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Tips on How to Donate Unwanted Items Before You Move

If you are moving, it would be a good idea to declutter before packing to reduce transport and storage costs and start a new life without unnecessary things. And when you do, make sure to donate unwanted items to charities and other organizations that help the less fortunate.

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Firstly, make a list of things in your home, be it furniture, clothes, or anything else. This will help you select all the items you want to keep, throw, or give away. Then, prep things for the donation and drop them off in a nearby center. Remember that many charities have a pickup service, so even if you are busy with packing and relocating, you can make donations. Here is some useful info to help you do that.

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Decide What to Give Away – Make an Inventory

Deciding what to keep, throw away, and what to donate seems like a long and scary process. Go through your home and make an inventory of all the items you own. This will assist you not only in the process of decluttering, but it can also help you keep up with your packing schedule. If you are using a long-distance moving service, knowing what is in each box will be beneficial if some belongings get damaged and you need to collect insurance.

Ask yourself when was the last time you used a certain thing. If you haven’t touched it for more than half a year, it is probably time to get rid of it. Besides donating, throwing a garage sale is another way to do it. Try to give away all the things you have in doubles. Maybe you are still keeping your old, but working TV? Why not give it away to Goodwill?

Check Places Where You Can Drop off Donations

Once you’ve made a decision about belongings you will no longer need, it is time to look for charities with your local ZIP code. You should look through websites and find out what kind of things organizations accept. When you do, depending on your time, you can either drop off your belongings or schedule a pick-up service.

This Is How You Prepare Items Before Donating Them

When you set your mind on objects you want to give away, make sure that you prep them before dropping them off to charity. Try to clean them. Depending on the type of item, wash it, or use wet wipes. It would be good if you could pack elements in the original box along with instructions and all extra parts, especially if you are donating old appliances. But if you don’t have the container, just put everything you have in a box. Everyone will surely appreciate the instruction sheet or any additional parts you may have.

You Are Saving Money When Donating

Did you know that by making a donation you are actually saving up? All you have to do is get a receipt. These organizations will provide you with a tax deduction receipt. So, in the long run, these can end up saving you a bit of money.

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Pick the right place to drop off your stuff

Make a Donation to the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been around for over 100 years, and it serves in 130 countries around the globe. So if you feel charitable, this is an organization that you will most likely find in your local area. Plus, they have a collecting service.  Although they will accept almost anything, remember that objects must be in good condition.

All the Ways You Can Help

You are a person that likes to help the misfortunate, and the agenda that the Salvation Army has is close to your heart? Other than giving away your belongings, you can help by donating money. You can even create your fundraiser to support a cause that seems vital to the community.

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The Salvation Army also accepts money donations.

Pick Habitat for Humanity Restore

This is a nonprofit housing organization working to help people in the most impoverished communities. Their main goal is to give people decent places to live. That is why they accept donations in the form of building materials, electronic appliances, furniture, and other slightly used objects. If you have any bags of cement left over from your renovation, or paint, maybe even beds, this is the organization for your donations. They even organize the transport of your belongings. You just have to make an appointment.

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Habitat for Humanity Restore takes furniture and distributes it to less fortunate.

Call Pickup Please Before Moving State to State

Did you forget to call a charity or drop off your belongings to one? You are moving tomorrow and you are simply too swamped to do it yourself? Don’t worry! All you have to do is call Pickup Please, and they will take all of your unwanted things within 24 hours. They accept household appliances, shoes, clothing, furniture, and much more. The organization sells your belongings and funds programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Tips on Preparing Items for Pickup

You might be busy but still want to do the right thing and donate the things you don’t use? Luckily, Pickup Please can just collect the belongings you don’t need, in front of your home. All you have to do is place your objects outside. Make sure that you label boxes with big letters so that the long-distance movers know what they should take. Be careful before you put boxes out – check the forecast, and if it is raining, make arrangements for a different collecting place.

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Box everything and take it outside, Pickup Please will take care of the rest.

Other Places Where You Can Donate Unwanted Items

Once you decide that you want to give away some of your things, know that there are many charities and organizations that can benefit from your belongings. Finding one or more in your local area will be easy. Big organizations such as Goodwill have shops all over the country. You just have to check what kind of objects they accept and if there are any restrictions and unwanted elements. Once you’ve done that, all that is left is to drop things off or have someone pick them up.

Food Donation Is the Way to Get Rid of Extra Non-Perishables

You are prepping your home for relocation, and there is a massive amount of food left? You shouldn’t throw it away. Your giveaways may put a smile on someone’s face, especially if you are moving during the holiday season when everything is about tasty meals. Food banks are great places for you to drop off extra canned goods, pasta, rice, and other non-perishable foods. Check the expiration date on boxes and cans, as you would not want to donate spoiled food.

Donate Cars When Moving Across the Country – What Charities Accept Them

Have you decided to save on car shipping services and leave your old vehicle behind when you move? Maybe you won’t be needing it in your new town, or you might want to get a new one? Have no worries, and you can give it away to charity and do a good deed. If possible, find a charity that accepts cars directly, so that the profit of your vehicle stays in their hands. Organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army are amongst those that take vehicles.

The Best Way to Put Old Books to Use When Moving Interstate

Do you want to save up some money while relocating? The best way to do so is by moving only the necessities. Do you have old textbooks and novels? You should pack them and give them away. Local libraries are the perfect place to leave books you have already read. Also, if you want to give them to an organization, try Reading Tree. They collect books and give them away to schools and libraries in the US and overseas.

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Pick a charity to give away your car

Do a Good Deed and Lower Cross Country Moving Costs

When you finally pick the right long-distance moving company to help you relocate, you should start with decluttering. Everything you don’t want your cross country movers to pack should be either sold or donated. If you opt for giving away your stuff you will not only be doing a good deed but also lowering your overall interstate moving costs. However, before calling a charity to take over your extra stuff, check their condition, and make sure they can be used. While cross country movers are providing you with packing, moving, and storage services, you can schedule a pickup for the extra stuff. Remember, by giving away your belongings, you’ll be starting a new adventure knowing you helped the less fortunate, so don’t hesitate to do it.

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