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The Ultimate List of the Best Restaurants in Chicago

Chicagoans take food very seriously. Remember this when browsing through more than 7,300 restaurants in Chicago trying to find one to eat in. As a prime foodie destination, Chi-Town boasts seven AAA Diamond-rated, 26 Michelin-starred, and 40 James Beard Award-winning venues. With this in mind, you might need a little help finding the right spot to book a table.

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Burger and fries

This culinary paradise is a place where many world-renowned chefs create tasty dishes using organic and local ingredients. Here you can find perfectly prepared sushi or BBQ, and if you are a vegetarian, there are some meat-free options you can choose from. Moving to Chicago would be a dream come true for every person that has a sweet tooth and doesn’t want to skip breakfast because every morning, you can treat yourself with waffles, cookies, or American style meals.

At the end of the day, you can unwind by enjoying expertly prepared martinis, cocktails, and local or imported beer in some of the countless bars.

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Places Where You Can Enjoy the Most Important Meal of the Day

The most important meal of the day, breakfast, is served in many establishments throughout the city. Whether you are in a hurry to get to work or you are on your way to some of the Chicago schools to drop off your kids, you can always find a place to grab a bite.

Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club serves Caprese omelet with tomatoes, basil, walnuts, and mozzarella. Torta with cheese, eggs, and adobo sauce is also on the menu.

Tre Kronor is a place where Chicagoans stop by to have cinnamon rolls before work or meat sandwiches to help them get through the day.

You’ll love Cellar Door Provisions if you don’t have an established routine. The food offer changes constantly, depending on the available seasonal ingredients. Sometimes you get to try super delicious pastries, but on other occasions, quiches are on the menu.

The Bongo Room has been serving locals for more than 20 years, and here you can find pancakes, fruit, eggs, and french toast. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect place to start your day.

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Eating breakfast out of home is a growing trend

Joints With Tasty Pastries

Grabbing a cookie, pie, or some other pastry in the morning can really set the tone for your day. If you love sweets, you should check out some of the finest bakeries in Chi-Town.

Start with Hewn, a bakery that makes its products from scratch using organic ingredients. You should stop by early in the morning though because the good stuff sells out quickly.

If you want to try some of the tastiest bread, sandwiches, and sweets, pay a visit to Lost Larson. Don’t miss the chance to try cardamom buns.

Floriole Cafe & Bakery is one of the top choices for locals when it comes to baked goods. Stop by on your way to work and pick up a caramelized croissant or fruit tart.

Bang Bang Pie Shop is famous for pies, as its name implies. Here you can have some of the most famous chocolate coffee chess pies, as well as some of the many seasonal specialties.

If the craving for something sweet overpowers your desire to eat healthily, you should check out some of the famous dessert places.

The Places With Mouth-Watering Desserts

Desserts are sometimes an essential component of a good meal. Luckily, you now live in a city that has many places that sell mouth-watering sweets.

Stop by Hot Chocolate and treat yourself with salted caramel and nougat pie. Also, try some brioche doughnuts adored by many Chicagoans. The place has more than 60 recipes and techniques for making cookies.

The Bristol is a place where you can eat delicious vanilla Chantilly cream cake, but also homemade Nutter Butters that are served with chocolate.

If you are a gelato fan, check out Bomboloni, a place with top-notch Italian ice cream. Here you can get a sugar high just by looking at the doughnuts and custom made ice cream.

Don’t leave your gym equipment in storage. With the huge amount of sweets, you will need it to burn some calories.

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Did you know that October is National Dessert Month?

Chicago River Offers a Great View and Excellent Diners

The Chicago River area offers its visitors and residents a chance to enjoy a fabulous view of the water. While walking around, check out great pit stops and grab a bite and something to drink.

Barnaby’s is a place where you can get a deep-dish pizza topped with homemade sauce, while in Off Color Mousetrap, you can buy brews with strange ingredients like sake lees, purple corn, or cactus. There is also a garden where you can enjoy your meals, and if you are moving with your pet, this is a place where you can bring them.

City Winery is located on the Riverwalk, and you get to enjoy the view as well as exceptional meals and drinks.

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This area by the river offers a magnificent view and exceptional meals

Loop Is Chi-Town’s Main Business Center With Exceptional Dining Options

Loop is the central business area of Chi-Town, located on the south bank of the river. Here you can find many places to eat in after a long day of work.

