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The Best Packing and Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

At some times, learning from the method of trial and error could be very useful for your personal growth. Relocation, however, is not one of those times. Having good packing and moving tips is a necessity during the move if you want to keep your sanity. Relocation is considered one of the most stressful life events. So there’s no point in making everything harder for yourself. Learn some useful hacks that could severely reduce the worries during this long-lasting process.

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Our hacks will bring your move to the success

When you decide where to live, there will be a million tasks in front of you, and for each one of them, you could find a tip or trick to make completing them easier, faster, or safer. There is a chance to gather all the existing relocation hacks and present them to you at once. However, that would take a while, and you probably know many of them. That’s why we decided to focus on the not-so-commonly known relocation tips – be sure to memorize them all.

Best Tips for Moving – The Preparation

Every complex problem needs to be approached with careful planning and organization, and that is why a preparation process should be taken seriously. Luckily, we could provide you with some useful advice for the pre-boxing up period of the relocation.

Relocation Checklist Is a Must, but So Is the Binder

With so many examples of various checklists online, this tip can’t be considered as the best-kept relocation secret of them all. Every checklist for relocating out of state should contain all the tasks that lie ahead of you so that you are aware of the work that still needs to be done. However, it won’t make your move magically organized all of a sudden – and that’s where a binder enters the scene.

Creating a relocation binder with all the necessary relocation-related information will be of great help in the future – everything you’ll need will be in one place and ready to be found promptly. For example, when you transfer your utilities, your binder will contain all the contacts from your ex and future service providers that will be helpful if you stumble on a problem.

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Relocation binder is a necessity for a good organization

Know When to Book Relocation to a New Home

If you are making a relocation expenses checklist and want to save money, it is important to pick a relocation date that will not be in the season’s peak – between April and September. Because in this timeframe you’ll pay higher relocation prices. For the same reason, you should also avoid weekends for the date of your move as well as relocation during the holidays. Choosing those dates is one of the most common relocation mistakes. Instead, plan a nice out-of-summer weekday move

Not All Relocation Companies Are Reliable – Researching Long Distance Movers Near Me

What is the most efficient way to move? The one that implies leaving the professionals to do their work. However, no one is professional until proven otherwise. You’ve probably heard (or realized by yourself) the importance of researching cross-country movers before hiring them. This implies reading reviews and recommendations, checking their status on Better Business Bureau, reviews on Yelp, as well as comparing relocation quotes.

However, if you want to be certain that the long-distance moving company you chose is legitimate, ask for the USDOT number that will allow you to check the license and insurance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It will also provide you with information on the company’s compliance history, so don’t pass this tip if you plan to hire long-distance moving services.

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Smart Packing and Unpacking Hacks

Boxing up is considered the most demanding relocation task that could go on for weeks, and unpacking is the close second. That is why the answer to the question: “When should I start packing to move?” should be: “As soon as you can” – there is just that much work to be done.

Of course, hiring professionals that offer packing services could guarantee that you’ll move efficiently without having to put your back through hell. Not to mention that if you are going the route of hiring professional movers to do the job for you, the insurance you have to pay for is only eligible for the items they packed professionally.

Come up With the Strategy

If you plan to go to war, you must have a war strategy prepared. Examine your enemy closely and carefully to see how you could defeat it without much loss at your side – it will help you ease the fear of relocation. Think about everything from the order to the equipment and supplies you’ll use and prepare yourself for the attack. For example, think about what should you move first when moving and stick to the plan. Bonus tip: always look at unpacking as a mirror reflection of boxing up – do everything precisely the same, just in the reverse order. If you started to pack less used areas in the house first, they should be the last ones to be unpacked.

Use Every Space Possible, Besides the Boxes

A box isn’t the only space where you could store your things when relocating – you just have to be more creative. Every basket, drawer, closet, suitcase, or even laundry hamper could serve as storage spaces during the move. It’s up to you to think of some creative storage ideas. It could be an excellent way to reduce relocation expenses, considering that you’ll be giving less money for the supplies. Simultaneously, keeping your belongings in their original spot would mean less time spent on unpacking. Just remember to tape the doors and drawers shut.

At the same time, keep in mind that the places inside kitchen pots or plastic containers could be excellent storages for small items, like spices. And if you need a tip for keeping the lids shut, we have one of those too. Tie elastic bands to the handles across the tops and have no worries – pots will stay closed.

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You could use pots as a place for storing tiny items during the move

Take a Picture Before Storing Items

If you start boxing up a lot in advance, try to take a photo of each of your items. This way, you will give proof for the insurance provided by the cross-country moving company in the case of damage. In addition to that, know that you could create a photo inventory list that will be much more transparent for you and the company than the written one.

