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4 tips to packing dishes when moving

4 tips to packing dishes when moving

4 tips to packing dishes when moving

Packing all of your household items safely should be your top priority when you are preparing for the move. By following these few simple guidelines, all of your breakable kitchen possessions will get to your new home intact. Some people would say that all the trouble with packing and transporting your kitchen are overrated.

Although it looks like a small room, there are plenty of cupboards and drawers that hold numerous small items that require special attention. As a result, you will need plenty of effort and time to sort all of your dishes and pack them for the move. If you have never moved before, do not let the amount of household items and breakables worry you. Even the most fragile things can be handled easily if you follow these 4 tips to packing dishes when moving.

How to pack fragile dishes when moving?

Make sure to have a sufficient amount of packing supplies and protective materials on hand, packing paper, dish boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. Dish boxes are especially moving boxes designed for packing fragile and breakable kitchen objects. Dish boxes are more durable and have thicker walls than regular cardboard boxes, and as a result, they are more expensive.

Use as much packing paper as you need to wrap each piece of glassware, cover the bottom of each box and fill any empty space inside the box with it so as to make sure that objects can’t move around inside. Before putting crumpled packing paper, tape the bottom of the box correctly in order to reinforce it. Don’t overpack the boxes and make sure that you add an extra layer of packing paper at the top. -In order to ensure the best protection wrap each item individually, pack bigger items first and light objects at the top of the box. Also, create a layer of protective cushioning inside and out for the dishes. While lifting the moving box, if you hear the items moving around know that there is still some free space between the items that need to be filled with crumpled paper. Don’t hesitate to double-wrap your more delicate items like porcelain, crystal or stoneware. Furthermore, while the item is already wrapped in paper, put an extra protective layer of bubble wrap over it.

What and how to pack

Small kitchen appliances can be packed in a dish box, but not necessarily, since those boxes are designed to carry more delicate and breakable items like bowls, plates, glasses, cups, vases, etc.

Items such as pots, pans, plastic kitchen items don’t need to be packed in a dish box. Use regular cardboard box instead, since similar things are not so delicate.

For protecting your dishes for the upcoming move you can also use a bubble wrap, so you can either use crumpled paper or bubble wrap to create a soft base for your items.

What boxes are most suitable

Except for regular cardboard moving boxes, which can be found for free, make sure to include other dish packing material costs into your moving budget. If you are about to go over the budget, use some alternatives every household has – newspapers, old towels or other kinds of fabrics which can be used as a padding material.

Once the box is packed, put another layer of protective padding material at the top and close the box with tape.

Label each moving box so that your moving teams will know the content of the boxes and where each of them belongs. In case you have any additional instructions for the movers responsible for transporting them, write them down.

Loading the boxes onto the truck

Be very careful when loading the moving boxes into the moving truck. No matter how much the things are protected, one careless step while loading the boxes can cause a lot of damage.

If you are not sure as to how you will manage the packing of extra fragile and valuable items, then consider hiring professional packing services provided by your moving company or any other company specializing in packing items for relocations.

Last but not least, acquire proper insurance so as to cover your items in case of damage or losses.

After reading these 4 tips to packing dishes when moving, we at Long Distance Movers hope that you are now more prepared to pack your dishes and other fragile items for your move. Trustworthy movers will help to keep the relocation process on track and will make sure that your belongings will reach your new home safely. We also provide high quality moving supplies and moving services for all your relocation needs.