The Gage is a gastropub with a long list of whiskey and beer options. Here you can have a drink or two and unwind after a tiring day. Meal options vary from burgers to Scotch eggs.

The Dearborn is a perfect place for brunch in the Loop, where you can order veal cheeks or Parmesan gnocchi. Leave room for caramel apple dessert, as well.

Cafecito provides you with dishes like cannellini bean salad, pork, and crusty bread. And if you need something to lift you up, there are a variety of coffee blends.

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Loop is a business center with places where you can get various foods

West Side Joints Are Family-Oriented

West Side is inhabited by mostly middle-class families, and it is home to a wide range of educational, cultural, and medical institutions. Dining spots here are designed to cater to the needs of the residents. That is why you can find many taco places, comfort food, and outdoor locations.

Papa’s Cache Sabroso is a family-owned joint that gives you a taste of Puerto Rican cuisine. Fried chicken is on the menu, as well as sandwiches and pork.

Jarabe is a place where you can get burritos and tacos, but also red salsa, eggs, and french fries. If you are a fan of pork, you can grab a chili marinated version of it with pineapples.

Split-Rail is a place with a classic American vibe. Yellow-lined boots make you want to sit down and relax while enjoying nuggets and casserole with mushrooms.

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This area is family-oriented, and it shows in menus of many establishments

North Side Is Reserved for Fancy Dining Options

North Side is the most densely populated part of the city, and it’s residents are mostly upper-class. Knowing this, you should not be surprised by the number of fancy options. If you have some money to spend, start in Kyoten, which is one of the priciest sushi places, located in Wicker Park. Here you can have fried tilefish, some caviar, or creme fraiche.

Moonlighter is a place where you can find plenty of bar treats like waffles, nachos, and burgers. But the most important reason to check out this place is an outdoor space that is open for guests all year long. Are you into an old-school ice cream parlors? Stop by Margie’s Candies and see why locals love it. Enjoy many sizes and flavors of hot fudge, as well as ice cream.

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Fancy places and various meal offers are what North Side is all about

Meat Lovers Will Rejoice With Plenty of BBQ and Steak Joints

Meat lovers will be happy to make a home in Chi-Town because here, you can find tasty and innovative BBQ and steak establishments on every corner. Stop by Tango Sur in Irving Park and order short ribs or beef lineup. If you are in the mood, you can also try sweetbread and blood sausages.

If you ask the locals, they will probably tell you that the most famous steakhouse in town is Gibson’s. Here you can have classic beefy cuts or tomahawk chops. Smoque BBQ is a melting pot of different culinary styles. Here you can have homemade mac and cheese or BBQ beans and some burgers. Whatever type of meat you desire, Smoque probably has it.

Honky Tonk BBQ is a Memphis-style barbecue joined specializing in smoked chicken, pulled pork, and ribs. If you come in the evening, you will get to enjoy musical performances along with your meal.

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Did you know that National BBQ Day is on July 13?

There Are Plenty of Exquisite International Restaurants in Chicago

Chicagoans are a diverse bunch of people. With a Hispanic population of around 30%, you can meet people from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Cuba, and Honduras. Also, about 30% of the population are African Americans, and 5.5% are Asian. With that kind of diversity, it’s no wonder that the city is shaped by many cultural influences that can be seen even in the dining options.

If you choose to hire Chicago movers to transport your belongings, you should have additional time to research what kind of international restaurants Chi-Town offers.

Feel the Taste of Italy

Fans of nicely cooked pasta won’t be disappointed with the offer of Italian-style dishes in Chi-Town. There are plenty of places where you can have classics like spaghetti and pizza and share them with a friend. If you choose some of the best places to live in Chicago, you will surely find a good establishment to dine out nearby.

Bar Roma is a place where you can have meatballs, a signature dish that comes with pork or beef.

Pisolino is a place that every self-respecting neighborhood should have. It offers a long list of wines and thin-crusted pizza. Chefs prepare delicious pasta and spicy sausages with all the right Italian flavors.

Once the crew that provides you with packing services delivers all of your nice clothes to your new place, why not dress up and go out? Stop by upscale but comfortable Sapori Trattoria, located in Park West, and order some pasta, seafood, and ravioli. Jazz music gives it a romantic vibe you can use if you are planning a date.

