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The Best Places for College Graduates to Relocate to

The Best Places for College Graduates to Relocate to

The Best Places for College Graduates to Relocate to

Best Places for College Graduates to Relocate toAre you fresh out of college and in the lookout for a job? The final semester is at its end and all you are thinking about is the most important decision that’s about to change the rest of your life; determining what city to relocate to. With prices at their peaks, you haven’t got a lot of options. You are not only going to want a city with reasonable apartments or rooms for cheap rent but also a place that provides you with a job, obviously without the long-term wait. New York or Los Angeles might be dream destinations, but unfortunately currently not the option for your financial state. Don’t worry, we got your back! Enlisted below are cities that are sen as the best places for college graduates to relocate to, so read on and get to packing!


Seattle, Washington

Apart from being Washington state’s capital, it’s no secret that the City of Seattle, also known as “Emerald City” a settler’s paradise. The city of Seattle finds itself surrounded by rising mountains, an immense number of evergreens, breathtaking panoramic views and a very impressive skyline that will make you feel relaxed as soon as you place foot in it. Seattle’s only downside is the fact that it rains an evaluated total of 150 days out of the 365 day calendar year and 200 of the 365 days are known to be cloudy. The music scene is at the top of its game, you may get to experience some amazing shows and maybe your favorite band will tour here. Sports and recreation is a lifestyle here due to the many options. The culture and beauty merge into a busy metropolis with its very own vibe. This gives the city the perfect balance and sense of tranquility.


Austin, Texas

Austin is the perfect mixture of wide-ranging and struggling artists, exciting nightlife, urban charm, profuse nature, and high powered administrators. It is a perfect city for all twenty-year-olds trying to make it in life, following their dreams of becoming musicians or maybe working part-time at the local bar. The hipster vibes you get here can’t be found in any other city. The combination of bohemian, tattooed youngsters with their Master’s Degrees, fitness and health fanatics, businessmen and politicians is mind-blowing. This is Texas though, everyone is mostly friendly and you are bound to make friends whatever your hobby may be. The city with its locally owned shops, restaurants, and music sites gives you the feeling that every time you explore something new can be found even though the city is relatively small.

San Jose, California

The city of San Jose is truly the heart of the South Bay, and home to a majority of Silicon Valley’s empowering businesses. This city is progressive and full of life giving it opportunities for just about anyone. There are plenty of things to do whether its recreation, events or checking out some of its restaurants, San Jose’s got you covered. The Downtown gives you an artsy feel with its museums and the houses are made on a nice system where they are parallel to the downtown. Since the weather is hot and mild in San Jose, you will feel the need to go outside. Alum Rock Park is where you can enjoy hiking, jogging, mountain biking, and picnicking. The park’s main attraction is the view of Mount Hamilton, which is at the high peak of the Bay. Another breathtaking park that you won’t want to miss is the Municipal Rose Garden. The city literally describes a place where you can never get bored.

Atlanta, Georgia

Demonstratively this city is known as “The City Too Busy To Hate” because it has plenty to offer. Atlanta is home to many popular attractions, restaurants, bars, nightlife, and shopping areas. Being bored here is never an option because there is always something to do. Atlanta is home to the World of Coca-Cola, Turner Studios, the Georgia Aquarium, the Fabulous Fox Theater, and of the best nightlife in the state. The only disadvantage to this amazing city is the traffic! If you are moving to Atlanta, and are looking for a decent job, with more than just clubs, and a bar, Atlanta has many options up its sleeve. The music and film industry is crazy now in the state and especially in Austin.


Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is the perfect city to relocate to! It is home to a huge, eclectic mixture of personalities, communities and social scenes with fun-loving friendly people who keep the city clean and operating well. Though it is quite small, it is still large enough, however, to keep a certain degree of peace and quiet. Madison is known for its wide span of different high-quality restaurants such as Quiveys’s Grove Restaurant where the food is authentic and the restaurant’s claim to fame is that they make everything completely from scratch. The Wisconsin Historical Museum is an attraction you won’t want to miss. Complete with an amazing prehistoric exhibit that everyone will enjoy. Madison is big on the healthy lifestyle which is why lots of people get around by biking; there are a few co-ops that stock lots of natural food items due to a large number of vegetarians/vegans. There are also a lot of recreational opportunities since there are many lakes and parks.


Boston, Massachusetts

With its thriving job market, affordable rent, no chain restaurants, Boston should be number one on your bucket list of places to relocate to. The history of this place seems endless and absolutely the whole city is scenic with so many interesting public places, memorials, statues, and public works of art. At the turn of every corner, you literally have something to learn and new to discover. Boston is a clean city and it’s not claustrophobic since there is a lot of room for you to stretch your arms and you still won’t feel like you’re in a can of sardines when walking around. Public transportation is a super operative way to get around the city and not at all complicated. Take a peaceful walk down the Boston Harbor and enjoy some outdoor ice skating during the winter time. The Boston Harbor Cruises offer water taxi rides to other stops around the city. Everything will make you fall in love with this city especially the Boston baked beans, the Boston cream pie, the Bruins, Red Sox and lest we forget the Celtics. These sports teams will have you cheering your lungs out.


 So much to do, so little time, so get to packing! Enjoy your post graduation life!