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What are the Best Places to Settle in After Moving to the Midwest

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the relocation trends in the US have drastically changed. More and more people are relocating from big cities to small towns since more and more jobs are now remote. Moving to the Midwest in the past few years has proven to be a good choice for many people because of many factors – finances, education, and employment. The region’s variety is one of the main reasons why almost everyone can find a home here. 

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The relocation trends during and after the pandemic are changing

There are a few different places that come to mind when thinking about the best places to settle in after relocating to America’s Heartland.  Some great states to consider settling down in include Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin. All of these states offer a lower cost of living than many other places in the country, as well as a variety of activities and amenities that cater to families and young professionals.

Are People Moving to the Midwest?

Midwest does offer a number of appealing features that may attract people looking for a new place to live. These include a more affordable cost of living, plenty of open space and outdoor activities, and a slower pace of life.  Also, people in the Midwest tend to be more content than those in the South. Of the ten happiest states, six are located in the Midwest: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

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When It Comes to Midwest, Moving Will Be a Breeze With Some Facts About the Region

Until 1984, it was officially called the North Central Region by the Census Bureau, and despite what many think, not every state is the same in this region. No matter if you’re relocating alone or you’re relocating with kids, there are still some facts you should be aware of when choosing the state and the city you’ll move to.

  • Weather – there are all four seasons, but summers and winters can get quite extreme. So if you decide to move during the summer, prepare for a hot and humid few months. On the other hand, a move in winter requires all the right equipment for the car and warm clothes.
  • Potholes – the roads can’t constantly be in good shape because of the weather shifts, snow, rain, and humidity. There’s a joke that there are only two seasons in this area – road destruction season and road construction season. However, it’s not as bad as it seems because a lot is being done to improve the road infrastructure.
  • Public transportation – we can say that the region is car-centric, so if you’re looking for cities with good public transportation, you might need to do some more research. However, public transport exists, but in some cities, it’s not well-connected. So, if you’re not sure whether car shipping with professional cross-country movers is a good idea, think twice.
  • Terrain – depending on the location you’re going to, but you’ll run into different types of terrain. In some places, there isn’t even a little hill; in others, you will be surrounded by mountains.

Considering all these factors, you get the bigger picture of why you should think wisely about the place you’ll call home.

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Explore thoroughly the place you'll move to

Why Should You Move to the Midwest – What Draws People to Relocate There?

People move for various reasons, and more than a million Americans have found their homes in the Heartland. You might be asking yourself what makes it so interesting and appealing to create this relocation trend. Well, you should first know that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused many changes – good and bad.

For example, remote work is available to most of us, and many are looking for more spacious apartments without noise; others got laid off and had to move back in with their parents. But one of the most important causes is that this area will provide excellent opportunities for young professionals, a safe neighborhood for families with kids, and a peaceful environment for retirees. So here’s what motivates most individuals to relocate to this region that might help you finally decide.

The Cost of Living Is Lower

Here, you can actually afford to live in a bigger city. Affordable housing – the average amount you’ll need for a home is $310,000 – is the biggest reason why everybody is relocating here. According to the U.S. News, the least expensive state in the country is Ohio, and even metropolises like Chicago are more affordable than other cities of comparable size – Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Educational System Is Excellent

Having access to top-notch schools and an excellent educational system is something you need to take into consideration, whether or not you’re family-oriented. A great school system means many other opportunities, like a job position or an overall higher real estate value.

Sports Are a Part of the Culture

Sports here are like a religion, and the region is home to some of the most famous sports teams in the country: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and many others. Also, if you’re looking for great places for college grads and you’re relocating to a college dorm, know that here, you’ll find college sports, as well. The most famous college team is the Michigan Wolverines.

Nature is Beautiful

If you’re a nature lover and just can’t live somewhere without abundant greenery, then you’re on the right track. There are amazing wildlife and stunning areas, such as South Dakota’s Badlands National Park. The Great Lakes are also something that will take your breath away once you get to visit them.

Friendly Faces

Relocation is stressful enough, and dealing with a fear of relocating is something you need to think about, especially if you’ve never moved before. It can be very stressful to make friends in a future town, among all the things you have to do after the move and adjusting to a new home. Well, here, that’s not a problem – everyone who has ever visited or lived in this region will describe a typical Midwesterner as warm, welcoming, and genuine.

Is Moving From New York to the Midwest a Good Idea?

If you’re tired of living a busy life all the time and not knowing your next-door neighbors? Then the answer to the question above is yes! Years ago, you searched for good places in NY and hoped you’d be able to afford the NY cost of living, but now things have changed. NY isn’t appealing to the young population anymore, especially Millennials, because they can get the same opportunities as in NY but in a much quieter and nicer town. Without commuting, small and expensive stores, and not feeling like a part of one big hurricane of human beings on the streets (according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 8.3 million people in NYC).

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Consider all factors before you decide where to move

Which State to Choose and How to Decide on the Most Suitable City to Live In?

Many questions come up when you try to figure out how to move to this region. However, the main ones are what is the best Midwest state to live in and where should I move to in the Midwest? Once you choose a reliable crew that will provide you with a long-distance moving service, start planning the whole process. Be sure to check the Long-Distance USA Movers company and ensure a smooth relocation.

The most efficient way is to make a relocation to-do list to keep track of all the tasks. One of these tasks should be daily research of places that could be suitable for you. Deciding where to live isn’t something you can do in just one day, so dedicate some of your free moments to ensure your new home will give you everything you need and want.

