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How to Pack China for Moving

Is your relocation date slowly approaching? Then it’s high time you start preparing for it. While some items, such as clothes or books, need little expertise to pack, other objects, such as fragile china, may require more care. If you were wondering how to pack china for moving, we have some good news. Long Distance USA Movers has prepared some tips and tricks for you! Whether you are sending your items directly to your home or to a storage unit, these tips on how to pack them will come in handy.

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While packing your kitchen items, make sure you protect your valuable sets.

Firstly Obtaining All Packing Supplies You Need

Before you even start thinking about how to pack china, it is essential to make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need. You can’t place your fragile ceramics in just any moving box and call it a day. The box you use needs to be the right dimensions – not too small, but also not big enough for the contents to fly around freely. You will also need some bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, and so on. If you are on a tight budget, you can replace these supplies with old kitchen towels or newspapers. And don’t forget – if you still have the original boxes your items came in, there is no better alternative than those. This is especially important if your belongings will be placed in a storage facility. Low-quality supplies can lead to damage, moisture, or breaking of your precious possessions.

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Sorting Your China Dishes Is Important

The next step in the process is sorting out your items. In other words, you shouldn’t pack cups along with bowls and so on, as this will increase the risk of damage. Depending on the number of objects you are relocating, you will need to organize them in several categories, such as cups, smaller plates, larger plates, teapots, and so on. Empty out every cabinet and check if there are any items you would like to leave behind, set them aside right away. Later on, there are few things you could do with them, like sell them, give them to someone, or simply throw them out.

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One of the packing tips is to wrap your items properly.

How to Pack China for Moving Step by Step 

Now that all the preparatory steps are done, you might wonder how to pack an apartment? There are several critical steps you shouldn’t skip once you start up your old place. Think about the best way to pack dishes for a long-distance move and consider what kind of china packing material would you need as well.

Select the Right Box When You Pack Your Plates for Moving

Let’s say that you want to pack your dishes, you are packing plates first. You will need a box with dimensions roughly the same as that of the plates you want to pack when placed horizontally. Always go for the one that won’t allow its contents to move around. The same goes for other objects, such as cups or bowls.

Packing Things Individually to Keep Them in a Good State

All bowls or cups, just like each plate, should be first individually wrapped in bubble wrap or some other form of layered protection to keep them in a good state. This will make it much less likely for objects to bounce against each other and chip. If you have a variety of materials, follow the tips for deciding between packing paper and bubble wrap when packing.  

Paper and Other Supplies Provide Layering Protection for Your China

When you think about how to pack china for moving you should know that, aside from individual wraps, there should also be a layer of additional protection between your belongings. Before placing another item in the box, always put a sheet of packing paper inside first.

Last Step Is Making Sure Nothing Is Moving

Once you’ve packed all the items, it’s time to fill the remaining empty areas. This is where foam peanuts, paper, or even old newspapers come in handy. In fact, you can use just about anything soft enough not to damage your belongings, but hard enough to prevent it from flying around the place.

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Properly packing your valuable items will ensure you have a smooth relocation process.

Oddly-Shaped Objects Need Protection Too

When it comes to the question of how to pack china for shipping, plates, bowls, and cups might be relatively easy to pack. They are simply shaped in such a way that makes this process pretty straightforward. However, some objects could give you more trouble. These include, for example, packing pots and pans or any dishes with lids. Pay special attention to them and make sure they are properly sealed. It would also be wise to duct tape the lids to prevent them from flying around.

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Pay special attention to your prized possessions and fragile items.

Don’t Let  Sealing the Box Slip Your Mind

Of course, once you’re done filling the box, it is time to seal it closed. Since we are talking about fragile and likely expensive belongings, it is of utmost importance to make sure your packages are closed properly. We suggest you wrap duct tape around the openings and the edges at least twice.  

Label What You Pack

When it comes to fragile packages, labeling is an essential step in the best way to pack for moving. Make sure you mark every box as fragile on all sides so that movers know they should handle them with extra care. You will also want to make it clear which side is up. Other things you should do include writing down the contents of each package and the place to which they belong. You could also wrap your packages in colorful tape and color-code the rooms in your home.

The Art of  Stacking Boxes

Once everything has been packed, it is time to load your belongings into a shipping truck or a storage area. Most people tend to forget that even with all those layers of protection, your china is still pretty fragile and delicate. This means that you shouldn’t put these packages at the bottom of a truck or a storage room. If you stack heavy objects on top, you risk damaging your fine china. 

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Carefully label your boxes and make sure you don't stack heavy objects on top.

Contact a Moving Company

Let’s face it – handling delicate things such as china is tedious, nerve-wracking, and time-consuming, even with all these tips in mind. So why do it? Simply hire professionals to do it for you. All reputable relocation companies have competent packing experts on their team. All you have to do is contact your chosen relocation company and request a packing service along with your relocation package.

Let the experts do the hard work while you focus on transitioning from your current home. They will then ship your belongings to your new home or a storage facility for you. And you can also get additional packing solutions or get storage units to hold your items until you relocate.

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