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Best Cities for Education – Your Guide to Student Hubs Across the US

The US higher education system is among the top-rated globally, so if you are planning on continuing down the path of learning, it can be hard to choose where to do so. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best cities for education in the country to help you narrow your choices. So keep reading to find out more about the ultimate university cities and continue your academic journey in the greatest way possible.

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If you want to see which institutions have the highest rankings, keep reading to see our list

This Year You Should Consider Continuing Your Studies In One of the Best Cities for Education

Going abroad to study isn’t always easy. The change underway is probably leaving you with more unanswered questions than you can bear, no matter how hard you try to find solutions to equations in front of you. So, your mind is probably spiraling with questions. Which city is No 1 in education? How will I apply for a Ph.D. and house hunt at the same time? What if I end up at a Uni I don’t like? What town has both a good social life and quality programs? Which city has the best education system?

Easy there, you don’t want to get adjustment insomnia just yet. So, take a few deep breaths and let’s get you informed about our top-ranked picks when it comes to schooling. And cross country movers will help you out with all else when the time comes, so get ready to learn about learning in the following places:

  • San Diego,
  • Boston,
  • New York City,
  • Chicago,
  • San Francisco.
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#1 The Attractive San Diego Is More Than a Beautiful Place – It’s a True Student Hub

There’s a reason why San Diego is known as America’s Finest City, and it’s not only because its rankings are high even compared to the most important global student cities. The other reason many move here for their studies (and partly why SD is on our list) is the laid-back, chill vibe and activities that go with the context. Given that SD is located right on the Californian coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is perfect for anyone interested in water sports and beach life. And trust us, once you are done moving into your dorm and have to deal with the travel from and to the library on a daily, you’ll be glad you have this lovely coast to let go of the study-induced stress as well as relocation anxiety.

Study at Some of the Highest-Ranked Universities in the World Right Here in Cali

As the name suggests, in America’s Finest City, you’ll find some of the finest educational institutions. If you decide to move here, you’ll get to choose between both private and public schools and find the one that suits your needs as well as your schooling and moving budget best. Some of these schools include the public University of California, which has a ranking as the 8th public school in the country, the 22nd among all the US Unis, and the 34th in the entire world! The other ones you should definitely consider are the private University of San Diego, the Point Loma Nazarene Uni, as well as the San Diego State Uni.

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SD always finds itself with a high ranking on lists like ours - and for a good reason.

#2 Boston Is Home to Some of the Best Universities in the States

Did you know that many people refer to Boston as the Athens of America? That’s because Boston is considered one of the cities with the best school systems, which is why it is so often compared to the cradle of Western civilization. And not only is Boston the epicenter of academic excellence, but it’s also geographically located near other academic giants, like Cambridge, for example. And next to that, it provides a great quality of life with many things to do in your free time. Not to mention that it is one of the places with the best public transportation, meaning you won’t even have to deal with auto shipping prior to your relocation!

Boston Is Also One of the Cities With the Best Public Schools to Study in the Country

If you were wondering what US city has the best public schools, you shouldn’t look any further because Boston is always going to be the No1 answer to this question. It is not only because of the quality of the system but also on account of the safety of its students. That is probably why about 50,000 international students annually move away and start over right here. So, if one of your goals for relocation is to make international friends, know that this won’t be a problem in Boston.

But don’t get too excited and forget to research the ultimate Unis before you move. If you wish to study in a public institution, these are the top-rated ones to look into: The University of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the largest community college in Massachusetts, Bunker Hill. Boston is also home to some of the most renowned private institutions like Boston College, MIT, and, of course, the Northeastern. So, you better start making some choices and getting your documents organized as soon as possible, so that you can start sending your applications to educational institutions in Boston and finally get to live in one of its most beautiful neighborhoods.

