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Creative Ideas for Moving Away Party – How to Leave With a Blast

Relocating can be stressful and emotional at times – saying goodbye to your home and everything that’s familiar can be overwhelming. So what better way to end that era of your life than to throw an unforgettable moving away party? If you’re not exactly a pro and you need some guidance, no need to hire a planner – we’ve got you covered with the best moving away party ideas and tips so you can send out your invites in peace.

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Leave with fresh memories and a smile on your face

Whatever the reason for the move may be, maybe finding love in a new city, or perhaps you are relocating for that dream job and going to another country, even if you’re relocating simply because you want a fresh start in a new place, calling cross-country moving services is never easy. A lot of sad emotions build up while packing everything near and dear to your heart, so a great way to release the stress you’ve been carrying is to have one last day of fun with your closest friends before embarking on a new journey.

How Do You Have a Moving Away Party?

It depends on who usually gives a farewell party, but unless you are expecting one of your friends to throw you a surprise moving-out party, you will need to throw it and do some prep work. We know you already have a lot on your plate with the move, so if you need some help, we have a few relocation tips, but it is all going to be worth it in the end. There is no need to put together a farewell gala dinner – a simple barbecue at home with your closest people would suffice. Brainstorm some ideas and think about the perfect way to make you happy before you go. Never leave things on a sad note.

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How to Throw a Moving Away Party – Where to Start With the Planning?

The first step to a successful celebration before relocating to a new city is figuring out who you want to invite. If you’re relocating with kids, they also need to invite their friends. Think about your closest people, and make the guest list. Then start thinking about where you want it to be held. Look around your home. Since you’re in the middle of dealing with a long-distance moving company and organizing your move, the house might be kinda messy. Knowing your house will be flooded with large boxes until movers come, you might want to consider having it at someone else’s home or a venue with good reviews. If all else fails, going out on a night out on the town requires almost no planning at all and is an excellent way to say goodbye.

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Take some time to write the guest list

What Do People Do for Going Away Parties? Games, Themes, and Great Party Ideas for Someone Moving Away

All great parties need a theme that will guarantee everyone has a good time. Don’t think too hard about it. If chips and beer are exactly what you had in mind, that’s perfect – just be sure to let others know when sending out the moving away party invitations. A theme is there to set the mood for the whole gathering. It lets people know you had a plan in mind, not just leftover beer that couldn’t survive cross-country moving because movers won’t move it. On the other hand, if something more creative suits what you had in mind, here are a couple of the best ideas to make your night memorable!

Game Night

An excellent way to spice things up is by playing board games. It might sound simple, but you can never go wrong with some classics like trivia or charades – guaranteed good vibes. Our personal favorite is the roast competition. Let folks make fun of the host (or you) a little bit. Chess might not be the best game for this occasion. Instead, we highly recommend karaoke – embarrass yourselves together once more.

Cocktail Night

If you’re throwing together a small and simple soiree at home in honor of your departure, just think about how much fun it would be to have everyone bring a special cocktail they made. Then you can have a taste test and judge the cocktails from best to worst. Even the cocktails could be themed! This doesn’t exclude people who don’t, or can’t, drink – mocktails are a perfect substitute. Stir up some virgin mojitos and enjoy yourselves.

Dress Up in Costumes

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you and your friends to enjoy dressing up as your favorite Marvel characters. Mingling is way more fun in disguise. Just don’t forget to put it in bright, bold letters on the invitation – parties are usually doomed if half the people show up as regular citizens.

Packing Theme

We saved the best for last – packing parties! Why not throw a packing party if you’re pressed for time and need help? We mean, are they really your closest friends if you can’t use them a little bit? Just be sure to keep them well fed and happy, and there is no doubt they will gladly provide you with their long-distance moving services. They won’t exactly provide you with professional packing assistance, but you can have fun by spending the night going through the boxes, seeing some old items that will give you a laugh.

Cooking Theme

If you guys are total foodies, you need to host that cooking night you’ve always talked about. What is a moving away party if not the perfect chance to do something you never got around to but always wanted. It could be only Italian food, where everyone brings a dish, appetizer, main course, or dessert. Or decide on another theme, where everyone brings a traditional dish from different countries all over the world. If you’re not a pro at cooking yet, just cook some pasta and have a great night.

