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Cheapest Time of the Year to Move Long Distance

Relocating across the country may open numerous different questions. One of those questions sure is when is the cheapest time of the year to move. After all, we all know how relocation can be expensive, and trying to save some money is a thing to think about.

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Choose a non-popular period to move and save some cash

The cheapest time of the year to move is the so-called off-season during the colder months, so that is when you should book a date with a reliable long-distance moving company. When you know the best time to move and how to avoid relocation scams, not only will you be able to save cash, but you won’t feel fear of relocating anymore.

What Should You Consider When Looking for the Cheapest Time of Year to Move

If you’re planning a long-distance move, you’re probably wondering when to make the big move. After all, timing is everything when it comes to getting the best deals on long-distance moving services with efficient packing services and secure car shipping.

People from every corner of the country ask themselves this question since cross-country moves can be frustrating, especially if they are made during the pricey season. Many people now dread the busy moving days as a result of this. Planning a move involves a number of variables, particularly timing and selecting a move date and time frame.

There are obviously no rules regarding the most affordable time to move. This can depend on where you’re relocating from and to, how far you’re traveling, as well as your requirements for shipping or storage. Nevertheless, the following advice will help you make an informed choice regarding the least expensive time to move.

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Peak Season Vs. Off-Peak Season

The first thing you need to understand is that there is a peak season and an off-peak season for relocation services. The peak season for moves typically runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is due to the fact that summer is a popular time for people to relocate because their children are out of school, and they have more flexibility with their work schedules. As a result, demand (and prices) for moving services tend to be higher during this period.

If your schedule allows, aim to book your move during the off-peak season, which runs from October through April (excluding holidays). You’ll not only save money, but you’ll also have a wider selection of dates and times to choose from since there won’t be as much competition.

When booking your move, keep in mind that weekdays are typically cheaper than weekends and that morning or mid-day moves are often cheaper than afternoon or evening moves.

Is Winter the Cheapest Time of the Year to Move?

Preparing yourself financially when figuring out how to move is a must. It doesn’t matter whether you’re relocating for a job or whatever your reasons for moving are. Hiring a professional long-distance moving company could cost you a lot of money. Having this in mind, plan the relocation budget accordingly and don’t exclude the possibility of relocating in cold weather.

The season from October to April is referred to as the “off-season” in the moving industry. When autumn and winter arrive, a lot of movers will lower their prices. This is because there is less demand for movers at these times. Many people just don’t like to start this adventure during the winter unless they really have to.

In contrast, movers typically boost their prices during the spring and summer months, sometimes by as much as 30%. The majority of people who plan to relocate prefer to do it during these months, which results in a strong demand for long-distance movers and their relocation services and an increase in their prices. This is actually a typical case of supply and demand.

Why Is Summer the Most Expensive Time of the Year to Move?

Summer days are the time of the year when everyone is relocating, right? But why? There’s the fact that kids will be out of school, so it’s the greatest time to move with kids if you have a family. On the other hand, spring is the perfect time to load the moving truck because the temperature is typically milder than in the winter and summer.

You can spend a lot of time outside, go in and out without bringing in snow or mud. Boxes won’t get damp, and so on. So for all those and many other reasons, summer is the peak of the moving season, and the whole process is more expensive during the summer.

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The period when the weather is pleasant is when people move the most

What Is the Cheapest Month to Move?

Relocating from September to April will likely save you money because, during that period, there is a lower demand for movers, and they tend to reduce the prices of their services. As was already noted, the moving industry’s off-season runs from September through April, so have that in mind when planning to move to a new city.

According to many statistics, January is the least expensive month to move, which is encouraging news for anyone moving on a tight budget. Since January is typically the coldest month, you should still be ready for all sorts of bad weather, including snow, ice, blizzards, or even rain.

However, consider that the entire nation does not experience very harsh winters. In fact, most of the southern states won’t see extremely low temperatures at all. This being said, you can realize how your current location in the country will determine when is the ideal period to move.

What Is the Best Time to Move Out During the Month?

What day of the month will be great for you to move if you want to get a decent rate from experienced movers? The answer is not really surprising: to receive the best moving prices, try to relocate in the middle of the month and avoid last-minute moves.

The theory behind this is simple – since most people’s leases begin and expire at the beginning or end of the month, the best relocation crews in the nation should be very busy during those times and unlikely to be willing to cut their prices for you.

Due to the decreased demand for cross-country moving services during the second and third week of the month when the movers’ rates also tend to be lower, you will have a much higher chance of getting a decent deal if you decide to move roughly around the middle of the month.

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What Is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Move?

Hiring professional movers doesn’t have to be expensive if you opt for certain days of the week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. Movers’ prices are lower because fewer people are using them. So, Monday through Thursday are definitely the best days of the week to book long-distance moving services.

Weekends sound great for moving because people don’t go to work, so they have more time to dedicate to this task, but since many are thinking the same way, movers are aware that even if their prices are somewhat higher, some people will still opt for weekends. Relocation businesses have extremely busy Fridays as a result of an attempt to extend the weekend as well.

So, when choosing your relocation date, try to go for a work day and make your move easier. As noted previously, relocating between Monday and Thursday gives you the greatest opportunity to acquire a better price for the move.

How About the Time of the Day?

Early mornings are the ideal time to begin the relocation day preparations. It will allow you and the relocation team to have more time during the day, and most importantly, it is not too hot in the summer. The mornings are also less crowded, there are fewer people on the streets and the roads so things can move quicker.

Another relocation day tip is to always start early if you want to move for less money. However, due to increased demand, professional movers typically charge higher fees for morning moves. So whether you book an early morning moving slot or not, begin preparing early. It is going to be a long day anyway, so if the crew is coming later during the day, get up early and prepare everything that is up to you.

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We all know the saying: Early bird catches the worm

Check Some Tips and Tricks on Saving Money to Move

If you’re like most people, the thought of relocating across the country probably gives you a mild migraine. Not only do you have to worry about packing up all of your belongings and getting them to your new home safely, but you also have to deal with the expense of paying for a professional mover and tipping them as well. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can save money on your move. Here are some amazing relocation tips and tricks to help you out.

Get an Early Start

The sooner you start planning your move, the more time you’ll have to research different relocation companies and compare prices. You should also start collecting boxes and other moving supplies as soon as possible so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. The earlier you start, the less stressed you’ll be and the more likely you are to stay within your budget.

Declutter Your Home

The less stuff you have to move, the less it will cost you. Make sure to go through your belongings and get rid of anything that you don’t need or want before you start packing. This includes clothes that no longer fit, furniture that’s in bad condition, and décor that you no longer like. Not only will decluttering save you money but downsizing for a move will also make unpacking a lot easier once you reach your destination. And lastly, you can help people in need by donating that stuff to charity organizations like GoodWill. This being said, check how to declutter like a pro in the video below.

Do Some Tasks Yourself

If possible, try to do as much as possible on your own. This includes packing up your belongings, loading them into the moving truck, and driving to your new home if it is close enough to make that doable. You can also save money by asking friends or family members to help you with these tasks instead of hiring professional cross-country movers. Just make sure that everyone who is helping knows what they’re doing so nothing gets broken or lost in the process.

You’ll Save a Lot of Money if You Pick the Right Time to Move

Moving can be a big undertaking, but with a little planning and research, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep these tips in mind as you are researching companies and their moving services so that you can find the best deal possible.

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