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Moving to Illinois? Here Are 7 Best Suburbs of Chicago You Can Settle In

Are you looking for affordable and family-friendly suburbs of Chicago? It might be overwhelming to find top Chicago suburbs because there is a substantial number of counties in Chicagoland. So, before making a final selection and getting your belongings ready for the arrival of cross-country movers, research what each suburb has to offer to its residents. Some important aspects to consider are access to amenities, affordable housing, family-friendliness, and crime rate.

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There are plenty of different places you can settle in

Whether you are moving for love or trying to relocate for a job, knowing exactly where and how to move should be your number one priority. Maybe city life has become too fast-paced and stressful, and it is high time to enjoy some peace and quiet in a new suburban home. So, if you are moving to the Chicago suburbs, you should know that there are suburbs close to Chicago that can provide you with beautiful greenery, a slower pace of life, as well as less noise and clutter. In order to move safely and avoid making relocation mistakes, read our article on the best Chicago surrounding suburbs so you can make your decision with ease.

So, How Many Suburbs Does Chicago Have?

Chicagoland is the third most populous metro area in the country, following New York and Los Angeles. It is the center of culture, finance, commerce, industry, telecommunication, and transportation. In this multicultural town, which attracts people from all over the world with its vibrant neighborhoods, prestigious colleges, the beauty of Lake Michigan, affordable housing, and economically sound communities, you will not regret settling down. If you want to live an hour away from Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, and the Magnificent Mile but still enjoy open spaces and greenery, opt for the nice suburbs of Chicago.

It might come as a surprise, but Chicagoland spans over 16 counties and dozens of towns. Each of them has its own amenities, demographics, private schools, attractions, and charm. But if you are wondering what are the best suburbs near Chicago, we will be able to help you. This metro area in Illinois has everything you might want and need when planning to move to another city.

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How to Make a Selection of the Best Suburbs to Live in Chicago?

You might be asking yourself – “What is the closest suburbs to Chicago?” or even “What are the cheapest places to live in Chicago suburbs?“. Before answering these questions, it would be wise to explain what part of Chicago is the suburbs.

All the suburbs in Chicago can be organized into categories based on their location. Chi-Town is divided into the North Side, the West Side, and the South Side. There is no East Side because on the east from downtown is Lake Michigan. Therefore there are counties that are north, west, and south of the city.

Here you will find information and the benefits of moving to the suburbs of Chicago on each side of Chicagoland. Some of them are closer to the Downtown, while some have better educational opportunities. You’ll have to evaluate your priorities when organizing your move and picking the right one for you.

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Evaluate your priorities before searching for the best suburbs in Chicago

Move to Naperville, One of the Unique Western Suburbs of Chicago

Praised as one of the best places to live in Chicago, Naperville, located in DuPage County, offers safety and various employment opportunities to its residents. You won’t be struggling to find a job in this area either, since some of the most prestigious employers, such as Nokia and Edward Hospital and Health Services, are always searching for up-and-coming employees. Also, Naperville’s residents can visit trendy restaurants, coffee shops, and bistros where they can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Attractions such as Dandelion Fountain and Naperville Riverwalk charm many people from the inner city. You might even get a chance to see exhibits such as The Studio at DuPage Children’s Museum and enjoy the unique sound of the Naperville Municipal Band. The suburb is perfect for families as well as singles. What might also play a huge role in deciding to make a moving-out list and relocate to Naperville is the fact that it is one of the safest cities in Illinois.

What Living Costs Await You in This Area?

If you want to enjoy the attractions and the good school district of this booming community, you should know Naperville’s prices and living costs. Since it takes about 40 minutes to drive to the Chi-town, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the median home price is about 390,000 dollars. Additionally, the rental prices are also reasonable because a person needs 1,360 dollars per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

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Do you know that Naperville always ranks as a top community to live in?

Family Appeal of the Village of Oak Park Always Attracts New Residents

Are you moving with kids? Then you must consider relocating to one of the best Chicago suburbs for young families located in Cook County. Since the Village of Oak Park has an excellent school district, access to the CTA Green Line, and family-oriented attractions such as Brookfield Zoo, Hal Tyrell Trailside Museum of Natural History, and many play areas, it represents one of the best suburbs to live in Chicago. What’s more, the community is well connected to the Downtown by the train system.

Here you will find impressive architectural treasures, diverse eateries, and unique events all year round. The impressive private homes and significant sites showcase stunning architectural designs by well-known architects, one of whom is Frederick Law Olmsted. The town center is walkable, so you can always enjoy this architecture on guided walking tours. Also, it should be underlined that this is the birthplace of the Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway.

What Can You Enjoy in Oak Park?

If you move in the summer, you’ll most likely have a chance to catch some fantastic concerts at Scoville Park. Or one might be more interested in an event called What’s Blooming on Harrison Street. Whatever your interests are, there is something for everyone. If you want to find out more about Ernest Hemingway, visit Ernest Hemingway’s Birthplace Museum. For nature enthusiasts, botanical gardens in Oak Park Conservatory would be the perfect place to spend free time. After all of that, relax and try great international cuisine in one of the top-notch restaurants in the Chicago suburban community. Among almost 150 restaurants, SEN Sushi bar, Maya Del Sol, and Citrine Cafe are praised the most.

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Oak Park's diverse and unique hotspots cater to everyone's interests

Are You Looking for Low Costs of Living? Then Choose Bolingbrook

Great aspects of living in this community are affordability, great outdoor recreation, and diversity. Bolingbrook is one of the west suburbs of Chicago people like to visit and live in. But, what does it mean when a town is affordable? Compared to the rest of the US, expenses are under the national average. The current average home price is 209,000 dollars, and the average rent is 1,399 dollars.

