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Small Apartment Ideas and Tips for Decorating

Living in a tiny home has many benefits – you have less cleaning to do, you have everything on your hand, and you pay less for rent and other expenses. If you’re going to relocate soon and are looking for small apartment ideas, this article might be helpful and informative. You’ll find interesting design ideas on how to use your space, what colors to add and how to stay organized.

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Follow these tips and make your little home highly functional

If you have second thoughts about your relocation and wonder how to handle it, you can consider hiring professional help. Even when it comes to decorating a little space or relocating to a new country, experienced professionals can give you the best advice and provide you with timely assistance.

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How to Decorate a Small Apartment?

Once you find valid reasons to move, no matter if you’re moving for love or moving for a job, you should pay extra attention to your new home. If you are interested in interior decorating, you’ll find many exciting tips in the following article. The key is to keep things simple and interesting and use some of the well-known techniques that will help you turn every part of your place usable while still maintaining good and fresh-looking vibes.

It is important to paint walls in bright colors and divide areas depending on your needs and personal preferences. Don’t be afraid to add patterns, especially for depth, and don’t stick to tiny furniture pieces – you need to be extra careful about this if you want to keep your place functional. Get yourself first apartment essentials, add some details you love, and even if you’re moving to another state alone, you’ll feel better about your new living environment.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room Apartment – Tips and Ideas

One of the common mistakes you want to avoid is to put a bed in a living room or try to do an accent wall. This area should be comfortable and highly functional at the same time. How to achieve this? While making a new apartment shopping list, think about things you usually do in this area. If you’re a couch potato, better invest in some great sofa or even a multifunctional bed that you can use both ways, depending on your needs.

The best way to overcome moving fears to ensure you are going to enjoy your new living environment. You can put an adjustable TV shelf on the wall to avoid unnecessary items on the floor. You can also raise ceilings with some vertical lines, add colors and bright patterns to ensure this space looks charming no matter its size.

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Vertical shelving and bright patterns are a must

Define Separate Areas

Some people think that living in one big room is more comfortable than two little rooms, but depending on your lifestyle and things you usually do inside, think about this twice. For example, if you are moving with pets and they are not allowed on the bed, it’s probably a good idea to separate the bedroom, no matter how tiny it is. Also, think about the size of your pet – are you moving with cats or moving with dogs? How often do you need to walk them, or would they feel more comfortable having separate spaces when guests come? Unfortunately, you might not be able to separate areas with walls. Still, you can put a little bar or place a shelf to divide the bedroom area or achieve different looks for every part with area rugs and other colored furniture pieces.

Install Creative Storage System

Creative storage ideas are a compensating feature for small-sized apartments. Drawers under the bed are great for storing bed covers and blankets, as well as many other items. Removable floorboards are also great as invisible storage areas. Vertical and narrow, floor to ceiling shelving can create a feeling of spaciousness and help you achieve unconventional and interesting design while staying highly functional. Hanging mugs and pans on the kitchen wall is both trendy and practical.

Check out this video with creative ideas and chose your favorites

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture and Stay Organized

If you already know how to organize a move, it’s time to think about managing your living environment. If we’re thinking about lack of storage, multifunctional items are among the best things that happened to humankind. When making a moving expenses checklist, ensure you prepare yourself for some extra expenses for furniture pieces with double-duty. Trust us, they are worth every penny in a space where every inch counts. Trundle bed can be turned into a sofa, and a dining table with a built-in leaf can be more than useful when you have friends over for dinner.

Don’t Forget About the Floating Furniture

One of the best decisions you can make is to incorporate floating pieces into your interior. They are still functional as any other item, but the illusion of floating makes space seem less crowded and closed-off. Floating sinks in the bathroom and floating shelves in the kitchen are just some of the elements you can begin with if you are into this trend.

Adding Depth to Your Design Will Break the Monotony

If you were ever moving into a college dorm before, you probably already know some of the moving hacks that helped you achieve the desired results. One of the smart tips is to add depth to your design by layering with different textures and colors. For example, you can throw interesting-shaped rugs or put shadow boxes as wall hangings.

