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Best Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

We’ve all been there – unexpected guests, parents, friends, and other beloved people ring, and we all turn into sorcerers making our belongings disappear in seconds and doing our best to give the place a makeover in the least time possible. Preparing your home for sale is similar to this process, especially if you’re in the midst of long-distance moving and you feel there’s too much to handle at once. And it can be, but with smart time management and the enthusiasm to carry this through, you’ll get your place ready without losing the will to live.

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Buckle up as you're about to make a change that can lead you to impressive results

According to research, staged homes sell 25% faster than non-staged ones, which means putting in the effort to highlight the best features and paying attention to details can go a long way. But, how does one do that? Lose your mind and forget everything else? Not really. Let’s walk you through some expert preparing your home for sale tips that can cut time and reduce stress.

Make the Ultimate Preparing Your Home for Sale Checklist First

Oblivio is commonly happening in the case of long-distance moving with kids or pets since their well-being entails you invest your precious time and attention. But, even if you’re doing it alone, all tasks combined with crucial dilemmas, such as how to get a job in a new city, can swamp you.

The way out? A checklist detailing all your tasks and deadlines. A way to avoid throwing in the towel and running away? Keep it simple at all times, and look back on this list regularly. Our tips can give you an idea of what it could look like.

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The answer to how to prepare your house for sale starts with this one

Eternal Glory Awaits Those Who Declutter Wisely

Imagine your prospective buyer jumping over those toys your kid scattered on the floor, opening cupboards out of which books tumble on the floor (because you had no idea where to keep them any longer), and going through what your family goes through in their daily routine. Not a superb impression? We’d say no, really, which is why you need to declutter your space.

In case you have a loop before you move out and you’re unsure where to keep some items, consider creative storage ideas or even professional storage services. Having less stuff inside will make space look bigger and neater, whereas loading it up from the floor to ceiling might give it a troubled look and discredit it in your buyer’s eyes. So, how do you do this?

Stick to Categories

The simplest way that most people opt for when learning how to organize a move and how to transform their home for sale is creating separate categories that different items can go to. And, though being creative and doing things your way is always a plus in life, if you can’t think of anything, stick to the common donate, get rid of, sell method. This one can speed the process up and let you deal with your other commitments, and it can work wonders if you want to insert some order in this enormous task.

Another great idea is to go room by room or category by category. We do not doubt the creative chaos methodology, yet focusing solely on one room or one type of item can give you clarity and direction as you get visible results. And, this step can also facilitate your packing schedule as you’ll have things sorted out, and you’ll know what you’re dealing with.

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Do the World a Good Turn and Donate

Once you know what goes forever and what stays, you’re left with unwanted items to donate. And, be it clothes, old appliances, books, or even durable food cans, this step can be executed quickly and can help you feel great and successful at the same time. Check out the organizations willing to come to pick up your belongings, look up tax deductions, and you’re fully prepared.

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Categories will enable you to take it all into perspective

Repair What Needs to Be Fixed, but Don’t Overdo It

Once you’re done with sorting out your belongings, you can get to more specific improvements that will truly make a difference in the whole appeal. Though people usually believe they should think big, the small things are what people notice the most and are something to prioritize. So, before you jump to that checklist for moving to a new state, ensure you fix those doorknobs, the leaking faucet, the dents in the wall, and all other maintenance issues you’ve been postponing for a while.

However, all the issues that aren’t immediate, you might want to reconsider. The idea is not for you to renovate and change the place from the core, but to insert small upgrades that will paint an overall more pleasing picture. If you go over the top, more costs will pop up on your moving expenses checklist, and nobody wants that.

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You needn't do it all, but you should focus on what's important

Clean and Slick Up Your Interior

You are presenting your home as a product on the real estate market, and for that reason, a spring clean and bright decorations can never do harm. Details, such as plants, wall paint, and furniture arrangement, can really bend the odds in your favor, so don’t forget to play an interior designer for a while. It’s easier than it seems.

Besides, if you’ve been through the process of looking up what do you need to rent a house or buy property in your new state or city, use it to your advantage. Remember which details struck you at first and what caught your eye, and add them to your own sales offer. These are some suggestions on how you can achieve the wow effect.

