movers Come

The fast moves means fast boxing up, and since you have completed other obligations, it is time to make a good packing strategy. First, you will have to get rid of all the items you won’t bring with you. Make a packing schedule, decide which room will go first, and leave the rooms you most frequently use for last. Make a “get rid” pile in each room and start packing things you are relocating simultaneously. This way, you will declutter and pack at the same time, making your move much faster, cheaper, and efficient. And best of all, with fewer things, your unpacking after relocating will be much easier and a storage space in your new house will be much more relieved.

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Don't go easy on children toys

Do Not Overthink – Just Apply Last-Minute Moving Tips for Fast Boxing Up

The deal is not to let anxiety about relocation kick in. Just calm yourself and start boxing up, and you will come to a solution for how do you pack and move fast. If you begin to overthink every step along the way, it will drag along.

So we already explained that you would have to make piles of things you don’t want to bring and pack everything on the spot. That means exactly that – do not fold or clean anything. Just put it in a box as it is. For example, when boxing up glasses or mugs, don’t bother wrapping each piece in the paper. You can put them in socks and kill two birds with one stone.

Tip 1 – Leave the Clothing on the Hangers

When you start emptying your closet, leave your clothing on a hanger and put it like that in a box for an efficient move. Or you can use garbage bags and place a couple of clothing on a hanger inside and tie the bag on the hanger hook. This way, you will create a DIY garment bag for your belongings. And best of all, clothing packed like this can go straight to a truck.

Tip 2 – Use Contractor Bags for Books in Your Home

When you start dealing with your books, you can put them in strong contractor bags instead of boxes. It will be much faster this way, and it will not be difficult to carry these bags. Just make sure not to overpack them since they might tear apart. You can pack shoes, bedding, pillows, and blankets the same way. Basically, you can pack everything except pots and pans and other kitchen items that can be damaged.

Tip 3 – Leave Your Furniture, Cross-Country Movers Will Disassemble It

Aside from fast service, loading, and unloading your belongings, professionals will handle your furniture as well. At least the good ones will. With a good team of professionals, you will not have to wonder how do you finish moving out. They will handle everything, and your belongings will be stored on a truck with the most care. All your furniture will be disassembled on the spot and reassembled in your new location. They will even wrap and protect mirrors, electronics, appliances, your computer, lamps, and other bulky and heavy items. Can you imagine a better and efficient way to relocate? We don’t think so, too.

Tip 4 – Don’t Bother With Detailed Labeling

Proper and detailed labeling shouldn’t be on your last-minute moving checklist. When in a hurry you must use what you got at home. So just take a permanent marker and mark the boxes with fragile items such as Christmas ornaments, heavy, and liquids. It is just a precaution so your workers can know that they need to give extra care to these boxes. It will be a couple of boxes, so it shouldn’t take much of your energy.

Permanent markers ready for cross country moving labeling overlay
Go to a local store and buy labels or permanent markers

Tip 5 – Use Nesting Doll Model Wherever You Can

This is a logical and straightforward way to pack your belongings. If you have a large pot, put a smaller one inside. Or if you have a bunch of bowls, put them one in each other and then put spices in the one on top. When boxing up necklaces, put them in a cap then in a sock. If you implement this method, you will stop wondering how do you move a house in one day and actually have the answer.

Tip 6 – Consider Getting Packing as Additional Cross-Country Moving Services

If you wish to know the answer to a question, “How do I move at the last minute” and how to do so without losing so much of your energy, then you should contact a cross-country moving company for packing service. You will be delighted to see how these professionals handle these boxes without a sweat. It would be like watching some of the most satisfying videos on Tick Tock. With the help of professionals, you will have more time to deal with other urgent things like finding a place to live or a good school for your kids. Unlike other relocation-related tasks, which you can outsource, these can be done only by you. And best of all, your belongings will be much safer if packed by a mover.

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Outsource all relocation obligations to a professional mover

Pack Your Necessities Along the Way

While you are boxing up and decluttering, you should put aside your relocation essentials in a separate bag. Put your hygiene products, clothing for a couple of days, bedding, and cleaning supplies (if possible.) Also, don’t forget about your important documents and valuable items such as phones and laptops. One of the things people forget to do when they move is to pack their chargers and headphones. If you are relocating with a dog, bring their favorite toys and food. Furthermore, if you need to bring some prescribed medicine, ask around about flying with prescription medication to another state. Watch this video for more tips on what you need once you move in:

Ask Your Friends and Family for Last-Minute Moving Help

As you can see, relocating is not an easy task, and a lot of things must be done on short note. If you decide not to hire professionals for these services, you can throw a boxing up party for your friends and family. They can help you a great deal with decluttering as well. If they like some of the things you plan to leave behind, they can take them. No matter which option you choose, you will probably finish everything for a set date. Relocating to another state demands a lot of planning and energy, and you’ll need help, professional or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered Last-Minute When It Comes to Moving?