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Boston's rankings are worthy of its comparison to Athens

#3 New York Offers Opportunities for Improving Your Academic Career in Ways Only the Capital of the World Could Offer

If you are a scientist on the rise, first of all – we applaud you. Second of all, you should really consider relocating to the Big Apple. Not only can you find some of the most prestigious Ivy League and other great universities, like Columbia, Barnard, and NYU, but also some of the biggest academics as mentors too. NYC has been rated on multiple occasions as the top-ranked place to study life sciences and biomedicine, and it also has some of the greatest artistic and social-science programs as well.

There Are More Than a Hundred Universities and Colleges to Choose From in NYC, So We Know You’ll Find the One That Fits

It’s not just you can study at elite private institutions in NYC, but you’ll be able to consider great public schools too. Did you know that the third-largest public system is provided by the City University of New York? There are about 500,000 students enrolled in CUNY, and more than 10% of them get their degrees annually. With these many people around, you won’t have to worry about making friendships for a second. Additionally, you can be sure you’ll find a roommate who’ll answer your questions and requirements perfectly and will help you start your new living situation on the right foot.

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Unis in NYC are world-class institutions and have a diverse student population no other place compares to

#4 Chicago Puts Forward Some of the Most Renowned Public Schools

There are about ten institutions you might want to look at if you wish to pursue higher education in a public school in Chi. When you break the number down, it adds up to seven public Colleges and three public Unis, which are all embedded in the Illinois State University system. The biggest of them is the University of Illinois at Chicago, which ranks phenomenally not only within the States, but globally as well. It is ranked as the 6th greatest US school and the 9th in the entire world!

Chicago Students Find Great Employment As Soon As They Get Their Degree

If you are looking for the best cities for grads, Chicago is definitely the place to consider. It turns out that the education students acquire here really and truly pays off since graduates have some of the highest chances to find employment right after finishing school. The numbers show that the unemployment rate among people who have a degree is no larger than 3,2%!

And, if that’s not enough, the pay is great and amounts to about $52,629 for people who are just beginning their careers. So, look into films like IMC Trading and Optiver, as well as other large employers. If you are someone who thinks ahead and wants to kill two birds with one stone (that is, you don’t won’t want to be moving for a job again in a few years,) Chicago might be the perfect place to not only continue your studies but ultimately settle in. To find out more about studying in Chi firsthand, we recommend checking out the following video.

#5 San Francisco Has One of the Highest Numbers in Graduate Employment Activity

Speaking of places where you might want to find a small apartment now so that in ten years you could buy a home with your great after-college Silicon Valley paycheck, San Francisco is surely one of them. SF has one of the highest percentages when it comes to graduate unemployment – it’s even lower than the one in Chicago and amounts to about 3% for grads. Not to mention that the paycheck of those without working experience is about $63,429 annually. And although SF is a more costly place, if you contrast your moving expenses and studies costs with the salary you’ll have while working and living in San Fran as a recent graduate, you’ll see it all adds up fantastically. But let’s not jump the gun just yet, and consider the places where you could study first.

The Golden City Provides Great Learning Opportunities in Formal and Informal Settings Alike

Besides great employment opportunities (and not to mention killer weather,) you should know that SF is home to some of the most prestigious institutions like UC Berkeley, Stanford, and San Jose State Uni. Yet, if you decide to move to SF, get ready to learn just as much from your professors as you will from your peers. Especially since most of them will be internationals from all across the world, bringing in their fresh points of view, cultures, and stories. So, not only will you reach your educational goals, but visiting areas like the Fillmore District and Little Italy with your international pals will feel like you are on a different continent.

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SF truly has a ranking as golden as its sunsets when it comes to both studying and living here

Moving to One of the Cities With the Best Schools Has Never Been As Easy As With the Help of a Cross-Country Moving Company

Once you’ve found the school and sent your application, it’s time to take some well-deserved rest. However, that can be difficult when the big college move is underway. So, we recommend getting some help in the form of cross country moving services from the greatest long-distance moving company around. Not only will the long-distance moving services help you with packing your belongings, like books, clothes, and study materials, but movers can also provide you with adequate boxes and packing supplies. So, as soon as your acceptance letter reaches you, make sure to research “long distance movers near me” and begin the next chapter of your academic journey without any stress.

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