Let There Be Light

Though dark tones sometimes go well with the entire space layout and have a role in defining the room’s energy, not many buyers will fall head over heels for this gothic vibe. According to research, light spaces tend to spark a positive first impression, so do all you can to inspire the viewer to start drafting the new house or apartment shopping list.

You can leave a light on in each room, especially if you’re relocating in winter, or you could even consider changing the wall paint. Neutral beige and white constantly top all the lists of people’s favorite colors, so this investment can help you in the long run.

Rearrange the Furniture

Most people don’t change the place of their sofas, tables, and chairs as they wake up and before their morning coffee on a regular basis. Still, the fact you envisioned your couch, for instance, to be directed at the TV, doesn’t mean that is the best solution. You can play around and make novel uses of your space without affecting your moving out for the first time budget. You can even consult your friends on this one and let them be your ‘fictitious’ buyers.

Let the Space Bloom

Your viewers are more likely to remember your place if they feel good at it and if they can associate it with plants because they liven up the room and create a cozy atmosphere. So, in case you’re considering learning how to ship live plants, put a halt to that process and keep the greenery around for a while longer. And, it goes without saying that you should keep the pots and vases spick and span as bugs and untidiness are a huge no. Check out the following video if you need more tips on how to decorate your home without any crucial investments.

Your House Exterior Should Look Inviting Every Day Too

Once the inside is settled, you can go outside. And, this one is not to be brushed over at any cost because the same way people form their initial opinions about other people based on their looks, so do buyers in the case of houses. The first encounter they’ll have with your property will be from the outside, so going the extra mile here is the best thing you can do. And if you’re moving during the fall, summer, or spring, that is, during any season that doesn’t involve layers of snow hiding all elements that leave room for improvement, you should do the following:

  • Pay attention to your entrance – if it’s damaged by the elements or covered in dirt, see how you can make it look better,
  • Take care of your garden – The same advice as above applies. In case you’re cultivating plants, trim them and make them seem attractive,
  • Scrutinize the front door – Check the paint, name tag, doormat, and all the tiny details as the devil is always in the detail.
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The first encounter stays for a long time

How to Showcase the Entire Potential of Your Home and Help It Stand Out

When all the repairs and tasks are out of the way, it’s time to add the final touches to your makeover. You should remember here that different buyers have varying reasons to move, which is why you need to be able to let them see your place in its full potential and imagine themselves creating life within that space. You can accomplish this goal through two strategies.

Avoid Family Elements and Try to Depersonalize the Place

Your photos, crafts your kid made, and messages your friends wrote to you tell a story, and it’s a story about you and your family life, not your house. Most buyers will find this as prying into someone’s life uninvited, and perhaps they’ll feel blocked by your taste. You don’t want to let that happen, as it might impede you from striking a deal. So, make sure you employ those moving hacks, perhaps even hire a top-notch packing service, and do away with most of your personal belongings, especially the story-telling kind. It might seem far-fetched, yet you’ll be surprised by the results.

Keep Your House Clean at All Times

You never know when someone will come around to check your place once it’s been marketed, so you should be in for a penny in for a pound. You needn’t turn into a cleaning freak, but having some strategy that enables you to keep it all presentable is a must.

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Don't feel bad about emptying your place as it's part of the process

You Can Book a Reputable Real Estate Agent to Speed the Process Up

Finally, if you’re done with comparing moving quotes, and you do have the right crew of hassle-free long-distance movers, you might also consider booking the services of real estate agents with experience and a good reputation. Marketing and advertising your home is not a small task, especially nowadays when most people do the browsing online, so having this kind of help can do wonders for your sales process.

Agents are in charge of running your online and offline home presentation and usually run the showings. They should also be able to communicate with you and represent you in your best interest.

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They might have more tips for preparing your home for sale

Patience Is Crucial After Preparing Your Home for Sale

Moving cross-country can wear you out, but finding excellent long-distance moving services that entail car-shipping along with the basic ones and that are covered with moving insurance is a step in the right direction. With a splendid long-distance moving company by your side, you can fully dedicate your time to your house, and you’ll feel more relieved as you’ll know that is the final thing left on your old checklist.

Preparing your house for sale is a lengthy process, and sometimes things don’t immediately take off, but that doesn’t mean it was all in vain. If you do your job well and give your house a pleasant new look, you’re bound to sell and finish this chapter as a winner.

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