Almost 24 percent of Bolingbrook residents are born outside of the US, and people from various racial backgrounds make up the population of this community. The economy of the area rests mostly on education, tech, and manufacturing. Top employers in Bolingbrook are WeatherTech, Amazon, and Silver Cross Hospital.

Also, your kids will have exceptional educational opportunities because there are two great school districts. The first one is Valley View School District 365U, and the second is Fountaindale Public Library District.

Here is a video that goes into more detail about living in Bolingbrook.

Evanston is Perfect For Singles and Students

Evanston is considered to be one of the best Chicago suburbs for singles and young professionals. It is a northern community with an atmosphere of a college town. If you want to move to a place where you can keep a low profile and attend a prestigious university, you are in the right place. Evanston is home to Northwestern University and some of the high-quality public schools like Evanston Township High School and Lincoln Elementary School.

There are various renovated homes and bungalows where you can live on your own while pursuing your academic interests. The community is walkable as well as bike-friendly. People usually like to relax and swim at Greenwood Street Beach or visit Perkins Woods. The nature and greenery are unmatched in this community, and a real treat is a chance to get fresh fruit and flowers every Sunday at Downtown Evanston Farmer’s Market. So, bear in mind the benefits of moving into a college dorm at Northwestern University when investing in long-distance moving services.

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Long Grove is For People Interested in a Rural Lifestyle

Maybe you wish to move to one of the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Lake County, where historic buildings and flowering gardens embellish each street. With its rural atmosphere, buildings, and homes dating back to the 19th century, Long Grove offers each resident tranquility and scenic views. It is the most appropriate option for people moving with a pet since there are a lot of open spaces, walkable areas, parks, gardens, and greenery.

There are small vintage boutiques where visitors can buy antiques, home decor, and distinctive clothing. For those that want to try traditional dishes and cold craft beers, go to the amazing eateries such as the ChatterBox and the Village Tavern (as it happens, the oldest restaurant in Illinois). The atmosphere is positive and fun all year round because of the different festivals that the residents organize. Some of these are Chocolate Fest, Summer Fest, Apple Fest, and Craft Beer Days.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Live in Long Grove?

With the population of almost 8,000 residents, Long Grove represents a rather small community in Illinois, with 98 percent of the population owning their homes. That means that housing and rent costs are much higher than in other areas. The median home value stands at 648,700 dollars, and the average rental price is 3,250 dollars (both above the national average).

It is important to always research the cost of living in a particular community before contacting a long-distance moving company. But, this information shouldn’t sway you in another direction completely. It is vital to mention that Long Grove is still ranked number one among the best places to raise a family in Illinois because its public schools are highly rated. Safety and the unique atmosphere make living here a delight.

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If you are looking for some of the best places to live near Chicago, Long Grove might have everything you need

A South Suburban Community of Homewood Might Be the Right Choice

Those that desire to be far away from the noise and stress of living in Chicago should look into relocating to Homewood, where tree-lined streets, a forest, and meadows offer an escape from everything. Even though it seems like far away from the city center, this is not the case. It maintains the rural feel while having all the commercial and cultural facilities available. There are also ample opportunities for obtaining an affordable house as well as luxurious homes. Also, seven universities are close to Homewood, which makes it a great place for students and young adults. The community has four public and two private elementary schools.

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Even though Homewood has many commercial facilities, the rural atmosphere prevails

The Glamour of Joliet is Impossible to Resist

Joliet, one of the southwest suburbs of Chicago in Will County, receives many praises for its glamour and urban beauty. What you will find here are artistic culture, affordable housing, and outstanding healthcare. There are numerous public and private elementary schools and high schools as well as four universities. Since the place is artsy and urban, it should be mentioned that there is a vibrant performance and visual art scene, so visiting Rialto Square Theater should be on everyone’s bucket list. Nature is also stunning in this community, and a lot of people enjoy going kayaking and canoeing on the DuPage River.

Those thinking about investing in cross-country moving services and relocating to Joliet shouldn’t have any anxiety about moving out and finding an affordable house. The median home value in this location is 181,000 dollars, and monthly rent is, on average, 1,033 dollars.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Chicago or Suburbs?

People usually second-guess their decision to move to suburban areas because they assume that the cost of living is higher in suburbia. But, living in places such as Joliet, Homewood and Evanston is actually cheaper than living in some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

Research shows that the average price per square foot in the town is 243 dollars, which is significantly higher than in suburban communities, where the price is 165 dollars. Rent is also slightly lower in the metro area. Even though Downtown offers exciting nightlife and an urban lifestyle, some of the best places to live in Chicago are suburbs, where festivals, bistros, and natural beauty make life exciting.

A Thing To Remember

Let’s say you have googled ‘long-distance movers near me’ and are now preparing your moving to-do list. The next step is to search for a house or an apartment you will relocate to. It is extremely important to know how to present your ideas and intentions to the real estate agent. Saying, “I want to live near the town where there aren’t a lot of skyscrapers,” can mean a lot of things to the agents. They might find a place that is two or three hours away from Downtown, which isn’t what you asked for. Chicagoland covers a vast territory, and you should discuss all the communities and neighborhoods you might choose from. Get information on the proximity to the town and Lake Michigan, educational opportunities, and the job market. Only by having all the details can you make a perfect selection.

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It's important to understand where each community is located before taking your pick

Are You Ready to Relocate to One of The Best Suburbs of Chicago

Relocation can be fun and exhausting at the same time. Having the right information and details about a particular location in Illinois can make the whole process a lot easier. Choosing the perfect place for you and your family depends on how well you research every community. If you ever run into any difficulties and dilemmas, make sure to reach out to your long-distance movers and get some useful advice on relocation and car shipping services. Good luck.

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