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The Moving Out for the First Time List You Didn’t Know You Need

Leaving your parents’ house and starting your independent adult life is a huge milestone. Although you might be getting ready for it mostly emotionally, don’t forget about some practical things, too. Here is the essential moving out for the first time list that will help you set up your very first home and remember crucial details to facilitate the whole cross-country moving process. Here is everything you need to know!

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: Learn all the practical tips to facilitate the process of relocating to your very first place

For many people, relocating into a college dorm was the very first experience when it comes to leaving their parents. However, life in a college dorm and in your own apartment are completely different experiences. When choosing to live on your own, it means you’ll have to take care of all the expenses related to equipping the flat, paying bills, preparing meals, and more. So if you’re a fresh graduate, deciding where to live and choosing some of the best cities for college grads where you can easily get a job in a new city is definitely something you should do research on.

How to Create a List for Moving Out for the First Time?

The first-time moving-out list should be considered your ultimate guide during the relocation process. The best strategy is to divide it into several categories that will entail the relocation to-do list, packing list, packing schedule,  and also a moving expenses checklist to help you organize your move.

The best solution for keeping your ultimate checklist for relocating to a new state is in an online form. This way, you’ll always have it by your side and be able to update it regularly. Also, in case you’re moving in with a boyfriend or plan to move in with a girlfriend,  having a list in an online form will provide you with the possibility to share it, and both of you will be up-to-date on any changes, checked-off tasks, to-do priorities, and more. You can create it using Google Sheets or even find a specialized app to keep track of the relocation progress. Don’t miss out on innovative technologies and move efficiently!

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Set a Budget: Calculate Your Relocation Costs and the Costs of Living in a New City

If you’re relocating from a small town to a big city, and at the same time you are relocating to another state alone, knowing your funds is of essential importance. So when starting to create the relocation budget, follow a list of priorities. The very first question to answer is how much money should I save to move out of state? This includes thorough research on all the costs related to the long-distance moving process and costs of living. To find out how much movers cost for a 2-bedroom apartment or any other home size, contact a reliable cross-country moving company and ask all the questions you have regarding this issue, and you’ll be ready to budget properly!

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Cost estimation is a crucial step when planning and organizing your relocation

Explore Housing Options and Choose the Solution According to Your Finances

Housing options and relocating out for the first time budget are interdependent since the housing option you choose will directly affect your funds. The bigger the home is, the higher the costs will be, so if you’re trying to move on a tight budget, finding some alternatives like co-living or roommates is definitely an option you should consider. However, living with roommates can be challenging, since finding a person with similar habits is pretty difficult. For that reason, before taking this adventure, make a list of questions to ask potential roommates and see if the person matches your expectations.

In case you are ready to buy property, make sure to explore house hunting tips to speed up the process. Also, keep in mind that this process will take at least three weeks. If you plan to rent a property, don’t forget to check what you need to rent a house, or alternatively, what you need to rent an apartment. Choose the most convenient option that matches your budget best. Whether you decide to rent or buy, the ultimate tip is – perform a home inspection before signing the contract and try to establish how well the property has been maintained and if some major renovations should be done, as well as how that would affect your budget.

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Choose the perfect place according to your budget and needs

Find a Trustworthy Long-Distance Moving Company and Schedule the Relocation Date

The day you sign the contract and learn the exact date when you can start living in your new home, it’s the right moment to schedule the relocation day and start with preparations for the move. Start exploring cross-country movers in your vicinity (simply Google long-distance movers near me) and ask about the cross-country moving services they provide, as well as the prices. Before accepting an offer, remember to compare relocation quotes and read the reviews of other customers to be sure that the long-distance movers you’re about to hire are reliable enough.

Book all the long-distance moving services at least two months in advance, choose the packing services you need, and if you want to move your car, check out the auto-transport options too.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget that the offer for the cheapest way to move out of state is not always the best deal you get. Be cautious about relocation scams and check each company’s reputation first when making final decisions on which company to hire.

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Finding a trustworthy company is of utmost importance when organizing the relocation

Prepare for the Move: Downsize, Pack, and Identify All the Items You’ll Need to Equip Your New Apartment

Now that the relocation is finally scheduled, it’s the right moment to start with the preparations of your belongings for the move. This time-consuming process may take up to three months, and it entails a few phases, so planning it to the tiniest detail is simply necessary.

Clear the Space, Downsize the Cargo, and Pack Only the Items of Use-Value

Decluttering is a necessary part of the process for two reasons. The first reason is – the longer your inventory list is, the higher your relocation costs will be. The second reason is – if you’re relocating from a house to a flat, it’s almost impossible to have enough space to store all your belongings. The solution for both issues is to get rid of stuff when relocating, including all unnecessary items, and pack only the items that will have some use-value in your next home.

What can you do with stuff you don’t need anymore? If any of your belongings are in good condition and can be of use to people in need, then donating unwanted items is definitely the best thing you can do. Not only can you donate clothes, but there are also many charities that accept furniture, unwanted appliances, or food donations, so make sure that the belongings will be delivered to the right hands. Of course, there is a solution to sell them by having a successful garage sale or you can recycle, so consider those options, too!

Identify All the New Home Essentials, Create a Checklist, and Buy Them

Once you’ve classified all the belongings you can use in the next place, the next step is to create a checklist of all the first apartment essentials you’ll have to buy to completely equip the home. The best thing to do to create your new apartment shopping list is to go room-by-room and write down all the stuff you should get. This checklist will also help you to estimate the costs related to relocation, so don’t forget to create it. If you want to find out the ultimate tips on relocation essentials, then make sure to take a look at the video below to help you create your checklist of essentials more easily!

When Relocating for the First Time, the Most Critical Part Will Be the Kitchen

Having your very first space to live in means you’ll have a lot of things to buy, like the coffee maker, blender, or similar. However, the kitchen will definitely be the most critical part, since there are hundreds of appliances and cookware needed for you to be able to prepare meals. Since there won’t be many kitchen items to pack for relocating, ensure to create a detailed list and include the tiniest thing you’ll want to buy to equip the kitchen area properly.

Be Creative When Designing the Living Room!

No matter how big or small your living room is, being creative when designing is always desirable! Explore creative storage ideas to maximize the space, and try to incorporate your style into the design to help you feel at home. If your flat seems tiny, then small apartment ideas will also be helpful for organizing the space in accordance with your needs.

Clean the Place Before You Start Living There and Don’t Leave It for the Moving Day

One of the most common things you forget to do when you move for the first time is to clean the apartment before the move-in. To avoid this relocation mistake, put the date in your calendar and dedicate that week to preparing the flat to move in seamlessly. The cleaning should be detailed, so make sure not to skip any critical or hard-to-reach areas and consider if you’ll paint it since this is the perfect chance to do it.

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Good preparations are necessary to equip the flat and reduce stress to the minimum

Ready to Move? Don’t Forget About Yourself and Prepare Emotionally for All the Upcoming Challenges and Changes

Relocation is definitely considered one of the most stressful life events, and unfortunately, Americans have to face it pretty often. Still, to overcome all possible consequences at the emotional level of relocating away from your hometown, ensure to prepare emotionally for the relocation. Surround yourself with people, call your family and friends more often via video calls, and try to stay away from anxiety about relocating to another state. Once you resolve it with yourself, everything will be much easier, even adjusting to a new town.

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