In general, last-minute moving can refer to any move that is planned and executed in a relatively short period of time, such as a few days or a week.

How Do I Find a Moving Company That Can Accommodate a Last-Minute Move?

Start your search as soon as possible and use online resources like Google or Yelp to search for local companies in your area. Then, check for availability and get a quote from a few potential moving companies. It’s important to ask for referrals, check for insurance and licensing, and compare prices and services before making a final decision. By doing your research and asking the right questions, you can find a reliable and affordable long-distance moving company that can accommodate your last-minute move.

Is It Possible to Book a Moving Company for a Last-Minute Move?

Yes, it is possible to book cross-country moving services for a last-minute move, although it may be more difficult than booking in advance – some companies may have limited availability and may charge higher rates for last-minute moves. However, if you start your search as soon as possible and contact multiple companies, you may be able to find long-distance movers that can accommodate your move.

How Much More Expensive Is a Last-Minute Move Compared to a Planned Move?

Generally, a last-minute move may be more expensive than a planned move due to the higher demand for long-distance moving services and the need to accommodate a shorter timeline. Some companies may charge additional fees or higher rates for last-minute moves, while others may not. It’s important to research and compare different services and their rates to determine the most affordable option for your last-minute move.

Can I Still Pack My Belongings if I Have a Last-Minute Move?

Yes, you can still pack your belongings if you have a last-minute move, but you may need to be more efficient and strategic in your packing process. Start by sorting through your belongings and prioritizing the items you need to take with you and donate or dispose of anything you no longer need. If you are short on time, consider hiring a professional packing service to help you pack quickly and efficiently.

How Do I Ensure That My Belongings Are Properly Packed and Secured for a Last-Minute Move?

Proper packing and securing of your belongings is essential for a successful last-minute move. If you are short on time, prioritize your packing by packing essential items first and leaving non-essential items for last. Additionally, use sturdy boxes, packing tape, and packing material such as bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your belongings during transport.

Label each box with its contents and the room it belongs in. This will make it easier to unpack and organize your belongings in your new home. Finally, pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. Avoid overpacking boxes, which can cause them to break during transport.

Is It Possible to Have a Last-Minute Move Across the Country?

It is possible to have a last-minute move across the country, but it can be challenging due to the logistics involved. A long-distance move typically requires more planning and preparation, including finding reputable cross-country movers, organizing transportation for your belongings, and coordinating the move with your work and personal schedule. However, with some flexibility and creativity, it is possible to make a last-minute cross-country move work. Consider hiring a professional long-distance moving company with experience in these types of moves, and be prepared to be flexible with your move-in date and timing.

What Should I Do if I Can’t Find a Moving Company for My Last-Minute Move?

If you are unable to find a company for your last-minute move, don’t panic. There are still several options you can explore. For example, consider reaching out to friends or family who may be able to lend a helping hand or renting a truck. While it may take some extra effort on your part, there are still plenty of ways to make your last-minute move a success.

How Do I Notify My Utility Companies and Change My Address for a Last-Minute Move?

Start by making a list of all the utility companies you need to notify, including electricity, gas, water, internet, and cable. Contact each company and let them know the date you’ll be relocating, as well as the date you want the service to be disconnected. Additionally, make sure to update your mailing address with the post office to ensure that your mail gets forwarded to your new address. You can easily change your address online or in person at your local post office.

What Are Some Tips for a Successful Last-Minute Move?

A last-minute move can be stressful, but with some planning and preparation, it is possible to have a successful move. Start by making a list of the most important items that you need to move and focus on packing those first. Take some time to sort through your belongings and get rid of anything that you no longer need. This will help to make the moving process faster and more efficient.

Reach out to friends and family to see if they can help with the move. This can help make the process less overwhelming and more manageable. Use suitcases, duffel bags, and laundry baskets to pack your belongings quickly and efficiently. You can also use towels, linens, and clothing to protect fragile items during the move.

If you’re running short on time, consider hiring a professional long-distance moving company that specializes in last-minute moves. They have the experience and expertise to ensure a smooth and successful move.

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