Food, Drinks, and Good Music are Mandatory

Here’s a pro tip on how to keep every guest happy at all times – great food and drinks that never run out. One of the most important parts of the planning process is figuring out how much food and drinks will be needed. A great host knows that plates and glasses should always be filled to the top. If the relocation budget you set won’t allow that, it’s perfectly fine as long as you let guests know via the invitation whether there will be food or not or if they need to BYOB. Pick out your favorite songs and playlists, just don’t have them playing too loudly.

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Provide enough refreshments for everyone

Some Personal Touches

Know that every night that is told and retold years later had some original touch the host thought of. It could be as simple as an interesting decoration like tiny umbrellas with everyone’s names in the cocktails or funny hats.

Going-Away Gifts

Do you bring a gift to a moving away party? That’s always a tough question, but we feel that you should always bring parting gifts unless the host specifically set a “no gifts ” policy in the invitation. Great present ideas are something practical and related to the cross-country moving your friend is going through. Keep in mind that the gift doesn’t need to be expensive in order to be great. Cheap relocation supplies are always a thoughtful way to surprise someone.

Celebration Favors

Everyone loves interesting and fun things they can remember the night by. It’s not a necessity, but it’s an excellent idea for this occasion. If you want to go the extra mile for your guests and give each of them a little gift at the end of the night, here are a few ideas on how you can do that:

  • Photo booth,
  • Guest book,
  • Photo albums,
  • Friendship bracelets,
  • A stationary set for writing letters.

Ideas for Moving Away Party Decorations

If you feel like going the extra mile – decorations are a fun, creative way to do something that your guests will love. Flower arrangements, balloons, and candles are always people pleasers. You also can’t go wrong with personalized banners, little hats, mustaches, or other crafts. We mean, what do you call a goodbye party that didn’t have “we will miss you” balloons? Of course, if you don’t feel like going through trouble, you’re not obligated to break the bank. Decorations can be handmade for a small amount of money. If you would like to find out how to do it, check out this video.

Don’t Forget About the Cleanup at the End of the Night

One of the advantages of having a venue or someone else’s house is that you can pass the burden of cleaning up afterward onto someone that isn’t expecting cross-country movers in less than twelve hours. On the other hand, if you’re the host, mopping up spilled drinks and throwing the trash out is going to be unavoidable.

Think a few steps ahead – be sure you stock up on paper and plastic cups, plates, and utensils. It might not be the best for the environment, but your dishes are packed, and it will make your move-out cleaning a whole lot easier. Another trick is to have trash bags everywhere, so you can all pitch in and clean up as you go; simply ask your guests to be mindful of the mess.

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Thinking ahead guarantees an easy cleanup

Give a Memorable Farewell Toast

The perfect way to end the night is to hear the host give a speech. It’s a final chance to say goodbye to all the people that made an impact on your life at that place. The best advice we can give you on how to give a perfect farewell speech is for it to be heartfelt and sincere. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to visit you and the new friends you’ve made in the city.

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Make Sure to Send Out the Invites on Time

Once you’ve planned everything out, pin a date, write and send the invitations out. It doesn’t have to be a unique moving announcement, just be sure to include the exact time and location of the event. All parties must end at some point, so you could also let your guests know how long you intend the celebration to last. Also include any additional details that are important, like the no gifts or the gifts are mandatory policy, theme, or if it’s a BYOB type of a situation.

Send out the invites a couple of weeks in advance and wait for the RSVPs. We would recommend digital invitations, as they’re faster and cheaper. Once you have received all the RSVPs, continue packing and start counting down the days.

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Sending out the invitations a few weeks ahead is always a smart move

Planning Will Take Some Time and Effort, so Don’t Let Your Move Fall Behind

If you want to be stress-free so your celebration can go as smoothly as possible, hire long-distance movers with good reviews. You have no idea how much they will make moving easier. They will also take care of most of your moving to-do list so you can relax and enjoy the transition to your new home.

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