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#10 Best Long-Distance Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Relocating across the country can be a really tedious and stressful experience, especially without the right long distance moving tips at your hands. That’s why, to help you relocate like a pro, we created this list of the best tips that will make your move easy, smooth, and, most importantly, stress-free.

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There are more than a few ways to make a move easy

#1 Create a Plan as Soon as You Decide to Relocate

Figuring out how to move starts with a thorough and detailed plan. Whether you are moving for the first time or are already on the tenth move, having a well thought to-do list would significantly lower your stress levels.

That’s why, if you are wondering How do I make long distance move easier? Start by putting on the paper all relocation-related tasks that need to be done. From basic things like hiring cross country movers to notifying the bank. Every task is worth writing down because you’ll have a lot on your plate, and it can happen that some things just slip your mind. That being said, having it all written down will lower the chances of forgetting to do something important.

Staying on Schedule Is a Must for a Successful Move

With the ultimate relocation list in your hands, it will be easy to track the move’s progress. However, even the plan can’t help you if you are procrastinating. That’s why try to keep up with a schedule as much as possible. Don’t delay tasks that can be done easily and fast. And if you feel overwhelmed, call the loved ones. They will surely be happy to help a friend or a family member move. Also, when you finish the task, mark it done because it will allow you to track the progress of the move.

girl holding a checklist
You should think about everything, from using cross country moving services to preparing a bag of essentials

#2 Hiring a Long Distance Moving Company Will Make the Move Easy

If you are wondering how to move efficiently and without a fuss, hiring professionals is the way to go. By using long distance moving services, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble because movers will do all the heavy lifting.

Why would you stress yourself by trying to pack fragile items or waste time looking for the best way to box up a TV when professionals can do it instead of you. Having a reputable company by your side will speed up the relocation and make it smooth.

Ensure That the Cross Country Moving Company Can Provide You With Various Services

However, before entrusting professionals with your valuable possessions, ensure that the company is legitimate. That’s why when choosing a relocation company, you should look into reviews, its online presence, and licenses. When you are sure the professionals are the real deal, ask about the different relocation services they offer.

Reputable relocation experts will offer you a wide array of services that cover every step of the move. From packing assistance to reliable auto shipping, the relocation process will be easy and fast with the right services.

long distance movers
Research "long distance movers near me" and find the best ones to assist you

#3 Organize All the Documents, and You Won’t Lose Important Papers

There are a lot of documents a person brings along to a new residence when they are relocating. From medical records to mortgage proofs. Each is important in its own way. And although some can be easily replaced, losing others would cause you a lot of trouble.

That’s why to avoid additional stress, learning how to organize important documents before the move is a must. Start by getting binders or folders for all of the essential papers. Then split them into categories and label each of them. To learn more about organizing important papers, check out the video below.

#4 Notify All the Important Organizations About the Move

Relocation entails a lot of changes, but among the most important ones is the change in your address. To avoid missing some important mail or magazine subscriptions, changing the address when you move should be one of the priorities.

To make things easier, create a list of people and institutions that need to be notified about the move. Start with those institutions you encounter daily, like the bank. Then if you want to transfer utilities, notify those providers about the change. Don’t forget health insurance providers, as well as school (if relocating with kids). Also, if you are relocating with pets, ensure that the vet changes their address on the microchip.

Keep in mind that even if you are relocating at the last minute, this is the task that shouldn’t be forgotten. After all, you wouldn’t want to relocate and not be able to pay your bills, enjoy subscriptions or have access to medical insurance. That’s why you shouldn’t postpone the task, notify everybody as soon as you are done house hunting, and you have a different address.

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Don’t Forget to Let Your Friends and Family Know You Are Relocating

While you are creating the list of organizations that need to be notified about the move, find the time to notify friends and family about the move. You can do it over the phone, via email, or in person. It really depends on you. However, organizing a party would be a great way to say goodbye to everybody and ensure they all have your address.

Friends in the city
Notify everybody in advance - this is one of the best long distance move tips you can get

#5 Before You Get To Packing Declutter Your Home

Over time people tend to accumulate a lot of things they don’t actually need. That can be seen the best when they start preparing for the move. There will be a lot of things to transport from one place to another, which can result in an expensive relocation.

That’s why before creating a relocation budget, you should declutter your home. To make deciding what to get rid of easy, start by creating a home inventory. Go through each room, write down all the stuff, and then make three piles – keep, donate/sell, throw away.

