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A Newcomer’s Guide to Living in Boston

Are there any perks of living in Boston instead of any other city in the US? The so-called Athens of America boasts itself of cultural diversity, historical sights, as well as exceptional colleges and universities. As many as 697,000 people live in the capital of Massachusetts, making it one of the most popular and significant cities on the East Coast. So, let’s dive into what this metropolis can offer its residents and answer the crucial question – is Boston a good place to live? And why is it good to live in Boston?

River in Boston overlay
The Hub has so much to offer to all newcomers

It would be best to thoroughly research the location you plan to live in before finally scheduling long-distance moving services. Whether you are relocating for love or simply moving for a job, you should collect all relevant information about the metro area so you can adjust to a new town without any problems. In case you are relocating from a small town to a big city, educate yourself on the costs and expenses, educational opportunities, economy, and the job market. Only when you feel confident enough to begin your life in another town, feel free to make all the necessary arrangements with your cross-country movers.

A Great Advantage to Living in Boston is Its Location

When you become a Bostonian, you will get an opportunity to travel and visit the Northeastern United States. The benefits of moving to B-town include being in close proximity to magnificent beaches and beautiful vacation destinations that leave everyone speechless. Destinations such as Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Salem, and Plymouth Plantation are great places for relaxation and enjoying the outstanding natural beauty.

It is also close to major cities such as New York, Jersey City, Newark, and Philadelphia, so business trips and traveling to nearby cities won’t pose a challenge. For example, reaching New York would take an acceptable four-hour drive. Still, if there is a need for traveling internationally, Boston’s Logan Airport is there to take anyone to any place in the world.

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Exceptional Public Transportation System Is Available to Anyone

What about commuting and getting from one part of town to the other? Actually, it’s quite easy. Boston’s transportation system provides 1.3 million daily trips to the population. What is more (and it might surprise some,) the oldest subway system is located right here, in Boston’s downtown. New routes and neighborhoods were created around the subway, so now there are four subway lines and a large commuter rail system.

Also, there is an extensive bus system and a number of ferries. The system is considered reliable since the buses and trains arrive on time and transport their passengers where they need to go. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this metropolis is always counted among the cities with the best public transportation. It is possible to get around the town without your car, allowing you to save money and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Picture of a man and subway overlay
A useful way to save on your expenses is using the city's transportation system

Educational Opportunities in Private Schools Are Vast

If you are considering relocating with kids, you should know that there are outstanding schools in Boston – not only elementary schools and high schools but also some of the most prominent and respected universities.

The city’s public school system encompasses 125 schools. For example, one of the first private schools in the United States, the Boston Latin School, is ranked number 36 in the entire state. Some of the country’s most notable and important people have attended this institution, such as Benjamin Franklin and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

You Should Know That Some of the Best Universities are Located Right Here

Some of the finest colleges and universities in the world can be found in the so-called Cradle of Liberty. With more than 50 colleges and universities located in this area, B-town is considered the student capital. All kinds of students can find excellent educational opportunities and study under the most eminent professors. What is more, students worldwide are provided with subsidized housing, which means they get a chance to pay lower rental costs. Here is a list of Boston’s best colleges:

  • Harvard,
  • MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
  • Boston University,
  • Emerson College,
  • Suffolk University,
  • Wellesley College.

Suppose you have a wide range of academic interests. In that case, you will have an opportunity to choose a university that suits your needs for a well-rounded undergraduate education.

Here is a video that goes into more detail about the best colleges in this metropolis.

Boston’s Economy and Job Market Always Attract New Residents

When thinking about the possible pros and cons of living in Boston, one cannot avoid mentioning the thriving economy of this city. There is always a need for enthusiastic and motivated people to work and take job offers in various fields. If you are thinking to yourself, “I want to move away and start over,” don’t hesitate to schedule your cross-country moving services and relocate to the City of Champions. You’ll be amazed at how many job opportunities are available in the tech, education, innovation, and finance sectors. Anyone interested in working in Boston should research potential employers.

Some of the employers to look up in this eclectic metro area are Putnam Investments and Fidelity Investments for those interested in the financial sector and Google and Microsoft for those that want to work in the tech industry.

What Salary Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Boston?

Whatever the reasons to move are, everyone has to get a job in a new city so they can sustain themselves and their family. So, how much money should one earn each month, and is living in Boston worth it? Luckily, there is an accurate figure that solves the mystery of what it takes to live comfortably in B-town. There is a finance firm called Smart Asset that came out with a study on salaries and major cities. The study bases its finding on having to pay expenses for a 2-bedroom apartment and how much money should remain after paying all the bills. An average household income of $120,900 should be enough for a comfortable life in B-town.

A woman smiling and sitting down for a job interview overlay
Securing a job with excellent pay will allow you to feel comfortable living in Boston, MA.

Living and Working in Boston – Beautiful Locations to Settle In

Some parts of the town are close to the business center while also being amazing places to settle in and live. One of the most beautiful neighborhoods is thought to be Beacon Hill. It is a pretty outstanding and unusual neighborhood since it has cobblestone and historical houses. It is a tourist hotspot, and residents usually find life in this neighborhood calm and relaxing. There are gas street lights all around the area. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is 3,000 per month.