Spiaggia is a Michelin-starred place that serves gnocchi with white truffles, caviar with burrata, but also five- or eight-course menus.

Some of the Best Restaurants in Chicago Serve Chinese Food

The best neighborhoods in Chicago have plenty of restaurant options, but if you are craving Chinese cuisine, pay a visit to Chinatown. It is a mecca for these types of establishments. If you don’t live near enough, consider shipping your car, so that you could drive there whenever you crave Asian specialties.

Chef Ping is one of the local favorites. Pay a visit to this place in Rolling Meadows and share some broccoli beef, chicken, and many other home-style dishes with a friend.

Furama is a place where you can get dim sum, and the old school vibe of the place will help you relax and enjoy pork buns, shrimp dumplings, and egg tarts.

Great Sea Lollipop Wings is a place you have to visit if you want to try lollipop chicken wings that are deep-fried and coated with sweet sauce. Here you can find pork and beef plates, as well.

Phoenix Restaurant is considered one of the finest Asian places, with vegetarian family-style meals, as well. And there is a range of seafood and rice choices.

Discover the Tastes of Japan

If you’re in for some Japanese dishes like noodles and sashimi, there are plenty of places you can stop by and indulge yourself.

Mitsuwa Marketplace has been serving Chicagoans since 1991. Here you can find dishes like burgers made in Japanese style, ramen, and tonkatsu.

Kitsune Restaurant and Pub is a place where you can enjoy a cozy and quirky setup. Try house-made sodas and green garlic chawanmushi. Even when you think you are done eating, don’t forget to order whiskey-glazed doughnuts.

Do you want to have a meal that is customized to your preferences and budget? Stop by Raisu Japanese Fine Dining and see why this place became popular with the locals so fast.

Do you like sake? If you do, check out Izakaya Mita and taste some, because they have the largest selection in the city. The establishment offers pub snacks, such as savory pancakes and chicken meatballs.

Sushi-san is, as the name suggests, a sushi-oriented place where you can get fresh seafood specialties. The vibe of Sushi-san is perfect for everybody who is getting off work and wants to relax a bit.

Share Indian Delights With Friends

When talking about the diverse offer of foods in Windy City, Indian cuisine doesn’t usually come up on top. But there are some delicious places you have to try.

The Spice Room serves meals based on recipes from North India. Here you can have fresh and healthy vegetables or meat.

Mango Pickle’s menu was created under the supervision of chef Marisa Paolillo, who studied Indian cuisine for many years. It serves rice cake, lamb, and feni beef stir fry.

Tiffin is located in Little India, and it is a fancy place for when you are planning a night out. Maybe the Wind City is not one of the best cities for vegans, but Tiffin surely has many vegetarian options.

Experience French Cuisine

Relocating to Chi-Town might leave you longing for your old home, and if you miss a familiar restaurant, don’t despair. There are a variety of spots where you can eat the meals you desire. If you prefer French flavors, there are places you can stop by to indulge your cravings.

Bistro Campagne is a cozy place where you can have fresh onion soups and fig bread pudding. During the warm summer days, you can sit on the patio and relax.

Chez Moi gives you the opportunity to order duck tart and rabbit, and at night, the venue turns into a lounge where you can have some typical French cocktails.

Le Bouchon is a small local bistro that serves onion tart and cheese soup. If you are worried about the cost of living in Chicago, stop by this place on Mondays for half-priced wine or on Tuesdays for a $25 three-course menu.

Are you looking for a typical Parisian bistro where you can enjoy your meals? Bistrot Zinc has the vibe of the French capital, with its white wine, salads, and roasted chicken. If you are moving for love, consider this place as a date night option, where you can treat your special someone with sweet or savory crepes and escargot.

Margeaux Brasserie is a place where celebrity chef Michael Mina made his Windy City debut. In this glam establishment, you can have duck wings, shellfish, and escargots.

For those that are not afraid of heights, appropriately-named Everest is located on the 40th floor of the Stock Exchange building. Here you can have caviar, lobsters, and shirred eggs. If you are moving for a job and you land one in the Stock Exchange, you should definitely stop by the Everest with colleagues and have some tasty meals.

Unique Combinations and Twists for Adventurous Foodies

There are so many things to do in Chicago, with its blend of colorful neighborhoods and cultures from all over the world. To suit the needs of its diverse residents, many establishments are open to trying different things to attract crowds. That’s why they blend a wide range of cuisines, and many have managed to create something unique for their customers.

