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Moving to Chi-Town? Here Are the Best Places to Live in Chicago

The US Midwest has countless stories to tell. If your heart is set on moving to a place with a rich history, then you need to go no further than the shores of Lake Michigan. Join us now on a tour of the best places to live in Chicago.

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When someone mentions Chi-Town, the first things that come to mind are the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, corruption, speakeasies, and bootleggers. And, of course, Al Capone. With that kind of background, you may understand why the local authorities did their utmost to erase the legacy of crime and change the image of the city. Most of the famous sites linked to the Mafia were demolished over time in an attempt to make the Windy City a better living environment. Those few that remain still attract scores of tourists and those who wish to settle down permanently, in spite of attempts to ban “Gangster tours.” Still, there are many other things to do in Chicago and wonderful places to live in, as you will soon see.

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Logan Square – the Diversity Hub of Chi-Town

Probably the hot heart of town today, Logan Square has it all. The population is diverse, and restaurants and bars are in abundance. Thanks to the rise of housing costs in other parts of town, Logan became a go-to place for many young artists.

Another prominent feature of this neighborhood is a large number of churches in various architectural styles, including a couple of cathedrals.

Cultural Scene in the Heart of Town

Logan Square is home to numerous cultural centers, which support diverse activities. Also, the redevelopment of Congress Theater, a historic site that can receive 4900 visitors, started in 2019.

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Choosing a place for a new home in the city? Choose Logan

Peaceful Homes of Lincoln Park

By many accounts, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. It is one of the more affluent parts of Chi-Town, and prices for housing are following suit. Basically, you can either find a very lucrative job or look for a potential roommate. One of the oldest parts of town, Lincoln Park is peaceful and beautiful, and it has a magnificent view of Lake Michigan.

Another Kind of Fame for Lincoln Park

When in Windy City, you simply can’t escape from the gangster’s legacy.

Now demolished garage in which infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre took place in 1929 once stood in this district. Just a short trip away is Biograph Theater, a former cinema where “Public enemy No. 1” John Dillinger watched a movie before being killed in front of it by FBI agents in 1934.

If you move cross country to Chicago, you can visit Lincoln Parkmight overlay
Lincoln Parkmight be the perfect neighborhood for you

If You Want to Live in a High-End Area, Move to River North

Located on the shore, River North is among the most affluent neighborhoods. Everything is close by. From galleries to bars and restaurants, all situated next to corporate skyscrapers and high-rise residential buildings.

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River North is one of the high-end neighborhoods of the city with easy access to everything

Wicker Park Is Suitable for Young Singles and Families Alike

This neighborhood stands among the oldest ones in town, but gentrification and revitalization of the area changed its identity. It has some of the best restaurants in Chicago, and nightlife is vibrant. Still, it also contains beautiful parks and lots of great stuff for kids to do. It is also quite pet-friendly if you’re moving with pets.

Popular Restaurants in the Area

From Filipino restaurant Cebu to Ina Mae Tavern, inspired by New Orleans cuisine, Wicker has them all. Dine in Delta, Fifolet, Mirai Sushi, or any other of the many fine joints in that part of town, and you won’t leave disappointed. Or hungry. It is well possible that you might make friends in a new town in one of many local bars.

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Wicker has superb eateries

West Loop, the Place for Gourmets and Artists

Loop is the perfect spot for people whose biggest worry in the world is the next meal. Randolph Street and Fulton Market lead the pack, where you can hardly find a restaurant that doesn’t have a Michelin star. And there’s a lot of them that do. We’ll just mention and recommend The Publican and Au Cheval.

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West Loop has the greatest restaurants

How to Rank the Best Places to Live in Chicago?

This question has as many answers as there are people who decide on moving to Chicago. The fact remains that before you call and hire a Chicago moving company, you should consider why you would move to this neighborhood or that. Maybe it’s access to Chicago schools that is crucial to you in case you’re moving with kids or the cost of living in Chicago if you’re relocating on a budget? It may even be that you are just a fan of the Great Lakes or some of Windy City’s famous sports teams. Criteria are diverse, and truth to be told, there is no definitive answer. To each his own, as it is said.

There’s also the question of costs. Compared to, say, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh, housing in Chi-Town is more expensive, both in terms of real estate prices and the rent. Maybe not surprisingly, Windy City has a smaller percentage of houses owned by folks who live in them than the two Pennsylvania hotspots.

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Superb place to move to and be happy

A Brief Report on Some Other Best Places to Live in Chicago

This part will deal with some of the neighborhoods that didn’t make the top list but are still worthy of consideration.

Lakeview is perfect for young people who love to party all night long, with its famous Southport Avenue. Avondale should be the choice of those willing to bet on improving conditions in the community. Bridgeport offers most in terms of the spirit of the old days, while Humboldt Park and Ukrainian Village are known for their respective Puerto Rican and Ukranian communities.

And last but not least – Uptown. Famous (or infamous, it all depends on the point of view) Green Mill still sits there, though now in the form of a cocktail and jazz club, a long way from Capone’s favorite speakeasy.

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