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Determine Your Priorities and Check Which State Can Provide the Most Outstanding Lifestyle

Are outdoor towns something you’ve been seeking for years, or do you need this relocation because job opportunities are weak in the town you’re currently in? There are many facts you need to consider before you make this big step in your life and hire reliable long-distance movers to help you with the relocation.. Luckily, Heartland can give you everything; the only thing you need to do is set your priorities and go with the flow. A great way of doing this is to put down on paper all you want from the new place and start researching which state and city can provide you with that.

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Knowing what you're looking for in a place will narrow down the choice

Consider Illinois as One of the First Choices When Moving to the Midwest From California

Once, California sounded like the perfect state where all dreams come true, but as years passed, you realized that you need something different, maybe more affordable, or perhaps you just couldn’t find the right town to raise a family in CA. However, the most significant reasons why individuals decide to move from California are the cost of living and the climate. For example, if you live in California, you’ll pay the median monthly rent of $1,850 for a one-bedroom flat. On the other hand, in Chicago, you’ll pay $1,000 for an apartment of the same size.

The Best Cities in the State of Illinois

Considering all the benefits of relocating to Heartland, the most challenging part is how to choose the right destination. According to the latest research, three metropolises of Illinois are ranked among the greatest ones to live in: Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford. Some smaller towns for those who want a quieter and more peaceful pace of life are Galena, Mount Carroll, Elmhurst, and Greenville.

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Decide whether a bigger or a smaller town is what you're looking for

Other States to Consider – Explore the State of Michigan

When relocating for a job, you might think there’s not much to do, especially if the place is somewhere in the Heartland. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. If you’re relocating to the Great Lakes State, then you’re more than lucky. Its capital, Detroit, is experiencing a rise in the number of newcomers looking for better job opportunities and lifestyles. With a population of around 10 million, this state will offer you affordable housing and amazing landscapes.

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Explore the Great Lakes state when relocating to the Heartland

Iowa – Leading Producer of Corn in the Country

When considering the Midwest, moving there will give you many possibilities regarding the states that could meet your wishes. If you wish to return to your rural roots, then Iowa is the perfect state for you since more than 85% of its land is used for agriculture, and it’s one of the three states with the highest number of farms in the U.S. It is also known as the Hawkeye State.

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Check all the possibilities when relocating across the country

America’s Dairyland – Wisconsin Has Many Opportunities to Offer

Wisconsin is a top producer of cheese in the U.S. The University of Wisconsin is one of the most famous universities in the region. If education and good schools are your priority, you should consider Wisconsin as your first choice. Watch the video below and find out some of the greatest places at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Moving From the South to Midwest – Let a Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company Do the Hard Work

The process of finding the perfect state and town to live in isn’t the easiest thing you had to do, right? Hopefully, this article will give you overall information and help you make a good choice. Aside from the states mentioned above, you can also start your adventure in Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, and many others. In the meantime, you should book reliable cross-country moving services that will take care of all other tasks for this relocation.

Contact Long-Distance USA Moves and make sure you have the best relocation experience. Our experienced crew can help you with the packing process and other services you might need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Midwest

What are the best cities to live in the Midwest?

The best cities to live in the Midwest depend on individual preferences, but some of the top-rated cities include Minneapolis, MN, Omaha, NE, Madison, WI, Indianapolis, IN, and Chicago, IL. All of these cities offer a great quality of life with plenty of economic opportunities, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities.

What is the cost of living in the Midwest compared to other regions?

The cost of living in the Midwest is generally lower than in other regions. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average cost of goods and services in a midwestern metropolitan area are about 14% lower than those nationwide.

What is the job market like in the Midwest?

The job market here is strong. Many industries are growing, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and education. The region is also home to large companies like Kellogg’s, 3M, and General Motors.

What is the weather like in the Midwest?

The weather in the Midwest can vary greatly depending on the time of year. In winter, temperatures are usually cold and snowy, while summers tend to be hot and humid. Storms, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards, can be common throughout the region. Spring and fall are typically milder with occasional rain showers.

What are the top tourist attractions in the Midwest?

The top tourist attractions in the Midwest are Mackinac Island in Michigan, the Mall of America in Minnesota, Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio, Door County Wisconsin, and Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

What is the housing market like in the Midwest?

The housing market varies depending on location and local economic conditions. In general, many areas of the Midwest have seen strong home price appreciation over the past few years with low-interest rates helping to fuel demand from buyers.

Is the Midwest a safe region to live in?

Overall, the Midwest is considered to be a safe region to live in. Crime rates are lower in this area than in other regions of the United States. In addition, many cities and towns across the Midwest offer well-funded police departments with high standards of safety and security.

What is the public transportation system like in the Midwest?

The public transportation system in the Midwest varies widely depending on the city or region. In larger urban areas, there is a well-developed network of buses, trains, and subways that connect people to their desired destinations. Smaller cities tend to have more limited options, such as local bus services.

What is the food and drink culture like in the Midwest?

The food and drink culture in the Midwest is a mix of classic American cuisine, hearty comfort foods, and regional specialties. Common dishes include fried chicken, barbeque ribs, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, burgers, and hot dogs. As for drinks, Midwesterners enjoy craft beer from local breweries as well as soft drinks like root beer, cream soda, and pop.

What are some outdoor recreation opportunities in the Midwest?

Midwest offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking, fishing, camping, boating, hunting, skiing, and snowboarding. There are also many parks and trails that offer visitors the chance to explore nature’s beauty.

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