Do you know by your heart the way those electric cords have to be connected to electronic devices? Don’t worry – we don’t either. That is why, before putting electronics in the box, you should take a picture that will show you the proper ways of connecting devices in the future. And while having a phone in your hands, remember to take a photo of your old and new home. You could use it as proof of the home condition in both cases, the one you left and the one you are relocating to.

Find Small Bags for Big Furniture Pieces

Relocating furniture is a task that will be the hardest for your back, so ensure to know all the right lifting techniques before you start with it. However, keep in mind that the majority of the furniture still needs to be disassembled. During those times, you’ll have to find a place for every tiny screw or bolt. That’s why you should prepare several little plastic zip bags, put small pieces in them, and label what furniture they belong to. Be sure that even the tiniest piece finds your new home

Give Yourself the Unpacking Deadline

While boxing up, you’ll constantly have in mind the date when everything needs to be packed and prepared, but with the unpacking, it is not the case. It means that you won’t have to overstress yourself, but it could quickly become a double-edged sword, resulting in you postponing the unpacking. That is why it would be wise to give yourself the final date until everything needs to be done. If required, put boxes in your way to force yourself to unpack them. Bonus tip: usually, you’ll have about 90 days to contact your company about eventual damage to your things, so it could be convenient to mark it as a deadline.

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Unpacking all your things in a new house is a big chore, but don't let it defeat you

How to Wrap and Pack Your Things in Boxes

Using the right-sized boxes, choosing the appropriate supplies, padding each box with foam peanuts are all well-known relocation hacks. However, boxing up means more than learning how to pack fragile items – and we have the solutions to the problems you didn’t know you’ll even have.

Wrapping Clothes With Garbage Bags

It would be nice to have nicely tucked and unwrinkled clothes (in your bag of essentials) from the minute you walk into your new home, but it isn’t always the possibility. If you have a last-minute move, you must develop and use different tactics, like purchasing a wardrobe box specially designed for relocating clothes or leaving the clothes inside the closet. In both cases, the wardrobe on your hanger should be protected – and that’s where garbage bags come along. Cut the bottom of the garbage bag, put hangers through it and let the bag fall all over your clothes – it will provide all the necessary protection.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Socks When Moving

Who knew that socks could have other functions than making your feet warm! They could be used when you decide it’s time to pack glasses by wrapping the outside of the glass with them. This clothing item could also be a great addition when it comes to boxing up your shoes. By placing a bundle in each sneaker, you could rest assured that they won’t lose their shape during the relocation.

Avoid Tangling While Packing

If you’ve ever used wired headphones, you will be familiar with the possibility of wires getting tangled in a matter of seconds. Imagine what will happen with much more wires and cords in your household! But don’t worry, we have a system that works, and all you’ll need is some toilet paper. Roll a wire or a cable in the paper, put it inside of the empty roll, and move it into the box. All of your cables will be in one spot, without the possibility of getting tangled or mixed up. Bonus tip: The same technique could be used for your jewelry, just ensure that it is packed in the box that will be by your side during the relocation trip.

Moving Insurance

All your stuff is secure with Long Distance USA Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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Auto Transport

Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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Storage Services

Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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Moving Tips You’ll Need for the Relocation Day

The most important relocation hack for the relocation day is to prepare boxes with relocation essentials that will contain everything you consider is necessary for your survival in the next few days. This bag should contain medicine, chargers, food and beverages, change of clothes, toiletries, and the like. However, that is not the only tip for the last day in your home. Before your movers come, or before the loading process begins, ensure to:

  • Protect your hardwood floors, walls, staircases, and so on,
  • Get everything out of the way so carriers could pass without difficulties,
  • Secure cash to tip movers,
  • Provide food and drinks for all,
  • Hire a babysitter (if you are relocating with kids)
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Be sure your kids are safe in the last hours of the move

The Most Important Tip of Them All – Don’t Hesitate to Ask For the Assistance

How can I make moving out easier? The answer to this question lies in your ability to recognize when you’ve bitten off more than you could chew. Every relocation, even if it implies a move to the college dorm, requires lots of work. Bribe your friends with the food they like and good company into helping you pack and move – throw a packing party that could help you deal with the complicated work and anxiety about relocation it brings.

And of course, if you see that there will be a lot more than you could bear even with the assistance of friends, consider cross-country moving services. It would be a wise option if your relocation budget allows it. Remember that hiring professionals could save you a lot of trouble and provide you with significantly less stress during the whole process.

Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

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