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Everything to Know About Moving in the Summer

There are many good reasons why moving in the summer is the way to go. As almost 70 percent of all moves happen in that time of the year, the movers are very busy and the period is rightfully called the moving season. However, there are plenty of perks of relocating in this time of the year and we are going to list a few tips to help you prepare and make this project a summer “breeze”.

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Plan the Cost of Moving in Advance

Any project as big as this one requires a lot of planning, preparations, packing and help. It takes months, especially during summertime. If you are planning on relocating in hot July, start preparing in mellow April. Since it is the “moving season, ” know that time is of the essence.  You really want to hire professional movers as soon as possible as the prices of relocation services will only go up as the summer gets near.  You might not find the best available companies for your moving date if you don’t hire them in advance. Also, make a home inventory, it will help you with a rough estimate of how many boxes and what kind of packing materials you are going to need.

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Pick the Right Day and Time When Moving in the Summer

Your main enemies during a summer season move are the heat and the traffic jam. Try to avoid them both. Also, you really want to avoid the beginning, the end of the month and national holidays since they are usually the busiest. The best time to move your home during summer is somewhere in the middle of the month and the middle of the working week, and that goes for the whole year.

Avoid Rush Hours and Move in the Morning 

When hiring professional movers, get the first morning appointments available (that is where planning ahead comes in) since temperatures can be 50 degrees lower in the morning. It would be a good idea to be all set to go when the movers arrive to avoid the midday heat.

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Secure Your Heat-Sensitive Items When Packing

Before you even start thinking about putting your belongings in a truck, make sure that you have packing strategies for moving. Because, it might not look so, but many things you are transporting are heat sensitive. The best place for all those items is in your car, except for your bulky electronics and other home appliances. This might not have even crossed your mind, but the temperature can be around 60 degrees higher in a closed transport truck. Besides, you should always take special care of your most valuable and sensitive things, don’t leave that up to the movers.

Label the Boxes on Time

There are many things you should consider when packing your valuable, fragile, and sensitive items. You might wonder what is the best way to pack for moving? Well, it all depends on your needs. But if some of the boxes are going in the transport truck, make sure to tell the movers to take care of the sensitive contents. Also, labeling boxes with the contents inside will prove to be a handy tip once you begin to unpack in your new home.

Prepare Your “Alive Baggage” for Moving on Hot Days

It goes without saying that your pets are going with you in the car, but there is much more to that summer “road trip” than you might think. 

How to move your pets in the hot summer weather

When transporting your entire home, a lot of your boxes and items are going with you in the car, so it is going to be a lot more crowded for your pet in there than what it is used to. No matter if you are moving with dogs, or you are moving with cats the heat is making them nervous. Remember to pack more food and water than you initially planned because you need it on hand for the trip and the destination when you arrive. Portable potty is not a bad idea either, for when the time comes. 

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How to Prepare Your Plants for Moving to a New Home 

Your other alive assets are your house plants. Bring as many of the most sensitive ones with you in your car and secure the rest well in the transport truck, preferably in the separate compartment so that the boxes don’t damage them if they fall over. Water your plants more than usual since it is very hot in the summer season, and they are going to need that help in the heat. 

Take Care of Yourself During  Summer Moving

And last, but definitely not least, think of your needs. Think about what clothing and spare clothing you might need and double that. Staying hydrated is very, very important on a hot day, and remember to eat well. Plan and make your meals for the whole day and bring snacks for the quick charge up. Your meals should be packed in a portable fridge if possible and suitable for long-distance travels. 

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Now that you are all set up to go and with our tips in mind, contact us and schedule your move on time. Our customer care representatives will be more than glad to assist you in picking the time and the date that fits you best.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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