Donate Items You No Longer Need

Donating unwanted items is one way of getting rid of them. Not only you’ll lower the relocation expenses, but you’ll be doing a good deed by helping somebody in need. Basically, when donating appliances, you have to ensure that they are in good condition and then find a charity that accepts those kinds of items. Organizations like Goodwill and Red Cross are just some of many that accept various donations.

Sell Those Belongings You Don’t Want to Pack and Earn Some Money

On the other hand, if you want to earn a bit of money and have a lot of stuff that is still in working condition, organizing a garage sale is the simplest solution. Notify the neighbors, pick the date, and you are good to go. If there are things left after the garage sale, you can donate them.

woman sorting clothes
Decluttering is one of the most useful tips for a long distance move that will lower your costs

#6 Get Various Packing Supplies and Protect Belongings the Best Way Possible

After the decluttering process is done, it is time to start putting everything that’s left in containers. However, before you choose the best packing strategy, you’ll need to obtain different materials.

No matter how much stuff you got, getting as many supplies as possible is important. That means you shouldn’t debate between bubbles and paper. Just get them both. One will be great for wrapping up china, while the other can be used as padding in boxes. However, if you are on a tight budget, look for cheap supplies or even some free boxes (these can be found in local stores). Just remember using various materials will increase the safety of your belongings.

Labeling Will Make the Unpacking Fast

While you are at it, look for some labels, markers, and stickers in the store. These will help you mark the boxes and make them easier to place in a new residence. Since labels for boxes come in different colors, you should mark each room differently. For example, containers with kitchen items can be marked red, while those with bathroom essentials can be blue. The labeling system will make unpacking faster.

man labeling boxes
How should I pack for a long distance move - By using various materials and labels

#7 Save Some Money by Relocating During the Off-Season

We have already discussed some of the ways you can save up during the relocation process. However, you can also spend less if you choose the right season for the move. Even though relocating during the summer comes with many perks, such as sunny weather, it is also more expensive.

On the other hand, relocating in winter means dealing with the bad weather. However, this is the season when movers are less busy, meaning that overall prices of the relocation are significantly lower. So, if you declutter beforehand and pick the right season, relocating to a new state won’t leave you broke.

 pink piggy bank
By picking the right season, you are avoiding putting a dent in your savings

#8 Pack Up a Bag of Essentials for the Moving Day

Every person that is relocating should know that belongings won’t arrive at the new location at the same time as they do. Relocation experts take a while to transport everything safely to the desired location. That’s why you should have a bag of relocation essentials that can cover all of your basic needs for a few days. This bag should consist of:

  • Change of clothes and fresh sheets
  • Medicine
  • Chargers
  • Documents
  • Toiletries
  • Some food (at least for the first evening in a new home)
  • Cleaning supplies.
brown bag on the floor
Bag of essentials will make the first few days in a new home easy

#9 Cleaning Will Make Both Old and New Homes Sparkle

If you are renting a current home, leaving it dirty won’t help you get the deposit back. That’s why you should clean up after the boxes are packed. Grab some old rags and cleaning solutions. Wash the windows. Clean up the floors, and ensure there is no mess left behind.

Cleaning should also be done in a new place. No matter if the place seems spotless, wiping the surfaces and disinfecting them is a smart thing to do. Especially if you are relocating during the coronavirus pandemic.

woman cleaning
Cleaning the residence will make it sparkle more

#10 Preparing the House for Long Distance Movers Will Make Loading and Unloading Fast

When the big day comes, you should do everything in your power to make it run smoothly. You already hired professionals to handle the relocation, so you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. However, you can create a designated packing zone where the floors will be covered with protective material (avoiding dirt and scratches).

Also, you can put labels on all doors, so the movers will know which room is which. Furthermore, if you are relocating during the rain, ensure that the entrance is covered and protected from the water. Also, the pathway should be cleared of obstacles. All of this should also be applied to a new home.

long distance movers unloading the truck
Small preparations will make a move faster and stress-free

With the Best Long Distance Moving Tips, Your Move Will Go Smoothly

Now, when you went over all of our tips for stress-free and easy relocation. The only thing left to do is pick up the phone, call long distance movers and book your move. With professional assistance and our tips at your hands, you can rest assured the whole process will go without a hitch.

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