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5 moving tips for your summer relocation

5 moving tips for your summer relocation

5 moving tips for your summer relocationAs you may think, summer is the undeniable winner when it comes to the busiest season for the moving industry. With roughly 70% of all relocations taking place during the five-month period between the months of May and September, there are some important things to know about moving during the summer.

Moving to a new house during the peak season has its technicalities, so if you are also planning to take advantage of the great weather or the extra free time during your registered vacation days or your kids summer break, then you should read on to find some useful summer tips. These tips will help you prepare for your upcoming relocation in a way that will help you avoid unpleasant surprises until you get to your new home. The best summer moving tips for your summer move are:

1): Manage your moving budget

Summer is the most popular season for a house relocation because of the favorable weather conditions, and if you, like millions of others imagine the perfect summer day to relocate your things to your new home in another part of the nation. If that is the case, then you need to be prepared to fight your way through higher moving company rates.

It is more costly to relocate in the summer because the demand for professional movers during this period is at its zenith. Throughout the height of the moving season, you might not be able to get a really good deal as far as prices go, as most moving companies will not be in the mood to lower their rates or provide generous price discounts.

Check your budget to see if you have saved enough money to cover the relocation expenses. Your very first responsibility is to learn how much your move will cost you, and then use various cost-saving techniques to move to your new home while spending less money.


2): Hire a dependable moving company

Professional moving services tend to cost more during the summer months because everybody seems to be moving during the hottest time of the year, and as a result, reliable movers get booked far in advance. If you can not really delay your scheduled summer relocation for the off-season when you should be able to get a much better price, then, rather than expecting to find affordability in your moving partner, it would be better to turn your attention to a companies experience and reputation.

Instead of wasting too much time chasing down cheap movers, look for experienced moving companies that will be able to help your summer relocation. Visit your future home for risk evaluation and to get a price estimate that will still agree with your moving budget. Look for a company that can offer you the additional services you require and has predominantly positive reviews and ratings left by previous clients.

Moving to a new house in the summer can be that await you, and the more restricted choice of reliable movers will not make things any less stressful for you either. So, begin the search for a reputable moving company as soon as possible, and do not forget to thoroughly research potential candidates to limit any chances of moving frauds.


3): Plan ahead

There are several good ways to prepare for a summer relocation, and the best way to do that is to plan your move well in advance. There isn’t any time to lose, moving day is confirmed and is the day you need to begin working on your summer relocation checklist. This is the only way you can ensure yourself a successful move before the moving day.

First, draw up a moving checklist to help remind you of what you need to do. Do not forget to properly label “packing” as a top priority, as most people underestimate how much time they need to pack up all their belongings, and later, when moving day is just around the corner, they wish they had not made that beginners mistake.

Find and hire the services of a reliable moving company at the very beginning so that you can reserve a moving date that is both beneficial and cost-saving for you. Most people hire movers on weekends and the beginning and end of the month, so if possible, schedule your move on a weekday in the middle of the month to hopefully get a more advantageous price.


4): Pack intelligently

In an honest attempt to make your move more affordable, you should consider going through your things with the clear idea of reducing their number. Keep in mind that the more items you decide to move, the more money you are going to have to pay to transport them as the total weight of the shipment will be much higher.

Moving during the summer heat presents another challenge as well, do not forget that heat-sensitive things should be packed extra carefully, and sometimes have to be transported independently from the rest of your things. For example, it can become really hot in the back of the moving truck so carefully pack electronic equipment that can be easily damaged by the severe temperature.

One of the benefits of moving in the summer is the nice weather, so you should take advantage, organize a yard sale to sell off any items that you no longer need and earn some extra cash at the same time.


5): Beat the heat

We all know the seasonal challenges of moving during the winter months, but relocating in the summer can be complicated as well. It is important to defend yourself from the extreme summer heat and intense direct sunshine as unwise exposure to both of them can cause problems with your relocation endeavor.

Keep the room or rooms where you are working air-conditioned while packing for the relocation and particularly on moving day itself. Keep everyone well-hydrated, including any movers you may have hired to help you complete the job, provide cold drinks to the moving team, but never alcohol.

Do not forget to dress appropriately for the moving day, wear lightweight and comfortable summer clothes but still put on closed-toe shoes. Also, wear a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the burning rays of the sun.

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