Another thing you can do is to experiment with your bedding. You could layer the bedding with multiple covers and blankets and place differently shaped and sized pillows on top. This is not only going to make an illusion of depth, but it will also help you stay warm, especially if you’re moving in winter. One of the essential things with layering is not to only layer one piece on top of another but to create contrast while doing it. You can achieve this by mixing materials, patterns, and textures. For example, if your sofa is warm and in neutral colors, add some colorful details like pillows to make a statement.

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Mix patterns and textures to add the illusion of depth

Consider Using Attic and High Ceilings

One of the great things about high ceilings is that they can be used not only for high and floating shelves but also for additional bedrooms. If you have a very high ceiling or unused attic, turn it into a little gallery where you can place your bed. If you don’t want to invest in stairs or don’t have enough room for it, you can just add a ladder. This is a great way to maximize usage and also experiment with some charming designs. If you have a basement, it can be used for the same purpose.

Check out this video about attic interior ideas

Stick to Light Colors

Another great way to keep space breathing is to stick to light colors for walls, ceilings, and furniture. Dark shades tend to make rooms seem smaller to the eye, while lighter shades open them up. If you use some darker shade details, ensure they are mixed with light pieces to make the illusion of depth. Also, light colors will help you accomplish that fresh and clean area look. If you’re currently choosing a palette, you should pick two bright colors and one darker shade for contrast. Color pop segments should be limited to one part of the area because too many loud colors can make everything look over-exaggerated.

Keep Everything Tidy and Declutter Often

If you already know how to clean an apartment before moving in, you shouldn’t forget that regular cleaning and decluttering are essential for small-sized homes. Even if you got rid of many unnecessary items before coming to your new home, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find some other things you don’t need after. Once you finally get there and have the opportunity to place all of your inventory where it belongs, you might notice that they feel overwhelmed in this new environment. Luckily, you can always make arrangements and decide if you want to change something once you start to live there.

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Paint walls white and put colorful details for decoration

How to Decorate a Small Apartment on a Budget?

Wonder what do you need to rent an apartment when you have just a moving out for a first-time budget? If you start with buying some cheap moving supplies, you’ll have more to invest in your new home and decorate it according to your needs. One of the cool hacks that you can rely on to make a space more luxurious is to add golden details – lamps, frames, or a table, it doesn’t matter. Golden colors are a great way to keep things eye-catching but don’t overdo it. Just a few pieces are enough to achieve the desired look. If your budget is limited, you can invest just in a few details that will help achieve the wow effect – the rest of your savings must go on multifunctional furniture. It is better to invest in a double-duty bed than to buy a separate sofa.

How to Decorate a Small Studio Apartment?

One of the fun things you can do in a studio is to turn it into a boutique hotel room! Remember the amazing time you had in these kinds of rooms and how you maybe even thought that it has everything needed for life? You can experiment with this idea and truly live your dream vacation, especially if you spend a lot of time outside and need this place just to sleep and shower. Hang your curtains high, keep interior design bright and minimalistic, install a chic kitchen and a stylish minibar, and you’ll achieve the wanted studio effect. You can also add some retro pieces like a comfy armchair. Paris-style inspiration is especially recommended for studio apartments.

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Stay on budget and still make the place glow with a few simple tricks

How to Decorate a Small Apartment for Christmas?

Are you moving during the holidays and looking for an interesting way to decorate for Christmas? There are plenty of exciting options you can choose to brighten up your home and bring in the sparkle of joy. Our list of ideas include:

  • Arranging a winter bouquet – this traditional and colorful decorative item is great for a little room.
  • Making a candle holder – You can get creative and reuse an old garland, add some lovely smelling candles and pinecones, and you’re done.
  • Hang Christmas lights on curtains – just ensure your curtains are hung highly. This is a very simple and classy way to decorate.
  • Hang cardstock snowflakes on ceilings – This is a cheap and easy way to bring out the Christmas spirit. There is no need to nail them, you can simply tape them and ensure easy removal as well.
  • Hang festive shelving on the wall – This is practical and decorative, what more could you ask for?
  • Put simple white stars on the wall – It is a good idea to put them above your TV.

Ensure to check how to store Christmas ornaments when the holiday season is over and rely on some of the creative storage spaces ideas mentioned above.

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Add some eye-catching Christmas decorations

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