Vermilion Tandoori Skirt Steak is a mix of Mexican and Indian cuisines. If you are a fan of desserts, don’t miss out on sticky toffee and caramelized banana.

Parachute embodies the finest of Korean and American cuisine. Try baked potato bing bread and see for yourself why the locals love it so much.

Fat Rice is the first Macanese establishment that serves foods blended with Portuguese and Chinese flavors.

Carnivale blends the finest spices of South America, Spain, and the Caribbean. The establishment is picturesque with a traditional vibe, where you can have rum-cured salmon, chimichurri, or seafood. Be open to new adventures and stop by on Fridays, when you can enjoy dance performances and fusion foods.

Table, Donkey, and Stick mixes up the finest things Europe has to offer. There are hints of Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, all packed up in a rustic and relaxed atmosphere of this diner.

Mott Street has an eclectic vibe with a menu to match it. It was inspired by the night markets of Asia, and here you can eat delicacies such as kimchi and pickled jalapeños.

If you move cross country to San Francisco, you can eat delicious Mexican food in the city's restaurants overlay
The most common fusions are between Asian and European cuisines

A Vegetarian Joint to Enjoy a Good Meal

Knowing how to move cross country and doing it takes a lot out of you, so when your long-distance movers wrap up their work, you have to relax. As we’ve mentioned, Chicago might not be one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities, but it has many options for people that choose not to consume animal products.

Kal’ ish is a place with plant-based menus. You can find popular meals based on gluten seitan mixture, paprika, or onions.

Lula Cafe is an organic farm-to-table venue that is committed to using local products. Here you can have six-course vegetarian meals that include beet dashi, cauliflower, and mushrooms.

Are you in the mood for vegetarian pies and pizza? If you are, stop by Paulie Gee’s place and have some of the famous Greenpointer pies with olives, lemon, and mozzarella.

Nana is based on organic products, and here you can have any meal of the day. Avocado fries are a hit with people who prefer to eat healthy.

If you move cross country to Chicago, you can eat the best salad in the city's restaurants overlay
Did you know that the word vegetarian was created in the 19th century?

Enjoy Superb Happy Hour Offers

Happy hour is a special time of the day for all of those who like to enjoy tasty dishes at affordable prices.

Start at Mini Mott that has draft beers for $3 and burgers to go with it, all at more than affordable prices. If you are not in the mood for BBQ, there are tacos and wings, as well.

Dos Urban Cantina serves five-dollar margaritas and a two-dollar beer at the right time of the day. You can mix drinks with lamb and tacos. Meet new neighbors by inviting for margaritas and some snacks.

Even if you miss the happy hour, there are plenty of bars you can check out and have a drink after a long day of work.

Pick a Great Bar to Relax After Work

Does a glass of whiskey or a pint of beer sound perfect? If it does, make sure you check out some of the finest bars in the area and relax while enjoying a quality drink.

The curiously-named Income Tax is a place where you can drink wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails. Also, if you are hungry, there are grilled options and many appetizers.

Hopleaf is a place that can fulfill every desire of passionate beer drinkers. With an expansive brew collection, you can find drafted and bottled beers from all over the world. If you are worried about how to adjust to a new town, making friends is step one, and what better way to do so than to invite coworkers for a drink.

Lost Lake is a tiki cocktails champion. Here you can have banana dolphins and some tasty rum, as well as pork and cabbage.

If you move long distance to Chicago, you can drink the best beer in city's restaurants overlay
Americans prefer domestic beer during happy hours

Eater Can Suggest First-Rate Establishments

Making friends in a new city might seem hard. If you want to spend some time with people you’ve just met, consider going out with them. Having brunch or dinner with somebody can be a bonding experience. Eater, a website dedicated to food, has made a list of top places you should check out in Chi-Town. If you don’t know which establishment to pick, go over the list and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

Windy City Is a Foodie Playground

Did you know that brownies, as well as Twinkies and pizza puff, were invented in Windy City? If you are going to live here, be prepared to enjoy all of the diverse and strange gastronomical mixes that can be found in some of the many Chicago restaurants.

When meat lovers relocate to a place that is famous for its deep-dish pizza and hot dogs, they have found a place to call home. Here you can find everything from fusion joints to fancy, high-class options, making Chi-Town a perfect foodie playground.

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