Another great neighborhood is Back Bay, known for its well-off community members. It is a little bit expensive to move here, but the beauty of the neighborhood is a good enough reason. Renting a two-bedroom apartment in this location will cost you 3,500 dollars per month.

Also, South Boston should be mentioned as one of the best neighborhoods in Boston to live and call home. In the neighborhood, the number of Irish Catholics is high. There are young families and graduates flocking here because of new development and opportunities. This is considered one of the best places to live in Boston. The cost of rent for a two-bedroom apartment is 2,500 dollars.

B-Town is Known For Its Diverse Neighborhoods

You can choose from various parts of town, and each one is distinct and special in its own way. There are more laid-back and artsy areas, but some are fast-paced and constantly busy. Everyone can find something suitable for them in a particular neighborhood. Some may find historically ethnic neighborhoods fascinating, so that option is available, too.

A picture of the city of Boston overlay
The Hub has so many beautiful areas to choose from

Living in Suburbs and Neighboring Cities – Finding Places to Call Home

Some may opt against finding a neighborhood closer to the downtown. For those people that want to move to the suburbs or find some neighboring cities that might offer more peace and quiet, there are options, too. Before calling your long-distance moving company and scheduling your packing services, research some neighboring towns such as Belmont, Cambridge, and Quincy.

Cambridge can be a possible choice where there are many public schools and Harvard and MIT. The calm atmosphere and charming neighborhoods attract a lot of residents. Belmont is the next possible choice with vast green spaces in case you are relocating with pets. Or, relocating to Quincy might seem like a good option. It has a breathtaking skyline view of B-Town and a strong Asian population.

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Boston’s Sports Culture is Exciting

There is always something happening in the Hub, especially when it comes to sporting events. You will always be able to watch exciting and unpredictable MLB games at the famous Fenway Park MLB. Of course, when relocating here, you won’t have a shortage of teams to root for. B-Town is home to some of the best US sports teams, namely the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and The Celtics.

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Sports culture in B-Town is always active and alive

There is Always Something to Do in the Capital of Massachusetts

So, what’s it like living in Boston, Massachusetts? Some may answer this question with just one word – exciting. There is a plethora of potential possibilities and opportunities to spend your time visiting some of the most inspiring places, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Fenway Park, Faneuil Hall, and Freedom Trail. This is only the tip of the iceberg of things to do in Boston. You will be glad to find out that there are numerous parkways and waterways in the public park called Arnold Arboretum. You can visit this place if you are relocating with a dog and need a lot of open green spaces to run with your furry friend.

Dine in Exqusite Restaurants

Restaurants in Boston are mainly known for Italian cuisine and fresh seafood. With well over 3,000 restaurants, one may feel overwhelmed trying to catch up with the thriving food scene. Locals usually recommend trying the Italian food in the North End and exploring what the Asian cuisine of Chinatown has to offer. Some local restaurants, such as Waypoint, Giulia, and Oleana, represent unique places where most people flock to taste delicious dishes.

A seafood dinner overlay
Don't miss the Italian cuisine and seafood, which is excellent in B-Town

What is the Cost of Living in B-Town?

Some people might argue that the cost of living in Boston is a drawback to relocating here. It might seem like life here is a bit on the pricier side. Sometimes it can be difficult to find affordable places on the real estate market, and you need to hire experienced real estate agents who can help you get the deal you want.

The average price of rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around 3,400 dollars. The median home price is around 718,000 dollars. Still, when asking yourself what is it like to live in Boston, the ample job opportunities and exciting places to visit make this small drawback insignificant.

You Should be Aware of Harsh Winters

Summers in B-Town are cool and easy to handle, but winters can be a real challenge because they are usually harsh and bitter. To put it bluntly, they’re freezing, and temperatures drop down really low. Don’t be surprised if snow and ice can be seen on the streets all the way to March and April. Snowfall and strong winds are something all the residents get used to, and, after a while, it doesn’t seem to be a huge problem for anyone. But, don’t succumb to a fear of moving to the capital of Massachusetts. You can always find small cozy cafes and warm up during cold weather.

Daylight Hours Are Not Very Long

Before contacting your cross-country moving company and heading to this fantastic metropolis, you should be aware that winters are long and harsh here and that it starts getting dark pretty early in the day. This doesn’t have to be a problem for some people, but if you are coming from warmer places, it would be wise to prepare for this type of lifestyle. Lack of sun can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms for some, but there is a possible solution. Think about investing in light therapy lamps that will make you handle this transition easier.

a bicycle in a snow-covered street overlay
Winters are harsh, but there is always a cozy cafe waiting around the corner

So, Will You Be Moving to the City of Champions?

After taking into account living in Boston pros and cons, it might seem like an easy choice to make. Yes, there are a couple of difficulties residents encounter, such as tough winters and limited daylight, but fascinating stuff awaits you in B-Town. Whether you are interested in restaurants, the job market, or beautiful scenery, this metropolis has it all. Now should be the right time to google ‘long-distance movers near me’ and prepare to leave your home for the City of Champions.

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